Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Biggest Loser, Oh I Love This Show

So its over and I just couldn't wait to get on here and talk about it.  Already, its been over for 2 minutes and I am already blogging about it.

For starters, any weight loss shows that has cupcakes within the first 20 seconds has got to be good.  Lets just start with that first challenge.  That was an interesting one.  I know that lots of people say there is no need to play if you don't ever fall below the yellow line, but that was a good reward and I cant believe everyone didn't play.

Anyway, I like the little guy that won but I really didn't care who got the reward, I may later in the show but right now it doesn't mean that much.

I decided that I have picked my favorite tonight, and its probably not for the reason you would think.  I decided that I heart Fredo.  He works hard, you can say that for a lot of them, but when he shouted at the yellow team guy "London" (his kids name) I fell in love with him.  He wants to win but he took the time to help motivate someone else.  Sometimes weight loss becomes such a selfish thing, and he did a wonderfully selfless thing motivating someone else....so I pick him, I hope he wins and takes the whole thing.

I still haven't picked a woman yet, I like the blue girl best but no one touches Fredo!

I hate that two contestants had to leave tonight but they both looked great and have succeeded at home which is great, that is all they can do.  But I was impressed the Burgundy went home and got her community involved in a healthy lifestyle, so for that I was officially inspired.  For that I am officially inviting any of the local people who read this blog to let me know if you want to come out and run/walk the steps with us in the morning.  I would love to see some new faces out there running/walking around the stadium.  We have some that can do it 15 times and some that can do it 2 times.  Either way you are out there doing something.

Man I love this show!

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