Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday....Tooooooo Much Fun.....Yet Again (Updated)

We Do This Every Year!

I guess we have to start at the very beginning....the beginning was at 8pm Thursday night.  The planning stage, where we get everything together for the day ahead.  We call ourselves the Black Friday Ho's (come on Ho Ho Ho)  It is my 3 sisters, one niece (shes the only one old enough to go) and a really good friend, "Pollyanna" who is officially part of the group...we have never invited anyone twice to go shopping with us, and she didn't need anything this year when we went shopping.

Our little chef had some wonderful goodies for us.

Look at this spread, homemade pizza rolls, spinach won tons, and lettuce wraps, as well as chips and salsa and fresh cookies.  This is my Thanksgiving Dinner.

I finally just started to eat the lettuce wrap middle out of the bowl. 

And the shirt, I have to mention the shirts.  We have had them made for the last couple of years.  And now that the Iron Bowl is on Black Friday there is a little something more.

We headed out to our local Wal Mart about 10:30 pm because this year the great idea was to open the pallets at 12am instead of the usual 5am.  But instead of opening them all at 12 there were 10-15 pallets that they saved for the 5 am rush. 

Everyone and their mothers uncle decided to come get in on the action at 12 and why wouldn't they, they hadn't gone to bed yet and might as well come save some money.  Well, I chose to take toys as my items to find, and my section was too crowded and became a fire hazard so they let us cut our pallets early so all the toys were collected and off to the rest of the store.  My sister who was in line for blankets nearly got trampled by people that were not even trying to get the same thing she was.  She had a young lady in the middle of her pallet and ended up with a big ol bruise on her arm.

We got to check out after the midnight rush and had gotten lots of our gifts very early, but then it was time to wait for all the 5 am things we had to get. 

No sleeping on Black Friday!

Bless our youngest participant, she waited in line for what ended up being 7 hours for a great deal....I cant tell you what it was....its a gift for someone!

Look at all those deals and gifts.

Welcome to Wal Mart, before daylight

Ready to head out of town after the biggest stop of the day....and the sun is Thinking?!? about coming up.

One of my favorite parts of this entire day is the car ride.  We end up spending way more time in the car then we do in line, and the lines were way better this year.  We did have a slight run in with the police this year before 6 am but all was ok, no ticket! According to "Little Miss Pollyanna" we didn't have to wait at all, no matter how many people were there.  Anyway, the car gave us more time to plan our next attack.  We took most of the chairs out of the car so we could get our purchases in the car.  Before you think we go crazy and just buy everything we can get our hands on, in total we represent 6 different families, very large families, and this is our major shopping day of the year.

The next big stop is Target shopping center in Huntsville.  This is the location of about 5 of our best deal stores.  This is stop number 2, before 7 am and the car starts filling up pretty quickly.

She realized that there was a new Big Lots in the shopping center...the excitement was too much, Im just glad we got a picture of this.

Now awake for nearly 12 hours and shopping for 8 or so, the eyes start to get a little bit heavy, that means time for coffee, diet coke, and jelly beans.

If Pollyanna had actually needed anything we would have had to rent a uhaul, everything she bought was huge and she bought something at every single store we went to.

After this stop the day slows way down.  The door buster deals start to expire and it becomes lots of individual stores and not so many shopping centers.  Well after our first coffee stop we had the most bizarre experience.  Yes, we all wear matching shirts and carry clever little bags for the day.  While leaving the coffee shop we passed a local news station and guess what....they put us on the news.  Really?!?!?  We were still shopping when it actually aired at 6pm but got lots of emails and text messages letting us know we were on TV.  Since Mag was the one who opened her big mouth in front of the camera guy she got to do all the talking for the camera.  If I ever find a video of it I will post it for you.

There was also a local newspaper writer who wrote about us as well.  I found her article and you can read it here.

hello local news! Man, I love Black Friday!
So after we were made famous the camera got put away for a while.  We started to get a little more tired, awake for way over 24 hours at this point.  My mom and dad came down to take us to lunch....sooooo sweet....and give us a second wind for the rest of the day.  This is when it gets really slow, less selection in the store and going to the stores were you only need one thing instead of 7-8 things.

About 6 pm we started winding down the shopping and started heading back home, just catching the last few stores before we got home.  This is where you can see the sleep deprivation take hold, we thought it was a good idea to get the camera back out and you can see how packed the car was at this point.

She is sitting on top of some things that I cannot mention "gifts."

The smallest person in the car, the youngest person in the car, the biggest and most spacious seat, I still don't understand.

Sitting in the floor with presents packed all around.  I actually sat in the floor most of the trip, until the end I had plenty of room.

That flash is bright at 7pm.

We finally made it home around 8pm.  Got the car unloaded and separated and time for one more group photo, we looked way better in the before picture.

If you will forgive me I am going to hit the sack now...I have been awake for a while and have to work in the morning so I think it is best that I sleep now. 

Hope your Black Friday was as successful as mine.

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