Monday, October 11, 2010

Officially Back to the Grind

Well I am officially out of vacation mode.  I chose to stay there through the weekend just because it is more fun to be on vacation than it is to be working two jobs and working out all the time.  So I just pretended.

Well its back to the grind today, and to be a little bit honest I am kinda happy for the return of the schedule and routine.  This morning after a crappy nights sleep I called and cancelled and told my buddies I was not coming to stairs and was not running.  The last time I looked at the clock was 3am and I just didn't want to go.  Well, after 15 minutes of trying to go back to sleep I just gave up and went for the run anyway, granted I was late but I still went. 

This mornings run was actually a phenomenal run...and I am happy that I went.  We got in 5 miles this morning at a better than normal pace.  I had a meeting with myself over the weekend and just had to decide was I just going to run this marathon or was I going to RUN! this marathon.  My mileage has been going up but my times have been staying the same.  I should be getting faster and better with each and every run.  Then I just decided that I was going to do this.  No more being comfortable, its time to train.  I got comfortable with my pace and it wasn't challenging anymore and instead of trying to do better I was just accepting it....well not anymore.

My new resolution is each and every day I will run a little bit faster.  Now that I have moved to running 4:1 instead of running straight there is no reason I cannot push myself and run a little bit harder.  I just got comfortable and wasn't pushing myself.

I have one more workout today and I have missed it so very much.  Tonight is the INSANITY workout.  My late night workout buddy kept emailing me on vacation telling me when it was time to be working out....woo hoo back to some more INSANITY!!!!!!!!

Starting Wednesday it will be time for a new fad diet and this one I am looking forward to.  We will start Special K diet.  I like this one because it makes a promise, 6 pounds and a dress size....let's see!

By the Way....I understand why you have to Ease Out of this Master Cleanse, my stomach has been torn up like crazy today, more than any day of the cleanse.  I hope its better tomorrow.

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