Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm Baaaaack!

I wasn't actually gone anywhere but Christmas time has jumped all over me and I have not really stopped moving for the last 2 days so sorry for no post. 

I was going to post after my workout on Monday night but I haven't felt that crummy after a workout in a long time.  I totally enjoyed my birthday and tried not to over do the food thing but I think I failed.  I am amazed at how my body can respond to workouts differently because of food.  I was the one struggling through this one and not my workout buddy.  I just felt sick at the last circuit and wanted to lay down.  Driving home my whole body was just shaking and I thought I was going to be sick.  I just showered and got into bed, no blog, no nothing.  The next day I was so sore that I just had to take the day off from workouts.

Tuesday was the best rest day ever.  I didn't workout at all and actually had the first night off in I cant remember when.  I was home at 6pm and didn't have a thousand places to go or a thousand gifts to nice. 

Well today I'm in holiday food mode.  I am in charge (the boss) of Christmas dinner at my house.  I think I'm excited about it because I am in charge...I know, Right!  I don't know about y'all but I am just about tired of the sweets that are associated with the holidays.  I think it is so nice when people bake for me but oh, one more cookie or one more cake I just might die.  I think I get a double dose because its birthday cake then holiday goodies.  The birthday cake is way better to me.  I am not much of a fan of specialty deserts, its the mini candies that just seem to pile around on the holidays that get me.  I can tell I have put on a few pounds but I think with upping my workouts that I have managed to keep off the majority of the holiday pounds...woo hoo!

After my day off on Tuesday I have been back in the workout mode today.  I woke up this morning so uninspired to run.  Last night before bed I was walking through my house and my knee just buckled under me....took me to the ground.  And it hurt for a good while after it happened.   I lazied around the house for a good 10 minutes trying to think of a reason not to go run but when I couldn't come up one (my knee felt fine) I headed off....and boy am I glad I did.  It ended up being a nice run this morning and energized me for my day.  I love how that happens sometimes.

For the rest of the day it has been a few more Christmas errands and work.  I have one more workout tonight, the backside of Monday's workout.  I am just hoping that this one goes better than Monday night.  Then tomorrows run will probably be the last workout I get until after Christmas.  Maybe I can squeeze another run before Christmas but the gym will be closed so no inside workout.

I will be back here before the Christmas but if I forget to mention it.......I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A WONDERFUL AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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