Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Might Be On the Mend

If I had posted this morning I would have been still getting online to tell you (poor pitiful me) that I was soooo sick and pretty sure that I was going to die.  Well amazingly enough as the day has gone on I am feeling much much better.  I have gotten back some energy and I have a little bit more of an appetite. 

I have been forcing food down my throat so that I could keep taking medicine and that was pretty much it but about 3pm today I was hungry and feeling much better and it seems to still be going in a positive direction.  Feeling so much better that I am actually going to have some human contact tonight that is not with work people.  My sister has allowed me to come to her house, so the loneliness is soon to be lifted too!!!!!

I have felt like a horrible blogger this week because I have talked about nothing but being under the weather this week.  I haven't worked out at all so really what more was there to talk about.  I am probably going to take one more day off of working out and get well but then it is back to the grind.  I am ready for the gym again.

And soon I will have a new list of my New Years Resolutions...and a comparison to last year's resolutions.  I hope I accomplished some of them, I know I can think of some that I didn't keep!


Jamie Danielle said...

Girl I think that the whole world is sick right now; something is going around ... lol
Feel better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you started to feel better!! Hope you are back to 100% soon! Being sick is horrible! Take it easy and focus on getting better :)

Emily said...

I think everyone is sick too. I have had so many people comment on here that they are sick and I know lots of my family has been sick...crazy.

Thanks for your well wishes, I think I am almost back to normal, that is amazing because I wasnt normal to begin with!

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