Friday, October 8, 2010

Morning Run, LONG RUN

This morning I didn't get my 10 miles, I GOT 14.  All 14 miles!!!!!!!!

Tell me this is not to coolest watch you have ever seen.  That's my mileage down in the bottom corner.  14.00 baby!  We wore the watch out today (haha low battery.)

And when it was over I didn't think I was going to die.  I will admit that leading up to this run I did not think that I could do it, it was a big jump from the 10 miles that I have consistently struggled through for the last month.  But after lots of thinking and planning this interval training thing seems like it is going to work.  Today was 4 minute runs/ 1 minute walk.  This was the plan for the entire run.  At first it seems stupid because I had plenty of energy to run for more than 4 minutes, but towards the end of the run the 1 minute is a welcome blessing!

This run today really energized me and made me think I can do this again.  I was getting scared when I couldn't get over my 10 mile breaking point.   Oh I am so excited!  26.2 HERE I COME!
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