Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Bizarro Day

I must first mention my night last night before I can go into my day today.  For starters, I had to go to bed early because it was wakie wake at 4am for work this morning.  Well thanks to all the Halloween commercials I got very scared in my bed last night.  I was so scared I could not go to sleep, so I was awake all night long.  It was awful.  Every time I got settled something would go bump in the night and I would get all worked up again.  Needless to say I finally got calmed down about 3am and there was not much hope for a good nights sleep.  So 4am when the alarm I finally got out of bed and just decided to leave the scary house and go to work.

Well, I got up and started drinking my water....that's part of the raw foods diet, 1-2 liters of water before the day starts.  While drinking my water I was making my very first ever fruit smoothie.  Real fruit, real juice, ice and some yogurt for texture.  I have never made one of these before so I was taking my time making sure I got everything right.  I actually had to steal a blender from my Mom because I don't have one.  So I got all the stuff mixed together and started blending.  Well the blending stayed pretty low in the blender so I decided to take the top off and use a spoon to get everything all mixed together really well, I hate hunks of ice in a smoothie. 

In the midst of my blending with no top a huge chunk of ice got stuck in the blade and the smoothie exploded!!!!!!  I don't mean just barely, it was all over the floor, the counter tops, the cabinet, and even the ceiling.  When I say everywhere I truly mean everywhere.

That is the ceiling above my blender this morning....the only place I cant get clean.

So after the blender explosion and the clean up I finally headed off to work.  I knew it was going to be a tough 6 hours because of the lack of sleep.  While on my way to work I looked down at my speedometer, I had to do a double take and just couldn't believe what I saw.  My speedometer said I was doing 110mph.  I knew it had to be a mistake because I don't drive fast hardly ever, and I most certainly don't do 110 mile per hour, ever! 
Really I did take a picture because I knew no one would believe me when I told them about it...and I know when I take it to the shop it wont do it again.

Now all this was before 5am.  The 6 hour work day actually went by pretty quickly today and then it was off to the ball games.  Opening tourney for the basketball season....WOO HOO!  I had a blast at the game, an amazing come back game.  Then it was finally time to nap, and sleep came much easier today, with day light and not so many scary noises as during the night.

All that being said, I did really good on my diet today.  I packed all my food for breakfast and lunch and then I struggled tonight.  My church does a wonderful event called Trunk or Treat where kids can trick or treat in the parking lot in the church, and they take it to a whole new level.  We had candy, games, food, the whole shabang.....and without a healthy option I ate a hot dog for dinner and some candy.  I know I shouldn't have but I did really well the rest of the day so we will just count that as the 20%. 

I am still liking this diet pretty good.  I loved my fruit smoothie this morning and other than the slight (massive) explosion and the amount of seeds left in my teeth it was delicious and filling.  I could get used to eating that for breakfast every morning.  I wish I hadn't eaten poorly for dinner but that falls into the category of life and it goes on diet or not.

Tomorrow I have one more Halloween party and this is the best one of the year, costumes and fun.  I will surely have pictures for you. 

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween.  I cant wait to show you guys the costumes that we can come up with....sometimes they are too much to handle.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Raw Food Day 2

Let's just say, this is not as bad as I thought it would is just day 2 but right now I'm pretty satisfied.  I have had some headaches, from what I am sure is withdrawal from sugar and caffeine, but over all I am liking this pretty well so far.  And, I bought my first Zucchini this I have no idea how to cook it or prepare it but I am going to try it this week sometime.  And I am looking forward to trying a homemade fruit smoothie. 

Special K was fine after day 2 but soon got much harder.  I hated it pretty good after day 5 and eventually couldn't keep up the regimen.  With the way I am eating right now I am not too hungry and I am really no all that tempted by passing the fast food restaurants.  Special K made me crave bad foods.

The rest of my week has not been too exciting.  I have been crazy busy, with work and other things.  I have not worked out like I like too but I have gotten some quality workouts in.  The running this week has been pathetic.  So bad that my running buddy and I have been trying to fit a weekend run in and we rarely ever do that.

The weather has been a big factor in my workouts.  I used to be an only in the gym type of girl but not so much anymore so the rain/storms have really gotten in my way.  But the weather seems to have broken and now the cold has followed.  I love cold weather, way more than hot weather!!!!  It is nice to be outside without breaking into a sweat from the car to the office.

After a crazy week I will apologize for such few posts.  I have really tried to get online and post but time didn't always permit.  And today I could have posted earlier but I was having kind of a bad day and I usually regret post that I write when I am in a bad a few hours of time with the family I am feeling much better.

Come back tomorrow....there will be a post, time or not!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Next "Fad" Diet

So, originally this next diet was supposed to be Vegan diet....well I guess I cannot call it that anymore because it is not a vegan diet.  In doing my research I found a diet that I think is more suited to my lifestyle and aims more to the results I want.
It is basically a raw foods diet.  The concept is 80% of the daily food intake is raw; fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, basically live foods.  Nothing can be cooked over 117 degrees.  The other 20% of the food intake can be a collection of foods, including meat and dairy and grains.  Meat should be consumed sparingly, and they suggest lots of fish or eggs for animal proteins. 

There are restrictions to this diet, no white sugar, no processed foods, no soft drinks. 

There are many positive benefits of this diet, including weight loss, increased energy, improved skin appearance and better digestion.  Mainly it is supposed to be eating like our ancestors ate thousands of years ago before McDonalds and all kinds of packaged foods that have a shelf life of 10 years, and before obesity and fat people diseases were so common.

Like I said before, I am so happy to start this new plan but I am incredibly nervous, all at the same time.  I hope I love it and I can get all the health benefits from this diet that are supposed to come, and I hope that it is not to difficult to follow.  Sometimes I find that diets are hard to follow and I don't have time to put life on hold to be on a here goes.

Weigh In Wednesday....with no Weight

Let me just go ahead and tell you about my day....starting with 5 am.

Well today I was the first running day this week.  I know its Wednesday and I haven't gotten a good run in yet.  Well at 5:30 the alarm went off and I didn't get up, no I overslept but just a little bit, just enough to keep make me rush like a wild panther.  In my rush I did not get on the scale...hence no weight today.  I always weigh first thing in the morning and once I got home from my workout I had drank 2 liters of water and eaten breakfast.  I just didn't want to know what that weight was.  So next week we will have a weigh in.

Then my pretty relax day became pack full of stuff and because today got so full so fast my tomorrow filled up as quickly.  I love having busy days and appointments back to back, but it does hinder my blogging.

Ok back to my running this morning.  After arriving 15 minutes late (and I hate to be late) we had to walk around a little bit while waiting for more light.  We finally got to the stairs and guess what happened, it started to rain.  I know here in the south we need rain but one day was ok, the second day is getting frustrating.  I used to be a complete gym rat, heck  I trained for my half marathon in the gym alone rarely going outside to run at all....well that has changed drastically since I started this marathon training.  I was just so bored running on the treadmill in the gym.  But instead of killing myself of a slipping treadmill we decided to get a hard core CORE workout in.  It was a good workout and I already getting a little bit sore from it.

Then I worked all day long, and stayed pretty busy.  Then tonight I had to make a decision on workout or go home and get all my work done before my hectic day tomorrow.  Well being that I have hardly worked out this week we did workout but ended up stopping just shy of the end of the video.  It was getting late and I had to get home!!!!!!

