Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday

Its back again.... and I have not been having great Wednesdays for a while.  Down this week 1.2 and pretty happy about that.  I have been noticing that I have lost inches even thought the pounds have not been coming off.  More exciting than that I am only 5 pounds away from my hundred pound and finally broke the 230 mark.

I forgot to mention earlier that there will be no Weigh in Wednesday next week.  I will be out of town and as many of you can see I really like to weigh on my scales that never move from the same spot on my kitchen floor.  So I will weigh at some point next week but it will not be on Wednesday.  Sorry.

Let me know how you guys did this week. Link up below!


Bethanny said...

Wow. You are doing great! I know how it feels to see a lower number than you hoped for, but keep at it. It will pay off in the end :)

farmgirl19 said...

Way to go!! You are due a breakthrough week!

Dianne said...

I can't figure out the linky-do thing - and, I forgot last week :l. Up two last week, down one this week. I'm stuck in that same rut with you :/

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