Monday, December 13, 2010

Back to Jillian

Well today the focus changed.  We moved away from the running and back to weight loss.  I have no intentions of giving up running, actually I am already planning another half in April, but I am happy to be back to my focus. 

Today I am still pretty sore, mostly my lower body now, but I was able to get in a few workouts today.  I got to do Zumba at my lunch break (I was pretty bad at it today) and then Making the Cut workout tonight.  Remember I told you my workout buddy and I are getting in shape for a wedding.  A wedding that I am not invited to, but I will look good for it.  I am just sitting on the edge of my seat waiting on my invitation...I should mention that I have never met the bride or groom, but I am still waiting on my invite!!!!!!!

I forgot how tough this workout was but during the 2nd of 5 circuits I was moaning and groaning like I had been shot.  Tomorrow we go again for day 2. 

I was worried about working out hard since I am still recovering from my run, but I think these workouts today have been good for me.  Some of my soreness seems to be getting a little bit better.  We go again in the morning and I just hope I am able to keep up.

Tomorrow's main focus is on the diet portion of my diet.  I have been a little bit lazy over the last few weeks when it came to my food.  Time to get the Body Bugg back on and count every single bite that goes between these lips.  I actually picked tomorrow because I have 2 holiday parties to go to tomorrow and then 1 on Wednesday.  I love the holidays but all the snacky little foods that just sit around are my downfall.  I think if I can be good through the holidays then my willpower will be on overdrive once we get to the New Year's Resolutions!

Crazy day tomorrow but I should be able to post before midnight, if all goes to plan.  And I will probably have a late post as well....hello....Biggest Loser Finale!!!!!!

Check back tomorrow.

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