Monday, November 15, 2010

Blogger with No Computer

Let's just say I found a way to make my life a little more complicated.  My wonderful home computer charger decided that it will no longer charge my computer.  It is the most frustrating thing ever.  I have to hold the charger in just the right place and hope there is not a strong wind so that it will charge.  Any suggestions on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Today I had one of my best runs ever.  I met my running buddy this morning and we ran the stadium, about 3 miles total at the stadium.  When we first started it felt like I weighted 800 lbs trying to climb up and down the stairs, but once warmed up it got a lot better.  I also had to stop and tie my shoes about 6 times.  I am trying to break in my new shoes but they started off to lose, then too tight and cutting off circulation, but finally I got the right tension.  We even finished the workout with a little bit of speed work (one sprint) hahahah.  Then I was left to run on my own...dum dum dum.  I do not like to run by myself now that I have been blessed with a great partner.  I was determined to go run this morning alone or not, so I put in the headphones and off I went.

It was a nice cold morning, good tunes, and great run.  I ended up running an additional 4 miles at about a 10 minute pace.  I never run that fast!  I would stop when I needed to walk but there were very few walk breaks and my legs were feeling pretty good.  I was really happy to have a good run.  My shins are really the only part that are still hurting.

For the rest of the day I have worked like a dog.  Every job that I have today has been incredibly busy.  It makes the day go by quicker but also makes me lose my mind a little bit at a time. 

I am still trying out the KT Tape that I talked about the other day.  During the race on Friday the tape worked pretty well on my knee (hopefully not psychosomatic) so I am giving it a try on the shins now.  It looks pretty stupid to have tape up and down my leg but if it will make it feel better I will look stupid...hell, I wear tight tight pants to run out around town, what is a little bit of tape on the leg?  I am also pretty lucky to work with a bunch of Physical Therapist.  I have so many questions that I have started trading Real Estate advice for Physical Therapy exercises.  Don't think I cant bargain!

I also got to do Zumba tonight.  I am really missing this class so I was happy to get to attend.  I go do Zumba on my lunch break so I don't get to stay the entire time but I get most of the class in.  And no more workouts tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As I hope you can tell by this post I have had a pretty good great day today.

I am ready to pile my butt into bed.  Hopefully tonight I can get my computer charging so I can post tomorrow.  Otherwise I will have to go to my office tomorrow night after Biggest Loser and post about the episode.  That would never happen but it sounds good right?!?!?!


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