Monday, October 25, 2010

Where Did That Wagon Go?!?!?

Ok, in all honesty I fell off the wagon this weekend.  I ate just about everything I could get my hands on, some healthy, some not so much.  I could give about 3,000 excuses for why I fell off the wagon but I don't really have any that are good enough to justify my behavior this weekend.  The one good thing I can say is the same thing I tell others when they tell me about how they fell off the wagon and just cant get back on track.  "You may fall off the wagon but the good thing is that the wagon does not go anywhere, you just have to pull yourself back on!"

I did get in a great Zumba workout today, but did not get to run this morning.  I have been so blessed with good weather the entire training time for my marathon but this morning it was thundering and rainy so I got to skip it.  I know people run all the time but not me.  After the half marathon in the rain I have decided that is not my cup of tea, as we get closer to marathon day I will do it if I have to but not today. 

I did enjoy my weekend off from the Special K diet.  It is not an easy diet to follow for 2 weeks.  I know it seems so easy to just eat cereal for 2 weeks and I thought this would be the easy one to follow, but it was much harder than I thought.  I saw nice results from it the first week but just don't know how healthy it can be.  It seemed like too few calories and way to many carbs. 

I am really excited about the next "Fad Diet."  Originally I was going to do Low Carb next but I have decided to go straight to the vegan diet.  I have been doing lots on research on it and just cant wait to give it a try.  I know this one is not so much a fad diet but just a new diet for me.  The program I am going to follow is not so much a full vegan diet but a modified version of it.  Its more of a raw foods/live food diet.  80% of the days diet will be raw fruits and vegetables, with small allowances of meat and dairy in the mix, but very small amounts.  All organic foods if possible and since I have such a small selection of organic in my area I will try to eat local as much as possible.

I am excited about this one for so many reasons.  It is supposed to help your body's immune system, release toxin from cells, help with clear skin and reverse so many of the common illnesses that run rampid in our world today, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. 

It will also give me the opportunity to try new veggies that I am not brave enough to try.  I am a picky eater but I will have to eat salads and other veggies that normally don't touch my lips.  Hopefully I can find a tolerance for these foods and be able to mix them into my diet if and when I decided to not be "vegan" any longer.

I hope this one goes well.  I am going to start with a two week trial on this diet, if I love it I will keep going, if I hate it 2 weeks will do it for me.  I have friend that has also agreed to do this one for 2 weeks with me.  She has high cholesterol and just had a blood panel run so she is going to be the guinea pig for lowering cholesterol.

I am going to finish up my Special K program since I started it, even though I didn't do so good this weekend.  I have to get rid of this good in cabinet.  This new plan will start Thursday me a few more days to get new recipes and learn how to make some new foods, like vegan salad dressing, and oatmeal (from real oats and not instant), and how to steam veggies.

So wish me luck as I climb back up on this wagon.

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Mind Over Fatter said...

Hey com'on back on, grab my hand. I had a disastrous Sunday night after some indulgence in red wine but back on the wagon yesterday, as you said it was waiting right there for me (and you too!)

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