Monday, December 13, 2010

The Next Day

I read article after article, book after book about running a marathon. How to prepare for a marathon! Somehow in everything I read it never mentioned the day after the marathon. Probably because those who have finished the marathon are still in a state of euphoria and don't care about the next day. Here are a few things you should know about the "Day After."

1. There is an overwhelming urge to eat lots of carbs! Good carbs bad carbs...all carbs! This includes candy and cake, crackers and potatoes. And if it is holiday shaped or decorated it is even more appealing.

2. Things hurt....everything hurts. My thighs are sore all the way to the bone. Then there are the places that hurt that you would never guess, and Ill just start from the top and work the way down. My jaw is sore, probably from clinching. my shoulders are aching, I made it a point to hold my arms up instead of resting them on my hips because I noticed that during training every time I put my hands on my hips it meant I was tired and I was close to the an attempt to fool myself I don't allow the hands on the hips. My back has a sore right across the middle vertical to the ground. I cannot reach my back to put the body glide all the way around under my sports bra band....I have also never gotten rubbed there. My lungs and stomach are aching, I think that one is obvious. The thighs are also explainable. Finally, the spot between the middle of the foot and middle of the shin. New pain that I never had before. I notice this pain most when sitting down because you have to move that part of your leg to sit.

3. There is an overwhelming urge to wear the Marathon Finishers medal. I have put mine on most every time I walk in the house. I changed my sheets in it, washed two loads of laundry, and watched TV in it. Wrapped a few Christmas presents with it on and packed food and clothes for tomorrow.

4. No matter how bad things hurt I still feel the need to get out of my car and walk around to the rear and look at my 26.2 sticker on the back. EVERY TIME!

5. When I have to go from standing to sitting I have to hold the back of the chair that I am sitting in and the chair in front of it to support my body and it is also accompanied with this little moan.

6. On the day after you also realize how many steps you must walk up every single day. Today I noticed that I cannot go to church without climbing 450 steps. Who knew? Three steps to get on stage, twice during the service, whew, those were tough because I tried to go up and down them without anyone realizing that it hurt.

7. Gu explodes! I don't know where all it came from but I have found Gu packets all over my house. Probably because I started the day with them in all my pockets and in my food bag and my clothes bag. I have found this stuff all over my house today.

Can you see it, right beside the shoes. Pack #1: Its like Where's Waldo?

Bottom of the food bag. Pack #2

These are my favorite 2. This is where I put my make-up on in the morning. I don't remember putting them there but they are all nice and pretty so I'm sure I did. Pack #3 and #4.

Ok so I had a little bit of fun with this. I am still on top of the moon about this marathon. Tomorrow the focus goes back to losing weight and less on running. I am ready for this transition back to the original focus. I am ready to get off this 5-10 pounds I have put on in the last few weeks and ready to lose some more weight.


Renea said...

I have always wanted to be a runner. I even have crazy dreams about being a runner. But I have hip,knee and ankle issues. Stabbing pains that take my breath away..Literally!!!!
How did you get started? Or were you always a runner??
Congrats on the marathon. I guess I always thought if you were a runner you had already worked through all those aches and pains. Guess I thought wrong.
Great job!

Elizabeth said...

i found one of your gu packets in my pocket! so they exploded beyond your house!

Emily said...

Renea, I have not always been a runner. At my heavier weight I really couldn't run well at all. I competed a little in 5k's here and there but not much. I started running just over a year ago. I really wanted to run a half marathon so I started training. I stated with running 10-20 minutes and gradually ran more and more. My running buddy told me one time that to be a runner you have to love pain...and I agree totally. I don't know why but it does not matter how well conditioned I am I still seem to get sore after most long runs. I had to take it really slow but it was worth it.

Emily said...

Beth, I am finding them everywhere, its getting crazy! I found another one in my car today. I didn't have this many when I started!

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