Friday, October 29, 2010

Raw Food Day 2

Let's just say, this is not as bad as I thought it would is just day 2 but right now I'm pretty satisfied.  I have had some headaches, from what I am sure is withdrawal from sugar and caffeine, but over all I am liking this pretty well so far.  And, I bought my first Zucchini this I have no idea how to cook it or prepare it but I am going to try it this week sometime.  And I am looking forward to trying a homemade fruit smoothie. 

Special K was fine after day 2 but soon got much harder.  I hated it pretty good after day 5 and eventually couldn't keep up the regimen.  With the way I am eating right now I am not too hungry and I am really no all that tempted by passing the fast food restaurants.  Special K made me crave bad foods.

The rest of my week has not been too exciting.  I have been crazy busy, with work and other things.  I have not worked out like I like too but I have gotten some quality workouts in.  The running this week has been pathetic.  So bad that my running buddy and I have been trying to fit a weekend run in and we rarely ever do that.

The weather has been a big factor in my workouts.  I used to be an only in the gym type of girl but not so much anymore so the rain/storms have really gotten in my way.  But the weather seems to have broken and now the cold has followed.  I love cold weather, way more than hot weather!!!!  It is nice to be outside without breaking into a sweat from the car to the office.

After a crazy week I will apologize for such few posts.  I have really tried to get online and post but time didn't always permit.  And today I could have posted earlier but I was having kind of a bad day and I usually regret post that I write when I am in a bad a few hours of time with the family I am feeling much better.

Come back tomorrow....there will be a post, time or not!

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