Thursday, November 11, 2010

In An Attempt to Make it Better

Let's see!  First hot bath, relax the muscle, next BioFreeze (could be the greatest stuff ever.)  By the way, if you put this stuff on after a hot bath it goes to the very core of the muscle. 

Then we move on to some localized pain treatment.  The knee is hurting, more than normal, I expect and understand the every day aches and pains but this is more than normal.  Side note:  When you put ice on top of BioFreeze it really burns.  So we move on to ice.  I use ice like other people use oxygen!  Ice the knees and then the greatest little invention of all!  Its called a TENS unit.  I don't know why or how this little things works but it makes everything feel better.

I know this little thing looks fancy and you get a good leg shot....what a night for you guys!!!!

Hopefully all this hard work will make the soreness a little better tomorrow.  I really don't care how bad it hurts tomorrow as long as it feels better on Saturday.  Ill let you know if this home treatment works or if it just a waste of time and you just have to let soreness run it course.  Oh, and I read that soreness is lactic acid build up and that drinking lots of water can help flush that lactic acid move from the muscles.  I never thought I could drink more water in a day but I am really pounding it in tonight. 

Tomorrow is a small run just to keep moving until Saturday.  Depending on how the muscles feel tomorrow I may do some light weights.  I am really hoping to do weights at least 2 days a week if not 3, but if I am still this sore I will lay off the weights and just rest.

Come back to me tomorrow...but don't be disappointed if there is not leg shot tomorrow!

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Hungry For Living said...

Hello from your newest follower! Hope you feel better!! Stop by soon

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