Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

Don't worry I didn't do anything really stupid that has made me mad at myself....but there is a little bit of complaining.  Lets start with the good stuff.  For the last two days I have felt more in control of my food than I have in about a week.  No worry over can I eat that or not?, its just a balanced diet.  A little bit of freedom but in so much control, and I love it.

Well, the running this week has been on the lower mileage getting ready for the half this weekend.  You know I don't want to over train.  Well, I decided to get back to the weight room on Tuesday, I thought that I might get a little bit sore from it so I did it earlier in the week so I would have time for my muscles to relax before race day.  Well yesterday I was sore, but nothing over the top.  Shoulders chest and back were really the only areas in pain.

Then last night it was my brilliant idea that instead of doing one of the crazy cardio workouts that Fat Burning Yoga (that's yoga spelled P-A-I-N) to release the soreness in my muscles and get a good type of stretch in.

That was possibly the worst decision I have ever made.  I did yoga in high school for about 2 years so I know that it is not just a stretching exercise, it is really hard work.  Basically, I have to hold my body weight in positions for up to 30 seconds.  I will tell you it is easier to hold a 25 pound dumbbell than 225 pounds of body weight. 

Today, my body just hurts.  I don't even think you can call this soreness...we have moved to pain.  I can lift my arms half way up and the butt is just too much for words.  Today is the first time I have ever hated the inventor of the toilet seat.  He designed it to touch the exact same spots my butt hurts.  Ha Ha.  Oh and yeah, I cannot get my legs straight because my hamstrings are so tight.

So now the idea is to get the soreness worked out before Saturday so I can get my best run in that I can.  I tried to work it out in Zumba this afternoon but that really didn't work out all that well.  I could hardly lift my arms up or jump during the songs.  I made a special request for a dance with no jumping and no bending, but if you have ever been to this class you know those dances are not easy to come by.

  I have already started to set goals for this weekend...aside from just finishing.  I would love to be a PR for me and I don't know why it shouldn't be.  I have trained way more for this one than I did for the first half marathon.  I would love to be between 2 .5 to 3 hours.  I for sure want to be below 3 hours.  I would also love to be able to get in 18 miles for the day.  I have yet to get in an 18 miler so that would be ideal.

I will get in my last run for the week before the big run on Saturday.  Tomorrow I think we will be running anywhere 3-7 miles.  I really have no idea...I'm just along for the run tomorrow.

After I published this post I received an email from my workout buddy.  She thought that I should provide you with a little more info about this workout.  
"I didn't see you warn people in your post that you can lose feeling in your arm and have your arm turn purple during the workout."
I let her know that I would warn you all that you could lose feeling in your hands after you've been in warrior 2 pose for about 2 seconds.  It was a really hard workout, but the funniest part was her talking to the DVD.  Usually I yell at the screen but last night she joined in the grunting, barking, and growling at the screen.

I just wish I had video of her arm during this workout....she really did lose feeling but the funniest part was the uncontrollable shaking.  I couldn't believe how long she could hold her position while shaking that bad!

Good Job workout quit complaining!

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Sandy said...

You are inspirational! Really. I need to get off my arse and work out. You are inspirational!

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