Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today...Full Day...and Ready for Tomorrow

Well, I have been trying to get on here all day to post but I have been one busy little bee today.  This morning was a mini road trip, then off to work, then to the gym.  It was 1,000 things back to back to back.  I just love those days.  I work in a slow career field right now so the busy days are well accepted.

I enjoyed the final day of the Ease Out part of the Master Cleanse and I am actually looking forward to the next challenge.  I have already purchased my Special K cereal, Meal Bars, Cereal and Snack Bars and Protein Shakes.  The only Special K product that I didn't buy was the Protein Water.  That counts as a snack and I drink plenty of water and I am not wasting a snack on protein water.

I have a few concerns about this diet, yet another chance to try it before you knock it.

1. It won’t be enough calories....In order to maintain my energy and workouts I have to eat a decent amount of calories each day. This one is looking at being about 1000 calories a day and I just don't think that is enough. I do get the one free meal a day that is just a normal meal. Hopefully I can pack in some good calories from some decent foods.
2. Lots of eating. 3 meals, 2 snacks, and a partridge in a pear tree. That is a lot of times to eat in a day, ok so it’s just one more time to eat than normal but it just seems like food all the time. You just barely get time to finish one thing before you eat something else. On the flip side, each meal and snack is really small so I may be ready for food when it’s time to eat again.
3. I might get tired of cereal!!!!! I love cereal, but I have no control when it comes to cereal. I don't keep it in my house because when I eat it, I really eat it. I get a huge bowl, pack it full and sometimes refill it until my milk is gone. I usually pour too much milk just so I can eat a little bit more. Hopefully I can control my urges to eat too much and maybe just maybe be able to keep cereal in my house again.

Ok, away from the new fad diet. Tonight I had a no impact workout in the pool in anticipation for my long run tomorrow. I do not have a long run scheduled this week and my running buddy is not able to do one with me this week so tomorrow sounds just as good as any other day, especially since I did a no impact workout today and I got new socks that I want to try out. (Before running I never got excited about socks) I swam half a mile in the pool tonight in about 15 minutes. I don't know if that is a good time or not but it felt fast and I could really really feel it at the end of the workout.
Tomorrow I really plan on rocking it at the gym tomorrow night. After really pushing myself in my run on Monday I realized that I am stronger than I think so it’s time to step up the intensity again. The workouts will stay the same, running, INSANITY, weights, steps and pool, but it’s time for the weights to get heavier, the running to get faster, more trips around the stadium, just more, more more. I am ready to get away from this 230 hump. Let’s do it!
Time to get back to Biggest Loser, blogging during commercial breaks just takes so long. Ill be back on again tonight so keep checking back. I have so much to say about Biggest Loser.


Anonymous said...

again... wishing you the best of luck!! So far with your journey ... do you have a fave fad diet?? or are you going to do one giant review at the ned of the challenge?? I agree with you on the water... I'd rather have the real snack than the water... but 1000 cals seems really low... GOOD LUCK!!

Emily said...

I dont have a fave yet, but I have only done one so far. I am looking forward to some of them! I cant wait to try the vegan thing, but I know it is going to be very hard. Here's hoping!

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