So now I did get in 2 pretty decent workouts today but I need to run!  Hopefully I will be able to get in a short long run on Friday, Hopefully.

Tomorrow starts the new diet plan.  I have talked about it with a few people close to me and have gotten a couple to try it out.  It was originally going to be a strict vegan diet but after my research it changed....there will be an entire post about the guidelines of the diet.  I am excited to start this new diet and honestly I hope I love it and want to continue it, but I am also a little apprehensive about this one as well because it is a big change of pace from my normal diet. 

Come back soon for the new diet plan...and join along if you would like to try something new!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Where Did That Wagon Go?!?!?

Ok, in all honesty I fell off the wagon this weekend.  I ate just about everything I could get my hands on, some healthy, some not so much.  I could give about 3,000 excuses for why I fell off the wagon but I don't really have any that are good enough to justify my behavior this weekend.  The one good thing I can say is the same thing I tell others when they tell me about how they fell off the wagon and just cant get back on track.  "You may fall off the wagon but the good thing is that the wagon does not go anywhere, you just have to pull yourself back on!"

I did get in a great Zumba workout today, but did not get to run this morning.  I have been so blessed with good weather the entire training time for my marathon but this morning it was thundering and rainy so I got to skip it.  I know people run all the time but not me.  After the half marathon in the rain I have decided that is not my cup of tea, as we get closer to marathon day I will do it if I have to but not today. 

I did enjoy my weekend off from the Special K diet.  It is not an easy diet to follow for 2 weeks.  I know it seems so easy to just eat cereal for 2 weeks and I thought this would be the easy one to follow, but it was much harder than I thought.  I saw nice results from it the first week but just don't know how healthy it can be.  It seemed like too few calories and way to many carbs. 

I am really excited about the next "Fad Diet."  Originally I was going to do Low Carb next but I have decided to go straight to the vegan diet.  I have been doing lots on research on it and just cant wait to give it a try.  I know this one is not so much a fad diet but just a new diet for me.  The program I am going to follow is not so much a full vegan diet but a modified version of it.  Its more of a raw foods/live food diet.  80% of the days diet will be raw fruits and vegetables, with small allowances of meat and dairy in the mix, but very small amounts.  All organic foods if possible and since I have such a small selection of organic in my area I will try to eat local as much as possible.

I am excited about this one for so many reasons.  It is supposed to help your body's immune system, release toxin from cells, help with clear skin and reverse so many of the common illnesses that run rampid in our world today, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. 

It will also give me the opportunity to try new veggies that I am not brave enough to try.  I am a picky eater but I will have to eat salads and other veggies that normally don't touch my lips.  Hopefully I can find a tolerance for these foods and be able to mix them into my diet if and when I decided to not be "vegan" any longer.

I hope this one goes well.  I am going to start with a two week trial on this diet, if I love it I will keep going, if I hate it 2 weeks will do it for me.  I have friend that has also agreed to do this one for 2 weeks with me.  She has high cholesterol and just had a blood panel run so she is going to be the guinea pig for lowering cholesterol.

I am going to finish up my Special K program since I started it, even though I didn't do so good this weekend.  I have to get rid of this good in cabinet.  This new plan will start Thursday me a few more days to get new recipes and learn how to make some new foods, like vegan salad dressing, and oatmeal (from real oats and not instant), and how to steam veggies.

So wish me luck as I climb back up on this wagon.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I Did A Stupid Thing

Why is it that we constant do things and then regret them moments after they happen?  Isn't there supposed to be a sensor button somewhere in our brains that goes off and says, "STOP STOP STOP!!!!"

Apparently my sensor button is broken today.  I was talking with some folks today, you know, one on one, and not through my cyber world that I like to live in.  They were asking me about running and how was it going and I immediately went into the bad things, soreness, aching, etc.

I could have kicked myself right in the sore and aching butt.  Who am I to not talk about the wonderful things that running has done for me?  I have come to love running.  My poor family listens to me talk about it all the time.  I love the way it makes me feel when I complete a run, how my butt looks in my jeans, the sense of accomplishment when each run gets longer and when they get easier.  I like the way that running has shaped my body in ways that I never thought it could and how it has transformed me from a night owl into a morning person because I love going out, tired or not for the next few miles to add to my log.

I want people to go out and run, 5 minutes or 5 miles, 5k and beyond.  I want people to see me on the road and think, "If she can do it so can I."  I have the opportunity to help people understand that its not just the 125 pound girls that can go jogging for an hour but anyone can build up to that point.  I have a chance to make a difference in the mind of maybe just one person and I let my stupid, big mouth get in the way of what could be a powerful message.

So, I hope you read my blog girl that I just blabbed about how I was hurting and I hope you will go outside and try to accomplish that mile or maybe 2 that you think is impossible!

Bad Little Blogger!

Ooooo....Ohhhhh.....Ouch, ouch....Ah Ah Ah!

Sometimes soreness and pain will get better throughout the day, today I am not so lucky.  What started as a little bit of discomfort this morning has transformed into all out pain.  I am trying to put on my big girl panties and deal with it but I am afraid my big girl panties are not big enough.  On a positive note, I can sit on a bag of ice and no one knows that I am icing my butt at work!


Well yesterday I never really got a chance to come on here and post about my day because, well, most of the big stuff that happened yesterday happened after 5pm, and when I crawled (literally) home at 11:30 I just didn't have the energy and/or time to blog.

Yesterday was a recovery day, sort of.  I didn't have a morning run and all I was going to do was my Core Power workout.  Well I swapped some shifts at work and ended up having to work last night and cutting my Core class short, so it seemed like a great idea to stay and do an INSANITY workout.  Core was tough but since it was so short I was not too bothered by it.  Well INSANITY on the other hand was....well...insane!  I thought we were doing on the of videos we had already done, crazy cardio for 45 minutes, turns out my brilliant self picked out one of the second month DVD's instead of the Cardio one that we had done previously.

This workout was 55 minutes of crazy plyometric training with a few water breaks thrown in.  I was in a full sweat before the warm up was complete and down to the sports bra by the finish.  It was filled with grunts, groans, tears, and sweat, and lots of it.  It makes me ashamed that I ever thought a workout was hard!  One more INSANITY workout tonight if I can talk my workout buddy into coming.  She struggled through last night as well but I'm not sure she will come tonight knowing that might be waiting for her again.

Then this morning it was off to the stadium to run steps.   The stadium is really dark at 5:30 in the morning so I have started wearing this cute little head light that gives me eyes until the sun comes up...and now that the sun is later than ever I have learned to run the steps with a light on my head the entire time.  10 trips this morning had my legs good and warmed up and ready (maybe) to go run. 

My running buddy, I just have to admire for a second, and I sat at the gym for a few 30 minutes and drank coffee trying to decide if we really wanted to run.  I have to give her huge cred today....after the event of which I do not speak she came back to run with me.  This would have been the perfect point for her to say, "I'm done running with that girl who completely melted down" but she didn't, and I am soooooo grateful.  I don't know that I could get through another 16 then 18 and 2, 20 mile runs without her.  Talk about a blessing that fell into my life! 

We did an incredibly short run today, 2 miles, running all but about 30 yards.  It was nice and cold out and I am glad that we decided to run instead of just drinking coffee.  So today I have about a total of 4 miles under my belt and about 30 miles for the week.  I have no plans of running tomorrow so I think we can go ahead and total out the week.

