Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday...

Good day all, I would say good morning but well its 7pm here so its not so much morning anymore.  Lets start with Weigh In Wednesday.  And of course there is an explanation right off the bat.  I did weigh today but the results were shocking.  I just knew this was the day for the 100lbs.  I proudly stepped on the scales at my gym and it said I weighed 234.  If you are keeping up that would be 7 pounds gained since last week.  I don't really think that it is possible that I gained that much weight being that my body feels like I lost 5-6 pounds.  This was not my normal scale, I'm having a party this weekend and had to move the scales from my kitchen floor.  (They live right beside my refrigerator just as a reminder)  I also did not get to get a naked weight, they force me to wear clothes to weigh at the gym....gosh....rules!!!!

I know that weight is not right, there is no way I gained that much weight this week.  Once I get MY scales back where they belong I will weigh again.  I am so not upset about this because I know it cannot be right.

Then we move on to the long run!  The long run did not get to be 18 miles like originally planned.  We got our time pushed back so far that we were only able to run 14 before I had to leave to go to work.  It was a much better run than the last long one.  The 14 miles went by without any need to cry.  We ran the intervals the entire time and I felt like I could have kept going when we were finished.  It was so much better than last time.  It gave me hope again...even though I knew it would be better today.  The only issue today was the rain.  I know I don't normally run in the rain but I just had to get a long run in today and just did it.  It only rained hard twice during the run and the rest of the time it was just a drizzle.  Not to bad but the weather conditions could have been better. 

Once the run was over it was a mad dash to the rest of my day....we really did have to squeeze in a long run.  I stretched and then off to work.  I didn't get my normal ice filled recovery after the run and now 7 hours later my body is not liking me too much.  I like to sit down for 15 minutes and ice my knees and then get dressed for the day but today it was straight to the showers and work.   And I am really stiff now!  The only thing I got to do like I normally do after a run is take and absurd amount of Alieve. 

Tonight, I will finish off my hardest workout day of the week with a little bit of Hip Hop Abs or INSANITY.  I don't know which one we will do tonight, and then I'm sure sleep will come very easy. 

I have enjoyed my food cheat day (which is strategically placed on the hardest workout day) very much but I have noticed since I started this new diet that my cheat day is a lot less cheat filled as it used to be.  I don't crave the fried stuff or feel the need to eat way to much pizza, actually 2 slices was just fine tonight.  So far I am still really liking this diet.  And as long as that 7 pound weight gain is not right I will probably continue it for a little while longer.  There are definitely thing about it I don't like, for example, I am finding it really hard to eat raw veggies.  I don't like salads so I am really having to choke them down.  There is a larger variety of veggies I like cooked.

So, that's how the day went today.  Good long run even though I didn't get the mileage I wanted, and lovely cheat day.  Now lets burn those calories!

Have a good night!
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