Monday, October 11, 2010

Master Cleanse: Ease Out

Well I can gladly say it is time to ease out of the Master Cleanse.  Today is the last day that I have to drink the nasty salt water cleanse and no more lemonade.  For the next 2 days I have to eat live food, basically fruits and veggies with some breads thrown in there.  Tomorrow I get to add meat but very little.  I have to get my body acclimated back to food.

For the most part of this cleanse I didn't really struggle.  My hunger was satisfied for the most part of the cleanse.  I didn't feel hungry or really yearn for food.  Every time I saw food I thought I wanted it but when I was just going through my day I didn't really want anything to eat.

I was also pretty energetic for the most part of the cleanse.  I thought I would be weak and weary from having no food in my gut.  There were however 2 times during the cleanse that I was surprised.  Anytime I attempted to do anything physical my body would just quit on me.  I was totally out of gas.  I workout hard for hours a day and I have never quite felt like this.  My body just simply would not continue, I felt like I could not lift my arms.  That was my biggest complaint of the cleanse.  If I had been doing this during the week and not a weekend I would not have been able to do it.

I know I just said the worst part was the weakness, but I lied.....the worst part was the salt water cleanse.  One quart of salt water is like trying to drink 18 gallons of regular water.  It was so hard to get down and it never ended.  If I took the approach of "just chug it" it would gag me, but the sipping really didn't work either.  And after I finally got it down it was a waiting game to have to go to the bathroom. 

Now that it is over I really don't feel all that different.  I know I didn't do it for 7-10 days like many do, but I don't know that I could have functioned with my running and work schedule with this cleanse.  It requires a lot of time to rest and lots of time in the bathroom. 

I was shocked at the way my body felt with no food and only a drink cleanse and may try it again in the future but I don't think I will be doing this one again any time soon. 


Fat Girl vs. World said...

My big concern is that there's no way your nutritional needs were being met. Master Cleanse is synonymous with master malnutrition!

Marla Logan said...

I agree with the above comment. You were so tired because your body had no fuel to supply you any energy. I think you should just trash this one and keep moving forward. Too many healthy options out there!

Bethanny said...

I am pretty sure I would have dropped out after 45 minutes. Sounds tough!

Emily said...

I agree with you all....this was on the verge of malnourishment, that is why I only did it for 3 days instead of the full 7-10. I just didnt expect it to effect me so bad. I am so glad its over!!!!!

We move on!

Fat Girl vs. World said...

Emily -- you moved on --but think about how many people do this the 7-10 days and they do it multiple times a year.

I think they miss the big picture -- that if they're eating a balanced, healthy diet with tons of water, there should be no need to "cleanse."

Our bodies are amazing natural regulators.

I'm sorry if I sound really harsh about this, but you should see how I react when my friends tell me they're doing this.

Emily said...

Oh I am totally on your side. I would have never done it if it hadnt been one of the most popular answers to the questions, "what would you do to drop a few pounds?"

I am about as supportive of Master Cleanse as I am Gastric Bypass, but I didnt think I should completely knock it until I tried it....but I know now and I dont see myself doing it again.

I truely dont know how people do this for long periods of time, some as long as 40 days, or why they would want seems like it would put your body into starvation mode and have an adverse reaction on your body.

Dont worry, I am not a fan and you dont ever have to worry about being harsh with me....I am the queen of say it like it is!

Fat Girl vs. World said...

Phew!! Thank goodness.
And just for the record, I've talked about this in my own blog as well:

I'm glad that you tried it and figured out that it wasn't for you. There's only a few ways to drop a few pounds really quickly: they all relate to having body parts removed.

The rest is just diet (mainly) and exercise (important, but studies show that weight loss has more to do with diet than exercise, but you need exercise to promote the growth of lean muscle).

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