So after finally getting warmed up after the run its off to a full day of work with the possibility of a workout tonight.

I'll be back, you know!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 Things!

Its been a while since I have done 10 Things about me.  There are lots of new followers out there and I am going to share 10 facts about me and I hope you will take to your blogs and share 10 things about you so I can get to know you a little bit better.

So here goes!

1.  I work two jobs, one as a Realtor and part time at my local gym (and no my membership is not free.)

2.  I drink milk out of a wine glass for dinner cause it makes me feel Fancy.

3.  I sleep in a Mask every night, it started about 8 years ago when I worked nights and now I cannot fall asleep without it.  I take it on vacation and everything!

 This is from the night when my sisters dragged me out of bed to come over and do stuff on my blog.

4.  I would much rather do a workout that makes me sweat than one in the pool because even though I may burn the same amount of calories I think it was a better workout if I broke a sweat!

5.  I will try anything once, as long as its not illegal or harmful.  Ex:  Workout, food, diet, extreme sport...I even let my sister shoot me with a pellet gun just to know what it felt like.

6.  I workout as much as I do for 2 reasons:
a)   it is so much easier to get out of the habit of working out than it is to get into the routine.
b)   I enjoy food so I know if I burn and extra 300 calories a day then I can have a piece of birthday cake at parties or a handful of M&M's when I want them.

7.  I have an actual written down Bucket List (things to do before you kick the bucket) and I also have a list of foods I don't like, even thought I have eaten them for years, ex. BBQ and a list for why I want to lose weight.  I make a lot of lists because when I write it down it somehow makes me do better in achieving my goals.

8.  I DO NOT eat salads!  They are gross!  And I think Pizza is a well balanced meal...carbs, protein, and fat...does it get any better.

9.  I do not like to tell people face to face how much weight I have lost.  I get a little bit embarrassed and usually just say, "A lot"  Its easier to type it!

10.  One day I will be in People Magazine issue of Half Their Size.  I am obsessed with this goal.  I have to lose 164 lbs so it will probably be a while.  But one day.

Link up and tell me about you....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Changes Ahead Part II

Well I think I am done with the changes for now, hope you like the new look that I have going on right now.

The RSS feed was not a success and I never could figure out how to make it work so I went ahead and took it off, I did however add a way to share the post.  At the bottom of each post there is a link that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Google Buzz.  I am hoping to help my blog grow and would love your help.

If I ever figure out the RSS feed I will put it back up, but I know at the top of the website you can get feed through internet explorer.  You have to click the little orange square symbol that has what looks like a speaker.

I will let you know if I have anymore changes in the future.

Latenight Gym Time

Well after my horrible run this morning my body is hurting so my workout buddy was so nice to agree to the INSANITY ab workout tonight instead of one crazy cardio or plyo workouts.  I thought it would be a nice easy workout, boy was I wrong, but it was short, only about 16 minutes long.  It was just what I needed.

Tomorrow night we go back to the crazy insane cardio workout.  As of right now I am no longer going to whine and complain about my run today and you can hold me accountable for this.  I am letting it go, because it cannot do anything but drag me down and allow doubt to get in my head.  That is the last thing I need at this point in the marathon game.  Oh and by the way Beth, thanks for the Power Chews today, they were a lifesaver!

Tomorrow only one workout planned and I am ready for a good nights sleep for some muscle repair.  Thanks for all your nice words today and for listening to me complain.....its over and not to be mentioned again!

Have a good night folks, see you back here tomorrow.

My Bipolar Post of the Day

I am aware that even before I type this post it is going to sound like I am a little bit unstable in my emotions, I am ok with you knowing that upfront because I am going to be all over the place.  Instead of two separate post I thought I would just fit Weight IN Wednesday and The Long Run Review all in one post.

Good or Bad first........let's start with bad because I would rather end on a good note.

My run this morning was terrible, awful, no good, very bad!  It has officially topped the list of horrible runs that you could possibly have.  It started off good and then took a turn for the worst.  The first 8 miles were wonderful, nice pace, plenty of stamina good running.  The 8 mile mark was the halfway point and then it went down hill (figuratively, it actually seemed like uphill the rest of the run.)  Mile 9 and 10 were just hard, but not terrible yet.  It was about mile 12 that I thought I was going to break down.  It seemed like I didn't have anymore kick....I would take a step and push off my back leg and just didn't go anywhere.  This was the first time I thought I was going to cry, notice first time.  About mile 13 the walk breaks were coming sooner and sooner and lasting longer and longer, but I was still running at this point.

I was determined to get my 16 miles in and I still don't know why today was so hard.  Last long run of 14 I felt great and could have kept going when it was over, today I was the 3 year old in the back seat constantly asking, "Are we there yet."  About mile 14 was the second time I thought I was going to cry, it was all flat and the perfect time to get to run for longer times but my body was just failing me.  Mile 13-15 were by far the worst, my breathing began to hurt because I started to panic a little bit...If I cant to 16 how in the world was I going to do 26?  As the panic set in so did the trouble breathing.  I was raging mad at this point, bless my running buddy's heart, I probably didn't say 10 words to her during these 2 miles because I was furious and just wanted to cuss somebody and hit them, and I was scared if I started to talk then I would cry, so I just kept my mouth shut. 

About mile 15 and a half or so I just decided that I still have a ways to go in my training and I couldn't quit now and there was no reason that I should still be having a pity party for myself.  Its not my friends fault so I could talk to her again and we ended the run with a nice little walk and got the entire mileage in, all 16 miles.

I am incredibly happy about the fact that I traveled 16 miles by foot today but I was also disappointed with myself and the fact that I did not finish strong.  And to top it all off I have a few blisters to remind me of this wretched run and my body is rejecting me.  Oh I hurt!!!!   The entire drive home I was not sure that I wasn't going to have to pull my car over to the side of the road and puke and it took me about 30 minutes laying flat on my back after the run to get to the point were I didn't think I was going to die.

My day quickly got better after the run (the bipolar part here.)  My weight today was down, actually "Weigh Down" haha I am laughing out loud at myself right now!  Today's weight was 227.4 down from 232 last week.  And I am thrilled with this loss.  I have been in a rut, we all know and flirting with the same 5 pounds for weeks now, and today I crossed the 228 barrier.  Lets keep this trend up!  I am so ready, more ready than ever to be at the 100lb mark and out of the 220's for good and today was a great reminder that I CAN lose weight.   Three more pounds to the 100 pound mark and I am just wondering if it is inappropriate to celebrate this milestone with a cake!

Then after the 30 minute supine position on the couch I got to go on a lunch date with one of my bestest buddies in the whole wide world who decided to go off and get married and move out of town so I have to snatch her up when she comes for a visit.  We had a marvelous lunch and I am feeling much better now, aside from the stabbing pain in my thighs and feet and the inability to stand up straight or get off the toilet!

Let me know how you did today on your Weigh In Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ahhhhh My Couch

Well today started off with a bang...and I would be lying if I said I didn't get overwhelmed.  I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Everyone I saw and had to deal with was just getting on my nerves, and the phone would not stop going off...I was just irritable.  Then I had to take a step back and realize that it probably wasn't everyone else that was the problem, it was probably me!  I analyzed the day, I skipped breakfast because I was in a hurry and forgot to grab something, I didn't feel to well, ear infections, and I was just blah.  So I had to get my head on straight and the rest of the day was much better.

