Thursday, October 7, 2010

Missing My Gym

Well, my life is a little more settled now, all my vacation stuff is put away, the laundry is done and I finally got through the mountain of emails that were gathering in my inbox.  The only thing missing is my workouts.  I am looking forward to getting my butt back in MY gym.  I have been in a foreign gym trying to figure out new machines and tonight I get to go be tortured during Core Power.  There will probably not be much after this class because it kills me every time I do it.

Then tomorrow morning I get to see my running buddy.  I have been missing my running partners and tomorrow I have a long run so I will get to see her for 2 whole hours.  I am really excited about it.  Not so happy about the long run because they have sucked for the last month, but I have so much to tell her so maybe it will make the run go by quicker.  Tomorrows run will, will, WILL be better!  I have had tons of rest so my legs will be fresh.  No reason it should not be a great one!

And my late night workout buddy has agreed to do more of these diets with me than I originally thought, which makes me happy, and I think our workouts are going to be extended to more nights a week so maybe I can get some more time in the gym working out.  This will really cut into my TV watching schedule but I don't really need to watch TV anyway, I only need Biggest Loser.

By the way, I have no post for Biggest Loser yet.  I saw the ending, about the last hour but I still have not watched the beginning so I didn't get to see them get their butts kicked!  That is my favorite part.  Ill let you know when I finally see the whole thing!

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