Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

And it is cold inside!  Yep, you guessed it, I'm still to cheap to turn on my heater.  I spend all my time at home in my bed because I have an electric throw on there and it is by far the warmest place in my house.
Just FYI I am sitting on my couch in this exact outfit while I am blogging.

I ventured out this evening to the living room.  First, because I was actually home before bed time and second, because I thought tonight would be a good night to wrap my Christmas presents.  I didn't really want to do it tonight but I have to get it done eventually.  After I ran out of tape the second time I decided to hang it up and just blog instead.

Let me just start with what is on my mind....I have officially "broke nervous" about this marathon.  I just assumed once the training was over I would be at ease and not worried about it at all, but the exact opposite has happened.  I felt good after my last run and then got that email, the one where they tell you all about the race and the rules and the water stops, pretty standard stuff.  What got me so freaked out was the time limit.  I have 6 hours and 5 minutes to finish this race.  I know I can complete this race, I just know I can, I have trained and done all those things that I was supposed to do, but that time limit has really made me nervous.

I am so scared that I will fail.  I want to cross the finish line and be counted as a finisher.  I don't want it to take 6 hours and 6 minutes and for it not to count.  I want my medal and my sticker that says 26.2.  I want credit for the months of work I have put in.  I didn't expect to get this freaked out a week in advance but I am.  I'm working on all my meditation techniques (PRAYER!) to become more relaxed.

Then to top off all the anticipation I was told that it was going to be cold and raining on race day.  When I checked today the rain report went down from 60% to 50% so maybe things are looking up.  Its one thing to be cold, its a totally different thing to be cold and wet.  I know Fridays run was short but it was by far the coldest its been and I did not adjust well.  I was still pretty sore from my Wednesday run so I spent a couple of miles complaining about the cold.  Ill know better how I will respond to the cold on Monday when I'm not sore and tired.  Ha Ha!

Now that I have told you about all my worries and fears its only fair that I tell you how excited I am as well.  I have started making list of all the things I will need on race day, actual list.  I have already started trying to pick out what I will wear so I can be all cute on race day.  That includes which clothes and socks are the most comfortable.  I think I am going to go with the cut off tee shirt and pink socks.  I have a few of those cute little running clothes that might match my ear band but that really not my style. 

These are my running clothes!  Notice not to much matchy matchy for me, comfort is #1

I have been running for months in all black clothing and a navy blue headband so matching is obviously not on the top of my style list.  I have even thought about change of clothes (2nd best outfit) and I borrowed a hat in case it is raining.  And its not a normal hat, its a running hat....yes there is a difference.  I'm pretty excited about that one.

I feel a little bit better now that I got all that out.  Maybe if you guys can stand to hear about my worries for the next few days then I will relax a little bit.  Thanks for listening. 

Check back soon!


Brandi said...

You listen to me - we have trained for this thing for months! You are going to do it and so I am! Rain or no rain. Cold or no cold. That's that!

Elizabeth said...

you will do great! i have no doubt of you finishing well under the time limit! i'm more worried about myself. i haven't run squat in the last couple of weeks. i've got to do a few short runs after school this week to get loosened up again. i'm the nervous one right now!!!!

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