I got to go to Zumba this afternoon which makes everything better and got an antibiotic for my sickness and just having it in my bag made me feel better, I doubt it has started to work yet.  On that note:  This is the first antibiotic I have had to take in almost 2 years and I do not like taking them unless completely necessary and I think I have gotten to that point.

I did cheat a little bit on the Special K plan, but not horribly bad.  Like I said I ran out of the house without any breakfast and I did not want to use my big meal today for breakfast because I already had it planned out for dinner tonight (Ill get to that in a second) so I got an order of tater tots at a fast food restaurant.  I followed the rest of the day right, even though I had to drive back home and get it.  :)  I probably drove 80 miles today on the same 7 mile stretch of road back and forth back and forth.

Ok, now on to the planned dinner.  Tomorrow is my long run, the first really long run in about a week in a half so I am really looking forward to it, but I wanted to make sure I got a big carby dinner tonight to be fueled for my run, and I love Spaghetti.  So I got home from work just in time to cook some whole wheat spaghetti and marinara sauce and get to the couch for Biggest Loser.  And it was GOOD!

Tomorrow's long run is longer than ever, yet again, and I really am looking forward to it.  It also scares me to death.  This will be the longest for me in forever, basically from here on out they will all be longer than anything I have ever run.  The goal tomorrow is 16 miles, and I hope it doesn't take 6 hours to do it.  I AM READY, I AM READY, I AM READY.  I just have to keep repeating that to myself.

I was told today that I shouldn't workout or exert much energy so I can be full of stamina tomorrow, well I didn't follow the rules completely, but I did cut back tonight.  I did 30 minutes of Zumba, was going to be 45 but I had an appointment to get to and then I swam just a little bit tonight and didn't even give it a good effort.  I spent a lot more time in the hot tub than in the pool, then I swam with my swimming buddy.  So it was restricted energy...

Wish me luck on my run tomorrow, say a little prayer while your wishing me luck.  I will let you all know how it goes tomorrow and also give an update on Weigh In Wednesday....there are so many reasons to check back tomorrow.

Wordless Wednesday

New Blog Hop!  I like this one. 

Gives new meaning to a picture is worth a thousand words.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Changing Things Up....Yet Again

You know I cannot keep things the same for a long period of time....but today its not my workouts or diets that are changing.  Just the look of the blog.  Be patient with me for the next few days but I will get it settled in a few and leave it alone for a little while.

I have added a few things, for example, you can now Subscribe to my RSS Feed.  I hope you will subscribe because it took me all day to set that feature up and to be honest, I'm still not sure it will work right.  I hate to subscribe to my own blog.

Just letting you know it will keep changing for a few but I will try to get settled on something I like.

Back to Work...Wait...Didn't I Work All Weekend

Wow this has been a really long weekend and now time to start the work week back up.  This week has already started off pretty good.  I got my house cleaned up, all the laundry done and I have my lunches ready to go for the week.  (OK to be fair that part is really easy because its all in individually wrapped packages)  I even got up this morning and got my run in....that has to be a good sign for the week.

Going back to the weekend I told you I would let you know how the swimming workout went, well it was really great.  It was a mile long swim broken up into 4x400 swims.  First 400 freestyle at a moderate pace, second 400 with flipper and a kick board, then 400 with hand paddles, and the final 400 back to freestyle at a much harder pace.  I took the opportunity to practice my flip turns on the final 400, I have been struggling with that for a while now so it was nice to have the pool alone to swim and not be watched while I tried to figure out my flip turn again.  Seriously, its been about 10 years or more since I even attempted one.  It was a good workout.  I was impressed with how tired I was after each 400 because it got more and more difficult each time, then when the last 400 came it was sooooooooo easy because I took all the hard stuff away from the mix.  One of the best swims I have had in a long time.

And to top off the start of a good week I get to get off work early tonight, some good quality time at home.  I have some projects around the house that need my attention so tonight I get to work on them.  Its nothing major, just like painting some chipped areas, but that stuff is time consuming and it doesn't bother me most of the time but there are a few places that need work and  I want to get it finished.

And the Special K thing is still going pretty good.  The excitement of this challenge wore off pretty quickly.  It was easy for the first few days but now the monotony is just just too much.  There are lots of choices but when you are eating two of 3 choices ever day it gets old pretty quick.  I'm going to keep going to see if I get the magical results of 6 pounds and a pants size in 2 weeks...but I am pretty sure this is not a long term type of diet, just a two weeker.  Maybe if you had an event to go to it would be great but doing it long term would cause you to lose your mind....similar to how I have!

Keep checking back....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Garmin Help!

Ok, so yes I have become so incredibly obsessed with running and learned about products that are better than others, some products that suck, but I am absolutely at a stand still when it comes to this Garmin watch.

I started to wear sock because I was supposed to, then I even moved to double layer moisture wicking special fancy dancy running socks, I gave up the baby powder for the Body Glide, no more T-Shirts but Dry Fit moisture wicking tight as hell running shirts, and I no longer wear mesh shorts because my thighs would catch on fire but only tight pants, ALL THE TIME.

So on Saturday when I went on my run I had to wear 2 watches.  One that told me how long I had been running because I was on a time crunch and the other told me my interval splits.  I cant make one watch do both things at the same time.  So I ran for 4 some odd miles with two watches on my wrist, and all I kept thinking was I have two watches on and I still don't know exactly how far I ran.  And I am not going to add another watch to the mix.  Seriously...

SO, the two watches started a new search that has become my focus for the last 2 days.  I showed you all the watch that I liked, you know the Green Monster that does everything.  Well, its a little bit out of my personal price range but if it is the exact thing that I need then that is just what it is.  In my reading the reviews for this Forerunner watch I came across a different Garmin Forerunner that seemed cool too, so now I don't know which one would be better for me.

Forerunner 405:  The original watch, would have never known this kind of technology if it had not been for this watch.  I amazed with this watch/GPS every time I run.

Forerunner 110:  This is the watch I found as I started doing my research.  It does less than the green one but the question is as I progress in my running will the watch progress with me.  This one is cheaper but if it is not what I need then its really not worth the bargain.  Its like buying the cheap shoes that blister your feet beyond recognition.

I am officially asking for help.  There are positives and negatives for each watch, one is way more technical than the other but do I need all the bells and whistles or would the basic one be sufficient for a beginner runner.  Oh!!!!  I am so confused. 

I know lots of the functions of the Forerunner 405 because all of my friend have this one (and they rave about it), but I am looking for someone who has the Forerunner 110 who could give me a review of this one because I am hesitant to take the advice from people I don't know in a ratings rankings on random websites.  If you have any input it would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for ranting away but I cannot do the searches anymore, I'm putting it in your hands now!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Much Better Today

I was a little bit bummed out last night when I posted.  I hate that I did not get my workout like I wanted but I dwelled on it and just could not let it go. 

Well as crazy as it sounds, I got home last night and got my house cleaned up, got my stuff together for today and got my clothes laid out for the next day and I felt soooooo much better.  I find that when my house and my stuff is in order I feel better.  I know it makes no sense but it does to me.

