Friday, December 31, 2010


Notice this is not Running with Really, just Really?!?!?!!?

I went to the Wal-Mart today, because I sure will not be going tomorrow, I don't want to spend the entire year at Wal-Mart.  Anyway.....

As I was walking through they had every single diet pill and weight loss program up in the front of the store.  I only saw 2 pieces of workout equipment, but they had every single diet pill that I have ever seen, and soooo many more.

I am happy that so many people commit to a new healthy lifestyle for the new year, but I wish that our society didn't think the way to go about that was to pop a pill and "POOF!" you lose 35 pounds in 5 minutes, only to gain back 45 in 2 months. 

After years and years of yo-yo dieting and finally realizing that pills and other quick fixes are not the answer it just gets discouraging to see others come in a try all those products knowing that disappointment may keep them from continuing on with their healthy resolutions.  I just wanted to stand in front of the diet pill kiosk and say "Don't Buy This!!!! Don't Buy This!!!!Don't Buy This!!!!"  Don't worry, I was able to walk out of the store before I started screaming.

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