Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What an Episode? What a Day!!!

This was an explosive episode in so many ways.  Ill just start with this might be the best episode that I have ever seen.  For starters, I love the episodes that they workout like crazy, and that is what they did tonight.  I wanted to go back to the gym about 45 minutes into the episode and workout again, and I already went to the gym twice today.  But I wanted to go back and do some more of these new exercises....

I love when they show a true workout, there is sweat and snot and spit and sometimes puke but they are working that hard.  I have to brag on them more than any other season because they are showing a true vision of how hard these guys are working.  They also showed some fights.  You know these guys are at each others throats and tonight they actually showed them go at it. 

If you want my opinion, I want these girls to go home.  The only girl I want to see is Ada.  She is kicking tail and making no excuses and doing what has to be done.  I think the other three are being lazy and not doing what has to be done.  I guess I always like a girl and usually relate to more than one but Ada has won my heart.  I hope they pick the other girls off one by one and Ada wins the whole thing. 

To make the episode even better I got all my tomorrow stuff done during the show.  I have one final load in the dryer and that is all that's left.  I have my bags packed the running and work clothes laid out and food for the day packed up and ready to go. 

Yes the tote is my lunch box, two days a week I have to pack my food for the entire day because I dont get a chance to go home and I do my best (best?) not to go to fast food. 

And all the clothes laid out for tomorrow.  See told ya I got it all done!

I went back to the gym tonight to do my swimming.  Normally when I swim with my swimming buddy I usually walk up and down the pool beside her so I don't get the best swim in.  I always try to get there a little bit early and swim a few laps before we get going.  Then today while I was in the pool the trainer at the gym asked me if I wanted to go do an Insanity workout after my swim.  I really didn't want another cardio workout today and she agreed to do some weights with me. 

I could tell it has been too long since I hit the weight room.  We did super sets tonight because it was quick and I could get all the muscle groups in a small amount of time.  (hello!  I had to get home for Biggest Loser)  My arms were just quivering during the 4th and final set.  I was happy to get that done today. 

I have my run clothes all laid out for tomorrow and I am going to wear my running tights for the first time in public.  They are not just tight pants, they are extremely tight pants that I used to wear in my house on the treadmill to stay warm, well now I don't run on the treadmill any more and its cold outside so I'm putting on my brave girl panties and going to run outside on the road in my super tight pants.  Oh, hopefully they will be so warm that I wont care what they look like.  And if I get really brave I will post a picture of them for you to see, but I am soooooo  not promising that.

I am going to hit the bed early tonight, for the first time in a long time, and get rested up for my run tomorrow.  I am also pounding the water tonight because I always seem to get dehydrated on running days so I'm trying to over hydrate tonight and see if that helps.  Check back tomorrow!

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Elizabeth said...

totally with you on the B.L. stuff and Ada...ticked off at some of the guys too right now....

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