Well today, I can say I was not avoiding the post because I didn't do my workout, just that this is the first time I have sat down at a computer that I can post from.  I got up this morning and went for my run, then Zumba.  It was a nice run, about 4 miles, and I enjoyed getting out there.  I did however get a little bit lonely, I didn't have any running buddies.  But all was ok because some of my besties were in Zumba today.  That was another workout I have missed.

As far as the Special K diet goes it was short lived happiness.  I think it has been relatively easy thus far because I haven't worked out like I usually do and have not been exputing the calories I normally do.  Today I was hungry the entire day.  I felt like all I did was snack all day long.  The foods that I get to eat are good but they are such small portions.  By dinner time I was starving.  I think I am going to have to eat my full meal at breakfast or lunch.  Another thing about this diet that I don't know about is the number of carbs that I consume.  I am not a carb counter but I try to keep this number under control, but the total carbs are high.  I will not know how this will effect the weight loss until I weigh again on Wednesday.

I bought the Special K snack crackers today and they were actually pretty good.  The food is good, just not enough.  And when I opened my cabinet I realized that Special K has taken over my house.

Tomorrow I am trying something new for my workout.  Normally when I do a pool workout I just swim laps but I am trying a planned workout.  Its one that includes flippers and paddles and specific distances.  I don't know how it will work but I am excited to try something new. 

Goodnight to you all, wish me luck on a new workout tomorrow and I will for sure let you know how it goes.

Friday, October 15, 2010

So Hate to Post This One

Well, today I have to post because that is what I do, but I hate posting when I have been a bad girl. 

I did good on my food today, Day 3 of Special K diet has been the toughest so far.  I was hungry today, more than any day and I wanted to eat a sandwich at about 6 o'clock but it was protein shake for dinner.  I am satisified now but I was pretty sure I was going to starve to death before the day was over.  Overdramatic Much!

What I hate to admit is that I did not get up and run this morning.  I gave in to the mattress monster and slept until a normal hour and did not go to steps or for a run.  Then it was a full day at work and now at 10:30pm I could go workout but just to be honest I am not going to.  After I ranted yesterday about being so excited for my next run I am just so disappointed in myself. 
I was looking so forward to my run this morning but when the alarm went off at 5am I just didn't have the willpower to go.  I'm not making an excuse for it....I just didn't go.  I have been writing a post about excuses so I don't feel the need to make up some great story about why I didn't go.  I got lazy and just slept.

Tomorrow I will be running, no excuses, no lazy, just my feet on the pavement and running.  I don't normally run on Saturdays but I have to do it tomorrow.  And then tomorrow I get to go to Zumba.  It has been nearly 3 weeks since I got to go boogie down with my Zumba class and I am looking so forward to it.  This week she was back during the day time, but I was out of town both days at Zumba time.  I CANNOT wait for Zumba.

So, in an attempt to be honest about the entire weight loss process, I admit that I did not workout today, the want was there but the will was not!

Ill do it tomorrow, more than a normal Saturday, I have to make it up.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Body Glide...Really?!?!?!

I was going to be so cool and act like it was not a big deal, but.....that's really not my style!

OK, so Body Glide may be my new most favorite thing I have ever bought ever so I just cant contain myself when I say...Body Glide is now following my blog.  New followers are such a great treat and being able to see that there is one new one since yesterday but Body Glide following me....THAT IS SOOOOO COOL!!!!!!  I just had to point that out.

A Blog Award

Well thank you to Mind Over Fatter so much for nominating me for a blog award.  These things are great to be nominated for and a great way for me to find other people and blogs to follow along with.

So in order to comply with accepting this award I have to:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award. Thank you Mind Over Fatter!  I am enjoying catchin up with your blog.

2. Explain my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in five words.

Accountability, Honesty, Humor, Hard-Working (Hyphenated so I can count it as one word), and HONESTY.  I know I said it twice, but I figure if you tell it like it is people who may be starting out will know what to expect.  Life and Weight loss is not always puppies and butterflies, it hurts but is so worth it)

3. Give the award to 10 other bloggers...these are a few of my new faves and so goodies.  I'm just gonna do 4!


Special K Day 2: On the Road

I have to say I am shockingly surprised at how easy this diet plan is.  I was afraid that I would not be able to just eat cereal for two meals a day but this is a highly transportable diet plan. 

I left my house this morning at 8 am and just got home.  I ate my cereal and fruit before I left home.  I was able to carry my snacks with me, ate my normal meal for lunch and carried my protein shake dinner with me to drink at a ball game.  Again today I was afraid that the small portions were not going to be enough and was a little bit hungry at lunch but for the rest of the day I have been satisfied.

I had the protein shake today, this was the first time.  It is not the worst, but not the best protein shake I have ever had.  And I just learned today that there are little snack crackers that I can eat.  I didn't know about them and I will be looking for those tomorrow at the grocery store. 

Another thing I like about this plan is that I have freedom to use my free meal for any meal of the day.  Today I was going to be on the road so it was better for me to be able to eat lunch as the free meal.  But on days that I run I like to have a hearty breakfast and with this plan I can do that.  I am just anxious to see how this works for the entire two weeks.  I'm excited to keep going with this one.

The rest of my day was uneventful.  I never worked out today!  Ah what will I do...workout tomorrow!  I was late for my workout class and had to head off to a ballgame tonight so no workout class.  I will just make it up tomorrow morning at the steps and on my run. 

I am actually glad I had a day off today.  I didn't plan on it but it seems that all my mini ailments (or simply complaints) decided to all trouble me today.  I am trying to get a cold and have had a cough today and last night during my workout I strained, pulled, hurt (whatever) a muscle in my chest.  Well a cough and sore chest don't really go well together.  I am not sure my chest could have handled Core Power, otherwise known as Plank Central tonight even if I could have gone.

Looking so forward and ready for my run tomorrow.  I know it sounds a little bit crazy but now that I have finally got past the 10 mile rut, I am just so fired up and ready to go again.  I dont ever want to take the day off from running.  I am constantly ready to run and am just chomping at the bit for the next long run.

Day 3 coming up....check back and lets see how it goes.

Special K Day 1

I have to say I am amazingly surprised at the Special K Diet plan.  I was expecting to be really hungry all day long with such small meals and snacks.  I was also a little bit sceptical about how the snack and meal bars were going to taste and they were really good.  I know I like the cereal, I have eaten it thousands of times before.  I still have not tried the Protein Shake, hopefully tomorrow.

Today I had a Meal Bar for lunch and was kind of questioning the size and if it would really be enough to keep me satisfied.  Well as soon as it wore off it was time to snack.  It went that way all day long.  I wasn't hungry like I thought I would be.

Now I did eat pizza for supper.  The plan says eat like you normally do and Wednesday is my cheat day so I took advantage of that.  Tomorrow I will have a better free meal pick but I do love my cheat day.

My late night workout buddy is actually starting this one tomorrow.  Today wasn't a good start day for her, but tonight after our workout she got her official start weight and we are on the Special K train.

I can now say I got 2 great workouts today.  I already gushed about my morning run and then INSANITY tonight was another good one.  We did one of the recovery workouts tonight and it was not so "boom boom boom" but I was dripping sweat when it was over but my muscles were not waisted like they usually are when the workout is done.  I like it when things all start working together and that is how my workouts have felt for almost a week now.  Now I just have to get my entire life in order, whew!  Ill let you know when I figure out how to do that!

