Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vacation is Over, Back Home (Sad Face)

I know that most people are ready for vacation to be over when it is time to end...well not me.  I could have stayed forever.  For 5 whole days I didn't have 2 jobs, no responsibilities, just relax and have a good time.  So, I am glad to be home, but man I could handle that 7 hour drive again and spend another day at the beach.

Let me tell you about my trip.  The very first morning I got in my run.  It was a very short run but it was also vacation (and a thousand more excuses) so I was sooooo not stressed out about it.  I did put on my running shoes and hit the road.  Then I proceeded to play, all day long, ALL DAY.  We played everything from beach volleyball to full contact beach football.  Just walking through the sand was a challenge so you can imagine how hard it was to play tackle football.  Aside from the bruises on my arms it didn't hurt to be tackled in the sand.  There were a few minor injuries during football but it was so much fun!!!  I counted it as a workout every day. 

We played like this every day actually.  It was constant activity.  We played on the beach then moved to the pool and then to the lazy river, back to the beach, hot tub, pool, etc.  We don't need theme parks or roller coasters, just give us sand and a pool.  I will say the water was freezing cold, the weather was cold and even the sand first thing in the morning would freeze your feet off.  I don't know how it happened but I ended up sunburned in 60 degree weather.  Even my precious little flank steak is burned.  The lazy river was by far the coldest of all the pools in our condo.  It took my breath away when I stepped into it.  It felt like sticking a sprained ankle into a bucket of ice water.  Eventually it went numb and the pain went away, then dad would tip us over and it was cold all over again!

Ohhhhh bathing suit picture....I'm ok with it!

The water was sooooooo cold!

When you play hard, you must rest well!

Now on to the food.....Ahhhhh my favorite part of the entire vacation.  We got to eat sandwiches everyday for lunch (my fave!) and then out to dinner at night. I tried to be good on vacation and diet at the same but I failed miserably.  The candy and cookies just sitting around were my downfall and not enough water.  We (I use that term loosely) even made homemade cookies.

The #1 reason there is no Weigh In Wednesday this week!  And yes this was my lunch attire every single day.

The first night was Lulu's.  I don't know if you have ever been here but it is so good.  Again this year it didn't disappoint.  Ohhh the girl's table, aren't we soooo cute. 

We ate at Lamberts, Tacky Jack's and Live Bait as well.  My favorite was still Lulu's but they were all so good.  We also got to enjoy TCBY for dessert most nights.  I tended to like the restaurants that were outside and plastic cups over the fine dining experiences.  But man it was some good food!

Messy ribs at Lamberts!

One of the greatest places ever...this one actually got a shirt that said I Heart TCBY!

I also went for a run on Monday.  This was actually a nice distance run.  I was just going to run about 3 miles and then stop at the store and head back to the room.  Well I put a $20 bill in my pocket and hit the road.  Well at about the 3 mile point when I was winding down and getting ready to walk into the store I realized that at some point in the last three miles that my 20 fell out somewhere.  So I walked the entire thing again trying to find my money.  No luck!!!  It made me a sad little girl but I was not going to lose my happy over $20.  I think the air at the Beach was thinner than the air in Tennessee.  It was harder to breath during my run and my stomach kept cramping up.  I am pretty sure it had nothing to do with the estimated 8,000 calories a day I was consuming, surely not! 

I am back home now and only day dreaming of the beach while doing laundry and trying to evacuate sand from all of my earthly belongings.  Thanks for being patient with me while I was on vacation.  Its back to the grind tomorrow with a whole new challenge, you didn't forget did you! 

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