Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today Today Today

First off, my computer is still broken....I'm working on a fix right now but apparently as soon as I bought my computer they discontinued the charger that I was using and no longer sell it at regular shopping outlets so I will have to order online.  I have tried every charger I can get my hands on and they are all too big for my computer. Not exactly what I had in mind but maybe once I get a new one the computer will charge again and I can blog from home.

 So I will continue to blog....they just may be random times.

Today started off with a nice little workout.  7 miles total today.  It was not my best run but not my worst either.  Trust me a bad run requires complaining...this one was just mundane.  Not my fastest, nothing like Monday but not my slowest.  We ran a fair pace and finished off with a under 9 minute mile just to finish off strong.  My body was sore today and hurting with every step, but not hurting bad enough to stop just enough to be annoying.

We finished today's run with a major stretching session.  That is one of those things that I have allowed to go on the back burner now that running has become part of my routine.  Well I think that may be why I have been getting more and more sore so I thought it might be a good idea to start that back up again....and it did feel really good.

This week the long run is on Friday.  The hope is 16-18 miles.  I have dreaded this one for so long and when I finally got on the road to do it I ran out of time, so this week really really looking forward to it, it will go great, it has to be done....AND I AM READY AND ABLE!

There are only going to be 2 more long runs between now and the Marathon so I need to get them in and make sure they are good ones.  I will continue to run the 5-10 milers through the week but just 2 more long runs.  I am getting so psyched about this race that it has become all consuming.  I am tracking everything I eat so I will know what foods make me feel good or bad during a run.  I am washing my good socks every single night so that I don't risk hurting my feet wearing the older ones.  Etc, etc, etc.  I know you all may be tired of hearing about running but right now that is my main focus.

I actually had a little bit of anger in my heart towards another runner this week because of some comments he made.  He was upset about the qualifying times in the Boston Marathon being too easy.  For a new runner I was a little bit offended about the comment.  I have worked so hard and it was almost a slap in the face.  Because the marathon finish time average has slowed in the past few years, the Boston Marathon qualifying times have been changed.  Well, its people like me, first time runners that are participating in a marathon that are lowering that average.  But lets just think about this for a second.  There are enough people out there like me that instead of sitting on the couch have gotten up, put on running shoes and hit the road in an attempt to accomplish something that was once so out of reach, that are slowing down the average pace....GREAT!!!!!  I wish this runner, an experienced, phenomenal runner would be more encouraging role model....especially since he has the ability to be heard by many.

So my feelings were hurt, but I am over it now.  I love running, never meant to but it just happened.  I run for my health.  I run for my weight loss.  I run for ME and all those others out there that think they cannot run.  I run for my peace of mind.  I run to spend time with friends...friends that I would have never had if it hadn't been for running.  I want people to see me on the road, all 230lbs of me in tight pants and say, "By golly, if she can run so can I."  I run for every fat girl in the world that has wanted to run 26.2 miles and never took the first step.

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do"

And Ill jump right off the soap box now.  My eating today has been spectacular.  I packed all the food last night, got up early had breakfast #1 and finally went grocery shopping so when I got home from running I had something to make for Breakfast #2.  I ran out of food at my house and was stopping at the store on my way home to get breakfast.  I never make the good decision when I stop for food, that is why I always pack and plan my food for the next day.  It was nice to come home and know what I would be eating.  Then I have only eaten out of my bag today except for Smarties that a co-worker brought today.  I love these little candies and have very little control.  That being said I think I will eat a pack as I finish up my post for today.

For the first time in a while I feel in control of my food again.  I think the fad diets was a horrible experiment because it got me really off track on my eating habits.  I am a creature of habit and control and I was not in control so after about a week and a half of really working on it I think I am back in the drivers seat.  I have not weighed again since the fad thing was over.  Its like those people who don't go to the doctor and they have a tumor growing out of the side of their abdomen the size of a basketball.  I don't want to know what the scale says so I will just live in the dark for a few more weeks until I am brave enough to get on the scale again.  My clothes still fit and I feel good so I will wait....its not a tumor!

Check back tomorrow and I might post.....and I might not, just depends on internet access :)


Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

have you tried ebay? i got my charger for like $10 and works great.

Emily said...

You know you are the second person to tell me that so I will have to check them out. I do not have an ebay account but to save some cash I would probably sign up.

Thanks for the imput.

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