Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Broken Promises

I know I said that I would post before 11 pm and guess what....my day got full and I never got a chance to post.  I started my day early with the Making the Cut workout.  Another grueling one.  I am just amazed at how tough the workout is.  It is such easy exercises but when you put them all together it makes it nearly impossible.  My workout buddy was struggling this morning, if I talk about her it take the focus off how bad I was hurting.  I was happy that it was over.

Then it was time for lunch time Zumba.  It was a really fun class today.  I can tell I don't get to go as much as I used to because I am sucking up the dances.  Its like I know all the moves but I don't know when I am supposed to do them.  It does make for a good laugh halfway through a song.

I had to squeeze my two workouts in early today because my afternoon, night was jam packed.  I swam with my swimming friend, then it was a mad dash off to my office Christmas dinner.  I did pretty good at dinner.  Grilled chicken and a baked potato, and then I did eat a few of the onion rings of the sampler platter.  But the company was wonderful.  I love my job and its a good time to hang with my co-workers.

Then it was off to Biggest Loser finale party.  I was a little bit late to this party but made it just in time for the first weigh in.  This was my first year at the BL party and we played a little game where you guess the total weight loss.  Some I was close, some I was waaaaay off but it was a blast either way.  The person that got the most right won a gift....and guess who won......MEEEEEEEEEEE!  That's really not fair to say, the host beat us all like a drum and I was second.  It was a cute little prize with a coffee cup, cocoa, and a gingerbread cookie and lip gloss and other little goodies thrown in there.  All in all a really fun night and I think it was a success on the diet.

Now lets talk about the Biggest Loser finale.  There were some really big highs and some big disappointments.  For starters the final 3 looked great and I was over the moon that Elizabeth didn't make the final 3.  But I was a little disappointed with some of the eliminated contestants.  Basically the men looked great and the women were such a let down.  I was hoping that since I didn't like any of them except for Ada that one of them would come back and have a huge loss.  My hopes were let down. 

Then we have to move on to some of the clothing.  I know it is fun to wear new clothes when you lose weight...really I do, but some of the outfits were ridiculous.  Some of them were so tight I could see the contestants DNA.  Really a size bigger would have made most of them look 100x better.  (As I am saying this I realize after looking at pictures of myself since I have lost weight that some of my clothes are a little bit grabby in the belly area.  The combination of skin and fat is not cute under a tech shirt. Whit that said I am either going to have to wear a body shaper full time or have a tummy tuck.  The tummy tuck is not happening before I am done losing weight so we go to Body Shaper.)  Some of the clothes on the contestants were so tight that Spanks couldn't do much to help.  One girls dress was so tight that I think NASA is looking into the material of the dress to make parachutes.  It really hurt me!

I was happy for all of the final 3 and I thought they all did a great job.  Patrick deserved the win losing nearly 200 lbs. 

I thought the previews for the next season were great.  The new contestants seem like they are going to be a new crew and with the new trainers who knows what is next.  I will miss Jillian so much because she is by far my favorite trainer on the show...I just hope the new trainer doesn't try to be Jillian and can bring her own style to the show.  No one can be Jillian!  Jillian, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Overall I thought it was a great season, you know, minus the women and already cant wait for the next one!

Starting tomorrow off with a run, the first one since the Marathon.  I am hoping this will help me workout the last of my soreness and I can get back to 100%.  And I have already started making plans to fix my knee.  I have seen a few doctors and am making one final appointment with a good ortho who did it last time.  I have put this off for some many months now and I am ready for the pain to stop and ready to get to my optimum health.  I am aware that this will probably mean surgery which I am not looking forward too but becoming more and more comfortable if it will not hurt all the time.  I will let you know what comes of it. 

Everyone in the south, wrap up for some more of this winter weather....hope we don't see ice tomorrow but it looks like that is what we are getting.  Happy Winter!

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