Monday, September 20, 2010

Ups and Downs Today

This is one of those you want the good news or bad new first? 

I don't really have good news or bad news at all, just frustration and excitement I guess is what you would call them.

This morning was morning run.  After a dicey drive to town because I was still half asleep I walked around the football stadium where we run steps and was just a little bit bummed because I didn't get to run them today.  I don't know why today it bothered me so bad that I didn't get to do it, but it did.  Then it was off to the running portion of the morning workout.  This run today was by far the worst I have had thus far.  It was a short run, nothing that I cannot do, but today it was hard and it hurt.  I told you I twirked my knee on Saturday and it just throbbed throughout the run. 

This next paragraph is my imagination at work:  I have been hoping (you know that unrealistic kind of hope) that maybe some company might want to sponsor me one day, like PowerBar or Gu, and they would want to pay my race entries and fly me all around the world to compete in events.  After the last couple of weeks I have had I'm thinking the only sponsors that would even consider me right now are The Orthopedic Center or BioFreeze.  I have spent more time hurting than anything else.  It kinda pisses me off to because I have really made an effort to take more days off to let my body recover....well not anymore.  These days off are just making my weight loss slower and I am spending more time hurt!

Then work today has been crazy, both Real Estate and the Gym.  I have been working non-stop since I took off my workout hat and put on my work hat.  Today is the first time in a long time I have thought about throwing my blackberry away.  I complain but I really am happy about this one, with the way the real estate market has been lately I am so gladly accepting a busy day.

After that rant its time for the excitement.  Tomorrow, at 8 o'clock/7 central, Biggest Loser premiers!  My excitement is overwhelming.  I do not have anything scheduled and have no intentions of scheduling anything now.  I will have plenty of time to get in a lunch workout, my Tuesday swim and make it home in time to fix dinner and watch TV.  For this 2 hours I will turn off everything, except the treadmill and watch my show.  I have just been counting down the days!!!!!!  SO EXCITED!!!!!!!  You know I will have a post about this on Wednesday.  I will probably have my favorites and least favorites in a matter of minutes, I usually do, and have so many opinions that I cannot keep to myself.  Really!??!?!?!?!?  I am absolutely crazy about this show! 

I think I may have found my match for my obsession with Biggest Loser.  I have a buddy that always text me during the show and we talk about the workouts and the contestant, but I have found a new friend that comes close to my level of excitement.  She called me one day to let me know that the new contestants were posted online.

Since I have had kinda a weird, up and down, exhausted day today I cancelled my late workout tonight in an effort to get a little bit of shut eye.  Hopefully I can catch up on a little bit of sleep, because as of this week, no more of these entire days off to reduce injury, phssshhh, that didn't really workout did it.


Finding The Thin Within said...

I can't wait for the biggest loser either! And it will be awesome this time because I have a community of people to share the excitement with!!!!

<3 Katie

Melissa A. said...

I am looking forward to watching Biggest Loser. I have been in a "funk" for a few days so I have been slacking all around

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