Sunday, October 17, 2010

Garmin Help!

Ok, so yes I have become so incredibly obsessed with running and learned about products that are better than others, some products that suck, but I am absolutely at a stand still when it comes to this Garmin watch.

I started to wear sock because I was supposed to, then I even moved to double layer moisture wicking special fancy dancy running socks, I gave up the baby powder for the Body Glide, no more T-Shirts but Dry Fit moisture wicking tight as hell running shirts, and I no longer wear mesh shorts because my thighs would catch on fire but only tight pants, ALL THE TIME.

So on Saturday when I went on my run I had to wear 2 watches.  One that told me how long I had been running because I was on a time crunch and the other told me my interval splits.  I cant make one watch do both things at the same time.  So I ran for 4 some odd miles with two watches on my wrist, and all I kept thinking was I have two watches on and I still don't know exactly how far I ran.  And I am not going to add another watch to the mix.  Seriously...

SO, the two watches started a new search that has become my focus for the last 2 days.  I showed you all the watch that I liked, you know the Green Monster that does everything.  Well, its a little bit out of my personal price range but if it is the exact thing that I need then that is just what it is.  In my reading the reviews for this Forerunner watch I came across a different Garmin Forerunner that seemed cool too, so now I don't know which one would be better for me.

Forerunner 405:  The original watch, would have never known this kind of technology if it had not been for this watch.  I amazed with this watch/GPS every time I run.

Forerunner 110:  This is the watch I found as I started doing my research.  It does less than the green one but the question is as I progress in my running will the watch progress with me.  This one is cheaper but if it is not what I need then its really not worth the bargain.  Its like buying the cheap shoes that blister your feet beyond recognition.

I am officially asking for help.  There are positives and negatives for each watch, one is way more technical than the other but do I need all the bells and whistles or would the basic one be sufficient for a beginner runner.  Oh!!!!  I am so confused. 

I know lots of the functions of the Forerunner 405 because all of my friend have this one (and they rave about it), but I am looking for someone who has the Forerunner 110 who could give me a review of this one because I am hesitant to take the advice from people I don't know in a ratings rankings on random websites.  If you have any input it would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for ranting away but I cannot do the searches anymore, I'm putting it in your hands now!

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Elizabeth said...

helen has the newer one...catch her at the patrick one day and ask her.

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