Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Day

Today was full of work with some quality time taken out for me, ME ME!  Yes I was a little bit selfish.  I went to work and stayed for the morning, and got lots of work done, all while getting more and more excited about my afternoon.

I had a hair appointment, a little bit drastic if I may say so myself.  And then I had an appointment for a massage.  My running buddy gave me a gift certificate for a massage weeks ago and I thought now that the final long run is done then it was time to rub out all the extra soreness during this week and a half of REST.  Oh my favorite 4 letter word.

Well the hair was first, I have a picture.  SEE...........

This was the best picture I could get to show you the color and hide the Zits.  Thanks to weeks of making fun of my sisters adult acne my face has now broken out like crazy.

The cut is basically the same its just the color, this is as blond as I could get the hair, I think we are calling it white instead of blond...and I just love it.  I needed something different an a little more drastic.  And please don't think that I have this idea that this looks natural, I am way beyond I'm just having fun.

My rub was marvelous as well.  She rubbed my legs and almost got all of the soreness out.  It wasn't one of those fall asleep massages, more deep tissue and get down to the nitty gritty muscles and work the soreness out.  It didn't hurt but went nice and deep.  

No workout today, none at all, just feel good special day for me.  Tomorrow is a small run and then I will be away for the rest of the day. 

You probably wont hear from me at all tomorrow, my bestie in the whole wide world is having a baby tomorrow so I will be out of commission waiting for baby.  I will be back to you.....just don't know when. 

Check ya later.

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

whoa....didn't know you were gonna color your hair, but I like it. You look like Pink.

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