Monday, November 8, 2010

Raw Foods Diet...Almost Over

I have struggled this weekend with my food but did follow the plan until this weekend.  I thought I would not be able to give a fair report and evaluation of this plan until I heard from my friend that was doing it with me.

She emailed me today and we had a nice little discussion about what we liked and didn't like about this diet.  There are many things about this diet that I like.  For example, I like the idea of the 1-2 liters of water first thing in the morning.  I really do think that it is a nice cleanse for the body and it keeps me hydrated through out the day.  My partner and I had mixed feelings about this next one.  My skin cleared up while I was on this diet, that is until the second that I started eating bad foods, then I broke out immediately.  My buddy said her skin stayed broken out through the entire thing.  We both realized that we need to be eating more fruits and veggies throughout the day, and I discovered more ways to get them in.  I hid veggies in sandwiches and pasta sauce and the fruit smoothie was a nice treat in the morning. 

Things about this diet that I found hard are not hard to come by.  I'm not a fan of the veggies so eating them raw was very difficult.  I could eat them cooked and steamed much easier than raw.  I know raw has more of the nutrients and vitamins that are destroyed by cooking, but isn't eating them cooked better than not eating them at all?    It was also very time consuming.  It was a planning nightmare.  I had to take my food with me if I wanted to eat raw.  And if I overslept and couldn't put my food together it was eat cooked veggies or eat nothing at all.  And it sucks to go to a ballgame or out to eat with the fam and not get to eat popcorn or something off the menu.  I could make a healthy decision but it was not always allowed.  Finally, and my biggest dislike of this plan was the cost.  I am broke!!!!  That is just a fact not a cry for sympathy, and spending $60 on two weeks worth of groceries is crazy!  I can get most of my monthly groceries for that price. 

There are many things I will take away from this diet, and many things that I will leave behind.  I am giving up the fad diets for a little bit.  I'm thinking that I really need to go back to my balanced diet and quit giving things up. 

I seem to cheat worst on my diets when I take something away and I am tired of cheating and feeling guilty. The next plan is eating a healthy balanced diet that will fuel my body properly for all my workouts and running. Sometimes I have to make an executive decision to give something up and I am really pleased with this decision.

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