Friday, November 19, 2010

Sitting On Cloud 18

Well......I hope you all pick up on the title that I got my 18 miler today....and I am soooooo EXCITED about it.  Its like a 200 pound elephant off my shoulders (and now my legs weigh 200 lbs each.)  That was the run I wanted to go so well and I don't know that I could have asked for a better run.  It was hard but by the last mile or so I was so excited that I was going to finish all I wanted to do was run, and run fast.

The first 14 was actually pretty smooth. A couple of stops for a few minutes to get a drink or a little nourishment, or a potty break but this part of the run was really good.  I knew I was feeling good because I never put my hands on my hips.  When I get tired I usually rest my hands on my hips.  About mile 14 my knee did something weird, I almost cried because it hurt really bad and I didn't think I was going to be able to finish running and I wasn't done yet, but after a few seconds of walking around I realized that not only was it ok but it actually felt better after the pop than it did before. 

About mile 15.5 it really started to get hard, a few more walk breaks than normal but still running the majority of the time.  We were going to get back to the cars at mile 16 and then run to the coffee shop and get a cup and walk back for the last mile and cool down.  When I decided that I only had to do half a mile instead of 2 and a half miles my brain started working on my side again....just had to trick it a bit. 

The trip to the coffee shop was the hardest part of the trip, but once we got our drinks, hello, water because it was way too hot to be drinking coffee.   It was a nice stop to keep from dying and then it was the home stretch.  We actually had a 1.4 miles to go back and I was fired up....I realized that I was going to make it barring any major problems, and needless to say the aches and pains went away completely.  Nothing hurt and euphoria was setting in.  I didn't want to take anymore walk breaks just get it done because I could put it behind me on so many levels!!!!!

Well we finished all 18 miles, 18.07 to be exact, that counts as "over 18 miles." 

This feels like is a great accomplishment and a real boost towards the big goal of 26.2.  After today I really think I can do it....I was going to do it one way or the other: run, walk, crawl, or roll across the finish line but now I think I might actually be able to finish the entire race on my feet.

So far my body is feeling pretty good after the run.  The shins have really let up and nothing is blistered or rubbed.  Hopefully I will feel this good tomorrow too.  I always expect the worst in soreness so if its not bad then I was well prepared.

I am so happy about the good run today and look forward to the next one (instead of dreading it like I have 18 miles for months)

After my run the day totally collapsed in on me.  I had to be 3 places all within about 5 minutes and needed a shower.  I made it to everything I needed to go to but I did have to leave the house with wet hair and no makeup to make the first deadline.  It is not the first time I have put mascara on going down the road but I wish my hair had dried a little bit more stylish and less wet dog look, but I don't think anything can take this smile off my face.

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