Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wow, What a Change!

Ok so my complaining and moaning last night made me feel so much better today.  After going on my rant about being fat and pissed off at myself I must say I am much better today.  I just needed to get some things out.

This morning I do not feel fat anymore, in fact I am wearing my skinny jeans and a sweater from the gap that is a XL.  Please note that is just one X!  I was going through my dresser trying to find something that was not sleeveless so I could wear something to work today and there was a little pile of sweaters that someone had given me that I haven't tried on because they were sweaters and it was 18000 degrees outside.  Anyway, it fit this morning so I am more than pleased with that.

I also got a good workout in today already and get to enjoy the pool tonight.  My swimming buddy and I are going to have a good time in the pool tonight.  We have been working really hard getting her ready for a swim meet and this weekend she finished first and second in the meet, so we are going to celebrate and swim. 

Then tonight, Biggest Loser, and I hope it is better than last week.  Last week sucked!  One hour and it was so packed into the one hour time slot that I really didn't enjoy it.  It was like being rushed through a art museum.  If you don't have time to do the show then don't do it but I want all 2 hours of my Biggest Loser!

Then tomorrow my run will be a short one again.  No long run tomorrow because that has been rescheduled for this weekend.  Just got to keep moving so my body doesn't break down all together.  My whole body has been hurting for about a week now so I am hoping with a week of small runs and hopefully a massage this week I can repair some sore muscles to get back to peak running muscles.

I will probably be back on tonight, you know I cannot help but blog about Biggest Loser!  Check back!

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Anonymous said...

Yay!!! It always feels SO so great to put something on that at one time didn't fit, or you thought wouldn't then BAM its perfect on ya!! you go girl!!! Keep up the great work!!!

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