Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Love the Holidays

Yesterday I couldn't post because of all the winter weather.  I figure that was an excuse for everything yesterday, no school, no work, everything closed early all for really cold rain! 

Well yesterday I got to attend my first Christmas party with a tacky Christmas sweater contest.  I know these little parties are common now but I have never been.  I had to get ready for work and in an attempt to not have to carry 15 changes of clothes like I do most days a week I just decided to wear my sweater all day long.  It was ok to wear it to the party but every time I had to go in a gas station or place of business I was so embarrassed to wear this outfit.

I did however get 3 place in the sweater contest. 

Yesterday was the day off for the Cut workout and I think my muscles needed the break.  I did however get to go for a run.  The first one since the marathon.  It really felt good to get out there and run.  I want to keep running as part of my weight loss program and would love to get better and faster at running.

This morning it was back to the Cut workout.  I'm going to brag on my workout buddy today.  She did awesome today....she only almost passed out once and never threatened to puke.  That's progress!

Today I'm off to finish up my Christmas shopping...oh....almost finished.  Hopefully today will be the very last shopping day I have to make before Christmas.  Then I can be overly excited about Christmas and less stressed about making sure I have my presents.  Yeah....9 more days to Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Your sweater is so fun! and yay for the workout buddy not wanting to puke!!

daniii♥ said...

Is it sad that I think your sweater is cute for an "ugly" sweater??? :)

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