Wednesday, December 8, 2010

22 Degrees Ain't Nothin For Us

Today was the coldest run and one of the best yet.  A 4 miler, I wanted 2 but I got out voted, to keep our legs moving and what is the LAST run until Saturday.  It was 22 degrees outside and still one of the best ever.  It was so cold when we started that my nose started to hurt, like pain hurt.  After a few minutes everything eventually went numb and nothing hurt anymore.  It was actually a nice idea to run very very cold weather because you cant feel anything after a while.

When we got done we, of course,  took pictures to commemorate or final run.  Please not in the close up of me the frost on my hat.  That is actually what prompted us to start taking pictures.

And a big thank you to the front desk worker at the gym for coming outside in this weather to take our picture.  Ha Ha.  All those people in the states that are really cold I don't know how in the world you run in weather so much colder than here.  Sara!

This run was great and really has me ready for this weekend.  I was actually even brave enough to get the race book out of the envelop and start reading it.  Ahh its so close!


Anonymous said...

congrats on your run! I live in Canada, and I'm always amazed at the runners out there in -40Celsius weather. Yikes!

following you from fat to fit blog hop!

daniii♥ said...

Congratulations on your run! I'd have never been able to do it.

Biz said...

I have a hard time running or walking when its cold outside - you are brave women!!

Brandi said...

YEA!!!!! I cannot wait! So excited!!!!

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