Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Crazy Day

Well today I am feeling much better about my marathon this weekend.  I got to talk to another runner that was a bit nervous as well and we got to vent a bit and say all those things that the confident ones don't want to hear.  Amazingly enough it helped me feel better.

Basically, I have come to the conclusion that I can do no more at this point...It is what it is.  That doesn't take the nerves away but it calms them a little bit.  I have also become a little bit of a meteorologist today.  I have gotten 6 text messages today asking if I knew what the weather forecast was Saturday.  I know, it is 60% chance of rain and thunderstorms and 45 degrees.  That will just make it memorable right?!?!?!

One thing I am enjoying very much is the week prior to the race diet and exercise plan.  I get to eat lots and lots of complex carbs to build up a storage.  And the workouts, oh, REST REST REST.   I actually went to run this morning but I was alone, I know I can run alone but I didn't want to.  So no run this morning, but I did do Zumba this afternoon.  I will swim tomorrow night for just a little bit and then have a short run planned on Wednesday and then nothing else for the rest of the week.  NOTHING!!!!!

Needless to say I will probably put on a few pounds this week but since I haven't been weighting who will know?  That is another reason I am ready for this run.  I have become so focused on this race over the last few months that I have really prepared more for a race than weight loss.  I am ready for the focus to be back on the weight loss.  I am ready to hit that 100 pound mark and ready to be out of the 200's.  This is the new focus after Saturday.  I will keep running but instead of being consumed by it I will just be using it as a workout and less of a obsession.

The night has been full of trying to figure out what I am going to wear tomorrow for my Christmas concert.  Its not like the other concerts I have been a part of...its a Country Christmas.  Well, I don't have any country attire.  Yes, I am from the south but I do not own cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, or a belt buckle and if I did I wouldn't wear them in public.  So I have been racking my brain tonight and going through my closet and I still have no idea what I am going to wear.  Hopefully I can come up with something by tomorrow morning.

I think I will channel Dolly and Porter, I have the boobs hair color of Dolly and hopefully I can find a suit like Porter.

When I start my day tomorrow morning I will not get to come back to my house until after the show tomorrow night so I have to figure this thing out, but I wanted to blog first.  So hope you all enjoy your beds while I continue rifling through my closet.

Nighty night!

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Vinny said...

It sounds like you have his under control. You trained for this now you just have to execute. You will do great this weekend...this is yours!

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