Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I give in and just have to call "mercy!"  This cold, flu, sinus infection, whatever it is has won.  I am no longer trying to fight it just trying to survive it.  I felt better this morning but after being at work all day all I wanted to do was come home and get in my bed, so that is exactly what I did.  I was not hungry for dinner just wanted to sleep.

I tried to only sleep an hour because I knew if I went to sleep at 5pm then I would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to sleep again.  Well I got back up around 7pm and piddled around the house.  Drank lots of Orange juice because that is what my mom always made me do when I was sick as a kid.  Now I'm forcing some food down my gut so I can take some more cold medicine.

Is it just me or is being sick the most lonely thing in the whole wide world?  I don't want to hang out with other people because I don't know if what I have is contagious so I don't want to risk making my family sick so I'm just all alone!

So again today I did not workout!  I actually ate pretty good because I am not hungry so my calories were way low.  I am so ready to break a sweat, maybe tomorrow, maybe not, and I'm not working out until I feel 100%

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als said...

Take care of yourself, Emily, and I hope you get better soon! Lots of vitamin C and Zinc, fluids and sleep!

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