Friday, October 22, 2010


Well yesterday I never really got a chance to come on here and post about my day because, well, most of the big stuff that happened yesterday happened after 5pm, and when I crawled (literally) home at 11:30 I just didn't have the energy and/or time to blog.

Yesterday was a recovery day, sort of.  I didn't have a morning run and all I was going to do was my Core Power workout.  Well I swapped some shifts at work and ended up having to work last night and cutting my Core class short, so it seemed like a great idea to stay and do an INSANITY workout.  Core was tough but since it was so short I was not too bothered by it.  Well INSANITY on the other hand was....well...insane!  I thought we were doing on the of videos we had already done, crazy cardio for 45 minutes, turns out my brilliant self picked out one of the second month DVD's instead of the Cardio one that we had done previously.

This workout was 55 minutes of crazy plyometric training with a few water breaks thrown in.  I was in a full sweat before the warm up was complete and down to the sports bra by the finish.  It was filled with grunts, groans, tears, and sweat, and lots of it.  It makes me ashamed that I ever thought a workout was hard!  One more INSANITY workout tonight if I can talk my workout buddy into coming.  She struggled through last night as well but I'm not sure she will come tonight knowing that might be waiting for her again.

Then this morning it was off to the stadium to run steps.   The stadium is really dark at 5:30 in the morning so I have started wearing this cute little head light that gives me eyes until the sun comes up...and now that the sun is later than ever I have learned to run the steps with a light on my head the entire time.  10 trips this morning had my legs good and warmed up and ready (maybe) to go run. 

My running buddy, I just have to admire for a second, and I sat at the gym for a few 30 minutes and drank coffee trying to decide if we really wanted to run.  I have to give her huge cred today....after the event of which I do not speak she came back to run with me.  This would have been the perfect point for her to say, "I'm done running with that girl who completely melted down" but she didn't, and I am soooooo grateful.  I don't know that I could get through another 16 then 18 and 2, 20 mile runs without her.  Talk about a blessing that fell into my life! 

We did an incredibly short run today, 2 miles, running all but about 30 yards.  It was nice and cold out and I am glad that we decided to run instead of just drinking coffee.  So today I have about a total of 4 miles under my belt and about 30 miles for the week.  I have no plans of running tomorrow so I think we can go ahead and total out the week.

So after finally getting warmed up after the run its off to a full day of work with the possibility of a workout tonight.

I'll be back, you know!

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