Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Great Day...Alright!!!!

Today was another great day.  I know that is 2 in a row and I don't quite know what to do with myself.  We will start with the fact that everything in my life is broken (or broke I don't know which word is correct.)  I have 2 bathrooms in my house and both toilets are broken and my light fixture in my bedroom has not lit up in over a year.  Well, today, I had a handy man come to my house and fix all the stuff at my house that is broken (or broke.)  I have just walked around all day long and flushed toilets and turned off and on lights.

While my fix it man was here I wanted to ask him about my oven.  It has been broken for about 2 years now and I really just gave up on it.  I have asked tons of people about it and no one knew what was wrong so I just let it go.  It is about 40 years old so it was due to die any day so I have not stressed out about it and really not missed it all that much.  What would it hurt to ask about my oven?  (This is the part where I truly believe that blonds might be just a touch dumber)  He looked at it, turned 4 knobs (no exaggeration) and bada bing bada boom, the oven works!  The timer had run out and apparently back in the 70's when the timer went off then the oven shut off.  I didn't know that and never thought about checking the timer for a broken oven.  Oh, and the timers are not digital, they are knobs....I'm not that blond!

And along with all the house stuff being fixed my car is at the shop getting the speedometer fixed.  Yeah....no more wondering what speed I am driving or having to use my GPS all the time to tell me what speed I am traveling.

And I got to go to Zumba today!!!!!

So like I said, having a great day so far.  My eating has been on time today and I was only allowed to do one workout today and it was a great one.  It has been too long since I got to my class and there were so many new dances that I didn't know, but because of my amazing dance skills I caught up pretty quick.  Ha ha ha ha ha!  And I have to go ahead and mention the new workout.  Last night my workout buddy and I did Hip Hop abs for the first time.

A few weeks ago we found out the Sean T, that's the same guy that does INSANITY also was the master mind behind Hip Hop abs.  So my workout buddy bought it and we did it last night.   I could not believe how fun it was.  For starters, the 30 minute workout seemed like about 10 minutes.  And I could tell when it was over that it completely targeted my midsection, and today I can tell it even more.  It was so fun....it reminded me of Zumba but only for the abs.

The reason I only got to do one workout today is because tomorrow is LONG RUN WEDNESDAY (that is all caps because it is supposed to be dramatic)  Tomorrow is 17.8 miles and I am ready for it.  My mind is ready and I think my body is ready.  I am not as nervous about this one as I was the last one and I have hopes that it will go great.  I'm thinking that I am on a roll and I hope to have one more good day in my future!

Wish me luck tomorrow on my long run.  I hope you all can have a great day this week too.  It just makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over!


Brigitte said...

Wow, that oven would have been replaced by something shiny at my house! lol Best of luck on the run or if over, I hope it went well!

Elizabeth said...

hope the run went well! wish i could work out with yall at night! sounds like you have so much fun in the midst of the pain!
english teacher time....
"broken" was correct because you needed an adjective. "broke" is a verb.

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