Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday


What are the odds that today's weight and the picture of the Weigh In Wednesday are the same thing.  But if you notice I did not use the same picture...notice the toe nails are different.  I am so happy to report that today I did get a loss this week.  I was beginning to be discouraged after 3 weeks with a gain.  I am now 8 pounds away from the 100lb mark and still pushing towards it more than ever.

No one else has sent me a weight this morning...and I don't know why.  They probably think it is Tuesday like I did.  If one of the girls hadn't reminded me this morning I wouldn't have weighed either.  Side note:  I also forgot to call my Bro-In-Law for his birthday because I thought it was tomorrow.  If they send it in I will update!

I hope you will all weigh in with us this Wednesday.  Post below...

1 comment:

Di :) said...

Oops, you are right, I forgot. I will weigh tomorrow - weigh to go!

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