Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Wasn't Dreaming of One....

But this Tennessee girl got a white Christmas.  I cant remember the last time we got this much snow and I think someone said its been about 19 years since we have had snow on Christmas day.  Pretty cool!

You know I'm rocking the flip flops, who cares how cold it is?

Christmas was wonderful this year and I did a pretty good job on my diet yesterday.  I didn't over indulge too much, there were chocolate pretzels but luckily those got eaten pretty quick so I didn't have to eat them all day long.  And when the day was over I was sent home with lots of food, but no sweets.  So now I have the makings for lunch for the next few days (maybe weeks) with very little effort involved.

One of the best parts of snow on Christmas was the fact that we got to go sledding.  Again, I cannot remember the last time I went sledding.  This went from outside fun to a full body workout and now full body pain today.  My family is not exactly normal so we couldn't just put the sled on the ground and go down a we tied the sled to the back of the Gator and pulled it through the snow at about 30 mph.  And usually there were 2-3 people on the sled.  It was sooooooo much fun but my body is paying for it today.  Not only are my arms sore from holding on to the sled but my stomach and rib cage is bruised from having someone lay on top of me and going over some rough terrain. 

I did so good on my food yesterday and was really proud of myself, and then today I blew it.  Really, I got pass the high stress day to eat horribly!  If my body heals, bruises and what I am sure is multiple broken bones, I will back to the gym tomorrow to work off my bad food day.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas....I know I did.

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