Have a good night.  Ill be out of town again tomorrow but should be able to post later in the evening....check back with me.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Good Run...And It Felt Good

I am ecstatic to tell you that I had another good run this morning and I have to give some credit where credit is due.

For starters, I have to thank the wonderful people who created and produced Body Glide.  I was getting tired of the sports bra and waist band rash that has been a constant pain in my body.  I was told a hundred years ago that Vaseline was the same as Body Glide and that I should just use that cause it was cheaper.  After weeks of that not working and the coincidence that I just happened to be near a sporting goods store I bought some yesterday.  This morning I had to get up about 45 minutes earlier so that I could slather my body in Body Glide, Ok maybe just 2 minutes earlier but I would have spent 45 minutes if I had known it was going to be as great as it was!  Not a bit of discomfort today during my run...not one single bit.

Then as I mentioned last night I had new socks today too.  I am not a fan of socks, I actually didn't even own a pair of workout socks until about a year ago.  I hated socks!  I always wore my tennis shoes with nothing.  Well when I started really running more than 15 minutes at a time I had to invest in socks so that I could keep from tearing my feet all to pieces.  Then my shoes started tearing up and lots of people suggested that I should not wear cotton socks, and again we go to I went to the Sporting Goods store yesterday and got new socks.

They are nice and tight on my feet without cutting off circulation, and all those nice little blue spots are actually extra cushioning.  Its in all the right places, toes, under the ball of the foot, and around the heal, and they have this cute little flip on the back that keep them from falling down in my shoes.  I really really like these puppies.  I just wish now that I had bought more than a two pack so I don't have to wash them every day!

Ok now that I have talked about all the new stuff that I bought I will talk about the run a little bit.  This morning was a total of 7 miles, 2 of which were on the steps.  We got started a little bit late because the fog made it impossible to see the steps, we did them but had to wait for a little more light.  Actually, two of the girls did it before the sun came up...I still don't know how they saw the steps.

Then off for a run.  This one was over 3 miles so I ran in the 4:1 strategy.  The running portion was much faster than normal and felt really good.  I was able to keep the pace constant through most of the run.  The last 4 minutes I slowed down a little bit as a kind of cool down.  I think that 14 mile run last Friday really helped me break through with the running, the 14 mile run and the come to Jesus meeting I had to have with myself.  I just hope I can keep these runs up at this new pace and continue to get faster and faster.  But so happy to have another good run.

Weigh In Wednesday

Yet another episode of Weigh In Wednesday.  Well lets just say that I started off this morning fuming mad about my weight this morning.  I was hoping after a crazy challenge of Master Cleanse that I would see some good weight loss.  Well I did not.  NO NO Weight Loss!!!!!  This mornings weight came in at a whopping 232.0  That is up over 2 pounds.  I was absolutely livid but then I went for my run, got my head together and realized that I did not weigh after vacation.  I know that I was up after vacation but dang how much did I manage to gain in a 4 day stretch of time.  Anyway, that did help me a little bit, but if I said that I was not angry then I would be a lying little blogger.

(Just Imagine a picture of my scale with today's weight.  It wont let me upload a picture right now but Ill get it up at some point)

I feel like the motivation is there and the work is there but these scales are not working in my favor.  I know I preach all the time that the number doesn't matter but I would really like to see this number go down and stay down for a while.  In the last month I have lost about 200 lbs but it has been the same 200 lbs between 235 and 228!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Let me know how you all did this week.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Biggest Loser, Oh I Love This Show

So its over and I just couldn't wait to get on here and talk about it.  Already, its been over for 2 minutes and I am already blogging about it.

For starters, any weight loss shows that has cupcakes within the first 20 seconds has got to be good.  Lets just start with that first challenge.  That was an interesting one.  I know that lots of people say there is no need to play if you don't ever fall below the yellow line, but that was a good reward and I cant believe everyone didn't play.

Anyway, I like the little guy that won but I really didn't care who got the reward, I may later in the show but right now it doesn't mean that much.

I decided that I have picked my favorite tonight, and its probably not for the reason you would think.  I decided that I heart Fredo.  He works hard, you can say that for a lot of them, but when he shouted at the yellow team guy "London" (his kids name) I fell in love with him.  He wants to win but he took the time to help motivate someone else.  Sometimes weight loss becomes such a selfish thing, and he did a wonderfully selfless thing motivating someone I pick him, I hope he wins and takes the whole thing.

I still haven't picked a woman yet, I like the blue girl best but no one touches Fredo!

I hate that two contestants had to leave tonight but they both looked great and have succeeded at home which is great, that is all they can do.  But I was impressed the Burgundy went home and got her community involved in a healthy lifestyle, so for that I was officially inspired.  For that I am officially inviting any of the local people who read this blog to let me know if you want to come out and run/walk the steps with us in the morning.  I would love to see some new faces out there running/walking around the stadium.  We have some that can do it 15 times and some that can do it 2 times.  Either way you are out there doing something.

Man I love this show!

Today...Full Day...and Ready for Tomorrow

Well, I have been trying to get on here all day to post but I have been one busy little bee today.  This morning was a mini road trip, then off to work, then to the gym.  It was 1,000 things back to back to back.  I just love those days.  I work in a slow career field right now so the busy days are well accepted.

I enjoyed the final day of the Ease Out part of the Master Cleanse and I am actually looking forward to the next challenge.  I have already purchased my Special K cereal, Meal Bars, Cereal and Snack Bars and Protein Shakes.  The only Special K product that I didn't buy was the Protein Water.  That counts as a snack and I drink plenty of water and I am not wasting a snack on protein water.

I have a few concerns about this diet, yet another chance to try it before you knock it.

1. It won’t be enough calories....In order to maintain my energy and workouts I have to eat a decent amount of calories each day. This one is looking at being about 1000 calories a day and I just don't think that is enough. I do get the one free meal a day that is just a normal meal. Hopefully I can pack in some good calories from some decent foods.
2. Lots of eating. 3 meals, 2 snacks, and a partridge in a pear tree. That is a lot of times to eat in a day, ok so it’s just one more time to eat than normal but it just seems like food all the time. You just barely get time to finish one thing before you eat something else. On the flip side, each meal and snack is really small so I may be ready for food when it’s time to eat again.
3. I might get tired of cereal!!!!! I love cereal, but I have no control when it comes to cereal. I don't keep it in my house because when I eat it, I really eat it. I get a huge bowl, pack it full and sometimes refill it until my milk is gone. I usually pour too much milk just so I can eat a little bit more. Hopefully I can control my urges to eat too much and maybe just maybe be able to keep cereal in my house again.

Ok, away from the new fad diet. Tonight I had a no impact workout in the pool in anticipation for my long run tomorrow. I do not have a long run scheduled this week and my running buddy is not able to do one with me this week so tomorrow sounds just as good as any other day, especially since I did a no impact workout today and I got new socks that I want to try out. (Before running I never got excited about socks) I swam half a mile in the pool tonight in about 15 minutes. I don't know if that is a good time or not but it felt fast and I could really really feel it at the end of the workout.
Tomorrow I really plan on rocking it at the gym tomorrow night. After really pushing myself in my run on Monday I realized that I am stronger than I think so it’s time to step up the intensity again. The workouts will stay the same, running, INSANITY, weights, steps and pool, but it’s time for the weights to get heavier, the running to get faster, more trips around the stadium, just more, more more. I am ready to get away from this 230 hump. Let’s do it!
Time to get back to Biggest Loser, blogging during commercial breaks just takes so long. Ill be back on again tonight so keep checking back. I have so much to say about Biggest Loser.

