Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Did So Good With That Before 11pm Post Yesterday....Eh!

Well, I am still here, just busy as a little bee.  First off I am sorry for not posting yesterday.  I was planning on being home right after my swim and forgot about practice for the Christmas Concert at church.  Well it went long and I got home about 10pm and had not done any of my at home stuff.  Then today started off early and hasn't quit yet.

I am feeling much better now...still a little bit sick but better.  I still haven't figured out what I am allergic to but I am still having a reaction to it.  Maybe I will figure it out soon before I go crazy with all this itching, sneezing and watery eyes.  But the cold symptoms are getting better.  They were better enough that I felt like working out again.  I did lunch time Zumba yesterday.  My swimming partner cancelled on me last night but it ended up working out for the best because of Christmas concert practice.

Then today was another run.  The runs are easy for the next few weeks with the exception of one more long run.  I have no idea when I am going to do it, but I will do my best to find the time.  Once the last long run is done I get to taper off....that is code for REST!  I am really looking forward to that one.  This week I have had the enjoyment of running with my niece and her friend.  I really should just claim her as one of my own.  These girls are so sweet.  They wanted to run with me and are even going to be at my marathon to help towards the end when I need a little extra encouragement and even run a few miles with me along the way. 

This morning's run was just under 5 miles and was a really easy one.  It was a nice little trot.  And I can honestly say that I am not as scared of the last long run since I got that dreaded one out of the way.

Then tonight my late night workout buddy and I got back to the gym.  She bailed on me, I bailed on her, and have just missed each other for over a week.  It was nice to get back to it.  We did a leg workout tonight and I think it was a successful one since walking down the steps was difficult.

Along with busy work, it is also Thanksgiving week.  Apparently holiday weeks throw me off.  I think and have thought all day long that it is Friday.  Well, it's not!  And while most people are excited about Thanksgiving dinner I am way more excited about Black Friday shopping.  I don't really like Thanksgiving food, it just does not do it for me, but I love Jelly Beans in the van at 3am on Black Friday.  You have to get the priorities in order right?!?!?

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Since tomorrows food doesn't tempt me I will pass on a little piece of info that was told to me years ago when I started dieting.  "Everyone overeats on Thanksgiving because they think they can only get Turkey and Dressing once a year....well not so true, you can eat it anytime so there is no need to over indulge."  Hope that helps, I will take that same philosophy with me on Friday with the Jelly Beans.

Fat to Fit time again brought to you by Diminishing Lucy.  You should check this blog hop out if you would like to find more interesting blogs.  This is one of my faves!!!!!

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