Monday, November 8, 2010

Not Good....Not Good

Well, here we go again.  I will just warn you now I have a bit of complaining to do for a moment.   And yes, I know I had this same post just a few days ago. 

For starters, I am feeling fat today.  I think it is feeling more guilty than fat but I cannot believe that I screwed up on my plan again.  My goal is to get my body in shape and be healthy but to also inspire someone else to get on track and get healthy as well and when I screw up so bad how could I expect to be a good example to someone else.  I did really good on my workouts this weekend but did horrible on my food.   I played that little game in my head, you know the one.  "well I did bad this morning so I might as well forget the entire day, then its not just the day but just enjoy the weekend and Ill do better on Monday" 

Well, Monday makes me sick!  I hate it when I am going to do better on Monday.  Lets start right now.  Today I had to spend a little quite time with myself and a few prayers thrown out there to help me get back on track.  I just hate feeling out of control.  So starting right now, Monday, November 8, 2010 11pm I am getting back on track. 

I know there are days that are not as good as others but I just felt out of control today and I really don't like that.

Now, guilt over, lets talk about some good things....

Time changed and it kinda stinks that it gets dark at 3:30 pm but this mornings run was really nice.  For the first time in a long time I could see the steps that I was running up and down and didn't have to wander around the school waiting for the sun to come up.  I was getting home before the sun came up good last week and this week it was like running at noon.  And I think I am getting a little more used to running in the cold weather.  It made my chest and throat hurt at first but I think its becoming normal. 

This morning we ran 5 miles and they were amazingly easy.  I cannot believe those words are coming out of my fingers!  This weekend coming up is my half-marathon so this week there will be no long run...its kinda like tapering off but I cannot stop training because the bigger picture is just a month away.  After the half the idea is to take off for 5-7 more miles to get a good long run in.

Another thing that I have allowed to slip but am excited to get back into this week is my weight training.  I have been doing some weights but not on a normal schedule like I had been.  I really like lifting weights but have gotten abducted by the CaRdIo MoNsTeR and have let the weights slip.  I like the weights and the running together because of the way it make my body look.  The weights help with the runs, and also help with firming up in the flabby parts.  The more weight that comes off the more skin and flabby areas come up, and I am thinking the weight lifting will help.  I don't know yet when I will get to the weights but I know that it has to be done.  I may have to give up a cardio class to fit in it but I know my body needs it.

I am feeling better now, thanks so much for listening to me vent for just a moment and hopefully I will never have to type this post again, at least not for a while.

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