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Followers Make Me a Happy Blogger

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

I want to thank you guys so much (if you didn't already catch that) for following along with my weight loss, marathon training, crazy fad diets (right now) and complaining.  I really love that I can see who all is following  and read your blogs as well.  Sometimes its nice, even if your 5000 miles away to know that someone else is setting the same goal and achieving them, or struggling in the same ways that your are....I guess misery really does love company. 

Thanks Again Guys.

Officially Back to the Grind

Well I am officially out of vacation mode.  I chose to stay there through the weekend just because it is more fun to be on vacation than it is to be working two jobs and working out all the time.  So I just pretended.

Well its back to the grind today, and to be a little bit honest I am kinda happy for the return of the schedule and routine.  This morning after a crappy nights sleep I called and cancelled and told my buddies I was not coming to stairs and was not running.  The last time I looked at the clock was 3am and I just didn't want to go.  Well, after 15 minutes of trying to go back to sleep I just gave up and went for the run anyway, granted I was late but I still went. 

This mornings run was actually a phenomenal run...and I am happy that I went.  We got in 5 miles this morning at a better than normal pace.  I had a meeting with myself over the weekend and just had to decide was I just going to run this marathon or was I going to RUN! this marathon.  My mileage has been going up but my times have been staying the same.  I should be getting faster and better with each and every run.  Then I just decided that I was going to do this.  No more being comfortable, its time to train.  I got comfortable with my pace and it wasn't challenging anymore and instead of trying to do better I was just accepting it....well not anymore.

My new resolution is each and every day I will run a little bit faster.  Now that I have moved to running 4:1 instead of running straight there is no reason I cannot push myself and run a little bit harder.  I just got comfortable and wasn't pushing myself.

I have one more workout today and I have missed it so very much.  Tonight is the INSANITY workout.  My late night workout buddy kept emailing me on vacation telling me when it was time to be working out....woo hoo back to some more INSANITY!!!!!!!!

Starting Wednesday it will be time for a new fad diet and this one I am looking forward to.  We will start Special K diet.  I like this one because it makes a promise, 6 pounds and a dress size....let's see!

By the Way....I understand why you have to Ease Out of this Master Cleanse, my stomach has been torn up like crazy today, more than any day of the cleanse.  I hope its better tomorrow.

Master Cleanse: Ease Out

Well I can gladly say it is time to ease out of the Master Cleanse.  Today is the last day that I have to drink the nasty salt water cleanse and no more lemonade.  For the next 2 days I have to eat live food, basically fruits and veggies with some breads thrown in there.  Tomorrow I get to add meat but very little.  I have to get my body acclimated back to food.

For the most part of this cleanse I didn't really struggle.  My hunger was satisfied for the most part of the cleanse.  I didn't feel hungry or really yearn for food.  Every time I saw food I thought I wanted it but when I was just going through my day I didn't really want anything to eat.

I was also pretty energetic for the most part of the cleanse.  I thought I would be weak and weary from having no food in my gut.  There were however 2 times during the cleanse that I was surprised.  Anytime I attempted to do anything physical my body would just quit on me.  I was totally out of gas.  I workout hard for hours a day and I have never quite felt like this.  My body just simply would not continue, I felt like I could not lift my arms.  That was my biggest complaint of the cleanse.  If I had been doing this during the week and not a weekend I would not have been able to do it.

I know I just said the worst part was the weakness, but I lied.....the worst part was the salt water cleanse.  One quart of salt water is like trying to drink 18 gallons of regular water.  It was so hard to get down and it never ended.  If I took the approach of "just chug it" it would gag me, but the sipping really didn't work either.  And after I finally got it down it was a waiting game to have to go to the bathroom. 

Now that it is over I really don't feel all that different.  I know I didn't do it for 7-10 days like many do, but I don't know that I could have functioned with my running and work schedule with this cleanse.  It requires a lot of time to rest and lots of time in the bathroom. 

I was shocked at the way my body felt with no food and only a drink cleanse and may try it again in the future but I don't think I will be doing this one again any time soon. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Master Cleanse Review Day 1

Ok, this is the strangest thing I have ever done.  For starters I was expecting the worst ever!  Like never get out of the bathroom kinda thing.  Well it is really not as bad as I was told.

I will admit that I did not drink the salt water flush yesterday but I am drinking it as we speak today....and it is AWFUL!  I just don't know why anyone would want to drink this, I guess they don't want to but they are cleansing their body so they just do it.  Anyway, it taste like drinking ocean water and I have never been a huge fan of that either.

The "lemonade" is really not as bad as I expected it to be.  I taste like regular lemonade but it burns your lips as you drink it.  The recipe said to put as much cayenne pepper as you can stand so today I will be using more than yesterday.  By far the salt water is way worse.

I was not hungry yesterday like I thought I would be, that is until I got home from work.  It amazes me how often we eat even when we are not hungry.  Once I got home from work I started watching food network and they were doing a special on hamburgers.  I haven't eaten a hamburger in 27 years and these looked great! 

I could definitely eat something today, and cant wait to put some solid food in my gut again.

Ill let you know how it goes for the next two days, hopefully I will be so clean!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Blog Hop

I don't normally get to play this blog hop so whenever I get the chance I do.  Today's hop is brought to you by Kelly's Korner and all about the kitchen.  Well, my kitchen is not a big gourmet type kitchen but I worked really hard on it to make it what it is so I thought this would be a fun one to share.

Let me start with all that was done was a fresh coat of paint and new flooring.  There is more that I want to do but I think the change is still big.  And I have kinda grown to love my Harvest Gold appliances!

Maybe we can do this blog hop again once I get rid of some of the harvest gold!

Morning Run, LONG RUN

This morning I didn't get my 10 miles, I GOT 14.  All 14 miles!!!!!!!!

Tell me this is not to coolest watch you have ever seen.  That's my mileage down in the bottom corner.  14.00 baby!  We wore the watch out today (haha low battery.)

And when it was over I didn't think I was going to die.  I will admit that leading up to this run I did not think that I could do it, it was a big jump from the 10 miles that I have consistently struggled through for the last month.  But after lots of thinking and planning this interval training thing seems like it is going to work.  Today was 4 minute runs/ 1 minute walk.  This was the plan for the entire run.  At first it seems stupid because I had plenty of energy to run for more than 4 minutes, but towards the end of the run the 1 minute is a welcome blessing!

This run today really energized me and made me think I can do this again.  I was getting scared when I couldn't get over my 10 mile breaking point.   Oh I am so excited!  26.2 HERE I COME!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Missing My Gym

Well, my life is a little more settled now, all my vacation stuff is put away, the laundry is done and I finally got through the mountain of emails that were gathering in my inbox.  The only thing missing is my workouts.  I am looking forward to getting my butt back in MY gym.  I have been in a foreign gym trying to figure out new machines and tonight I get to go be tortured during Core Power.  There will probably not be much after this class because it kills me every time I do it.

