Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Please Note the Time Stamp

Oh yeah....11:45pm.  I am actually home because my workout buddy bailed on me...again....and my computer is working.  My bro-in-law let me borrow his computer charger, he bought his computer the same time I did, and it works.  My mind is at ease that it is just the charger (as I expected!)

So I finally get to check on my facebook friends and catch up on my blogs.  It will be 2 am before I get to sleep.  I was without a computer for all of 5 minutes and I feel like I am so far behind.

Woooo HOOOO!

1 comment:

Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

YAY! that´s great news on the charger.. so you´re only 3 lbs away. that´s AMAZING! congrats. Skydiving was sooo much fun, you´ll love it, it´s the most exhilirating thing I´ve ever done. what an experience. keep me posted =)

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