Thursday, October 14, 2010

Special K Day 2: On the Road

I have to say I am shockingly surprised at how easy this diet plan is.  I was afraid that I would not be able to just eat cereal for two meals a day but this is a highly transportable diet plan. 

I left my house this morning at 8 am and just got home.  I ate my cereal and fruit before I left home.  I was able to carry my snacks with me, ate my normal meal for lunch and carried my protein shake dinner with me to drink at a ball game.  Again today I was afraid that the small portions were not going to be enough and was a little bit hungry at lunch but for the rest of the day I have been satisfied.

I had the protein shake today, this was the first time.  It is not the worst, but not the best protein shake I have ever had.  And I just learned today that there are little snack crackers that I can eat.  I didn't know about them and I will be looking for those tomorrow at the grocery store. 

Another thing I like about this plan is that I have freedom to use my free meal for any meal of the day.  Today I was going to be on the road so it was better for me to be able to eat lunch as the free meal.  But on days that I run I like to have a hearty breakfast and with this plan I can do that.  I am just anxious to see how this works for the entire two weeks.  I'm excited to keep going with this one.

The rest of my day was uneventful.  I never worked out today!  Ah what will I do...workout tomorrow!  I was late for my workout class and had to head off to a ballgame tonight so no workout class.  I will just make it up tomorrow morning at the steps and on my run. 

I am actually glad I had a day off today.  I didn't plan on it but it seems that all my mini ailments (or simply complaints) decided to all trouble me today.  I am trying to get a cold and have had a cough today and last night during my workout I strained, pulled, hurt (whatever) a muscle in my chest.  Well a cough and sore chest don't really go well together.  I am not sure my chest could have handled Core Power, otherwise known as Plank Central tonight even if I could have gone.

Looking so forward and ready for my run tomorrow.  I know it sounds a little bit crazy but now that I have finally got past the 10 mile rut, I am just so fired up and ready to go again.  I dont ever want to take the day off from running.  I am constantly ready to run and am just chomping at the bit for the next long run.

Day 3 coming up....check back and lets see how it goes.

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Bethanny said...

I did a cereal diet many years ago. It worked for me. I was smaller than I am now and lost weight really quickly. I wish I would have stuck with it.

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