Then tomorrow morning I get to see my running buddy.  I have been missing my running partners and tomorrow I have a long run so I will get to see her for 2 whole hours.  I am really excited about it.  Not so happy about the long run because they have sucked for the last month, but I have so much to tell her so maybe it will make the run go by quicker.  Tomorrows run will, will, WILL be better!  I have had tons of rest so my legs will be fresh.  No reason it should not be a great one!

And my late night workout buddy has agreed to do more of these diets with me than I originally thought, which makes me happy, and I think our workouts are going to be extended to more nights a week so maybe I can get some more time in the gym working out.  This will really cut into my TV watching schedule but I don't really need to watch TV anyway, I only need Biggest Loser.

By the way, I have no post for Biggest Loser yet.  I saw the ending, about the last hour but I still have not watched the beginning so I didn't get to see them get their butts kicked!  That is my favorite part.  Ill let you know when I finally see the whole thing!

Fad Diet #1: The Master Cleanse

This is my lease favorite part of the Fad Diet Experience.  I thought I had one person doing this with me but she is actually heading out of town so I am on my own with the master cleanse.  Aside from not wanting to drink this nasty drink for 5 days I am a little embarrassed to talk about the effects it is supposed to have on my body.  Let me give you the full rundown.

This is a detox diet. 


To dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion that have formed in any part of the body.
To cleanse the kidneys and the digestive system.
To purify the glands and cells throughout the entire body.
To eliminate all unusable waste and hardened material in the joints and muscles.
To relieve pressures and irritation in the nerves, arteries, and blood vessels.
To build a healthy bloodstream.
To keep youth and elasticity regardless of our years.

You drink a mixture of Water, Lemon Juice, Cayenne Pepper, and Maple Syrup during the day whenever hungry.  No food whatsoever. This mixture will loosen the buildup along the intestinal tract and allow you to poop it out.  It also detoxifies the liver, kidneys, lungs and other organs. This diet is not meant for weight loss but more for detoxing the body, but will aid in weight loss in the long haul.
In the morning you drink a Salt Water Flush and at night you take a laxative.  This is the part I am not all that excited to share. 
There is a Ease in and Ease Out part of this diet as well.  Today I am Easing In so I am not drinking the formula yet, but eating live foods, fruits and veggies.  The Ease Out is more important than the In so I will probably start the Ease Out on Monday night Tuesday morning.  This program can be done anywhere from 3-30 days.  They suggest you do a 7-10 day cleanse and increase your time frame the more experienced you are or how frequently you cleanse.  I will be drinking the formula for 4 days with a 1 day Ease In and 2 day Ease Out.
If you want to learn more about this diet there are thousands of websites devoted to it.  Just google The Master Cleanse, or The Lemonade Diet.  Both will give you more results than you ever imagined.
I am so very not excited about this and hope I will have a much more pleasant experience than what I am expecting.  Sometimes I can convince myself it will be horrible and hopefully it will not be as bad as I think.  I will keep you all updated on the progress and as usual if I feel like this is compromising my health in any way I will stop the detox.  I'm not fixing to harm my body for a project.
Here goes nothing...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vacation is Over, Back Home (Sad Face)

I know that most people are ready for vacation to be over when it is time to end...well not me.  I could have stayed forever.  For 5 whole days I didn't have 2 jobs, no responsibilities, just relax and have a good time.  So, I am glad to be home, but man I could handle that 7 hour drive again and spend another day at the beach.

Let me tell you about my trip.  The very first morning I got in my run.  It was a very short run but it was also vacation (and a thousand more excuses) so I was sooooo not stressed out about it.  I did put on my running shoes and hit the road.  Then I proceeded to play, all day long, ALL DAY.  We played everything from beach volleyball to full contact beach football.  Just walking through the sand was a challenge so you can imagine how hard it was to play tackle football.  Aside from the bruises on my arms it didn't hurt to be tackled in the sand.  There were a few minor injuries during football but it was so much fun!!!  I counted it as a workout every day. 

We played like this every day actually.  It was constant activity.  We played on the beach then moved to the pool and then to the lazy river, back to the beach, hot tub, pool, etc.  We don't need theme parks or roller coasters, just give us sand and a pool.  I will say the water was freezing cold, the weather was cold and even the sand first thing in the morning would freeze your feet off.  I don't know how it happened but I ended up sunburned in 60 degree weather.  Even my precious little flank steak is burned.  The lazy river was by far the coldest of all the pools in our condo.  It took my breath away when I stepped into it.  It felt like sticking a sprained ankle into a bucket of ice water.  Eventually it went numb and the pain went away, then dad would tip us over and it was cold all over again!

Ohhhhh bathing suit picture....I'm ok with it!

The water was sooooooo cold!

When you play hard, you must rest well!

Now on to the food.....Ahhhhh my favorite part of the entire vacation.  We got to eat sandwiches everyday for lunch (my fave!) and then out to dinner at night. I tried to be good on vacation and diet at the same but I failed miserably.  The candy and cookies just sitting around were my downfall and not enough water.  We (I use that term loosely) even made homemade cookies.

The #1 reason there is no Weigh In Wednesday this week!  And yes this was my lunch attire every single day.

The first night was Lulu's.  I don't know if you have ever been here but it is so good.  Again this year it didn't disappoint.  Ohhh the girl's table, aren't we soooo cute. 

We ate at Lamberts, Tacky Jack's and Live Bait as well.  My favorite was still Lulu's but they were all so good.  We also got to enjoy TCBY for dessert most nights.  I tended to like the restaurants that were outside and plastic cups over the fine dining experiences.  But man it was some good food!

Messy ribs at Lamberts!

One of the greatest places ever...this one actually got a shirt that said I Heart TCBY!

I also went for a run on Monday.  This was actually a nice distance run.  I was just going to run about 3 miles and then stop at the store and head back to the room.  Well I put a $20 bill in my pocket and hit the road.  Well at about the 3 mile point when I was winding down and getting ready to walk into the store I realized that at some point in the last three miles that my 20 fell out somewhere.  So I walked the entire thing again trying to find my money.  No luck!!!  It made me a sad little girl but I was not going to lose my happy over $20.  I think the air at the Beach was thinner than the air in Tennessee.  It was harder to breath during my run and my stomach kept cramping up.  I am pretty sure it had nothing to do with the estimated 8,000 calories a day I was consuming, surely not! 

I am back home now and only day dreaming of the beach while doing laundry and trying to evacuate sand from all of my earthly belongings.  Thanks for being patient with me while I was on vacation.  Its back to the grind tomorrow with a whole new challenge, you didn't forget did you! 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Life's A Beach

Greetings from the Sand.  I wont post much from vacation but I actually had a minute all by my lonesome so I thought I would log on. 

Thus far the beach has been great, amazing weather, amazing food and well its the beach, what is not amazing about that.

Yesterday we arrived in the weeeeeeeeeee morning hours.  I managed to get a few hours of sleep and then got in a small run.  It was really short....I ran to the grocery store about half a mile away.  Then I went into mad woman beach mode.  Played at the beach then the pool then the beach again.  I played til my little feet couldn't hold me up any longer.  I even got in a game of beach volleyball, which since I am doing the counting does count as a workout.  It was tough.

After a 14 hour day on very few hours of sleep I was happy to get into bed.  Waking up this morning was not the easiest thing, I actually slept about 30 more than my alarm clock.  I am getting in a good breakfast of Fruit Loops and then off to hit the day again. 

Ill come back to you, I just don't know when!
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