Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!!

I have thousands of Thank Yous to send out.  I cannot ever thank everyone I needed on here because it would take up the entire page, but I did want to send out a few special ones.  There are still probably going to be to many but I just have to say some.

1. Oh My Sweet Sweet Family:  These guys have just been too supportive.  They have listened to me brag a little, complain a little.  Some of them have even come out and run with me.  I have 18 members of my immediate family and they were all helpful in so many different ways.  Two days before when I thought I had made a really stupid decision to do this I got to sit on one of my sisters couches and go over everything in my mind out loud instead of having to just sit with my crazy thoughts all alone.  They may have not always understood why I wanted to do this but instead of treating me like a crazy person they were proud of me and always encouraging.  I missed out on some quality family time getting ready for this thing.  They also waited on me hand and foot for about an hour once it was over because I couldn't stand up or move.  The best support a FatGirl could ask for.

2.  Ms. McGuire:  She did not talk me into running this thing, but boy she got me to the point that I would be able to do it.  This sweet lady ran with me too many miles to count.  She provided company on 2 and 3 hour runs, good or bad, she never stopped talking....even when I did.  She even learned how to text for me.  She is the only ONLY person I will let call me before 6 am and not get yelled at.  I would have never been trained for this if it had not been for her.

3.  Beth:  Ok, Beth talked me into this.  We stood in a parking lot and made a decision that has changed my mind and body in a way that I never thought possible. She convinced me that I could do it. She gave me books about running, gave real honest advice, and even complained a little bit herself.  She also ran with me for 18 miles of my marathon even though she is much faster than I am.

4.  The Makers of Body Glide:  I had no idea how great this stuff really was until I tried it for myself.  Some stupid person told me it was Vaseline in a deodorant tube and there was no need to pay extra money for it.  THEY WERE WRONG!  I know it is perfectly appropriate for a big girl to write about the anti-chafe stuff but this goes way beyond "my thighs touch"  I never had a problem with my legs rubbing, I had trouble with my clothes eating my skin.  Waist Band, Bra, shoes and sock, everything!

5.  Michelle:  I cannot leave her out because bless her heart she heard the brunt of my moaning and bitching about being sore.  She was usually the first person I saw after running in the morning so no matter how good or bad the run was she had to hear about what hurt when it was over.  I am a little bit ashamed at how much I used her to vent but she always let me get it out and I felt better when I was done.

6.  Helen:  Haha, this one still makes me laugh.  She said those choice words that I have repeated so many times over the last few weeks, "If you do it, Ill do it."  Well those words were very loud in my head every single time I thought I wanted to quit.  We ran together one time while training but kept in touch the entire process and I used that phrase as motivation every day my alarm went off at 5:30am.

7.  Anna:  Most of the time people think training for a Marathon includes running.  Obviously that is a huge part of it, but you cant run everyday because you body had to rest those muscles and you have to cross train.  Well Anna came to the gym at 10pm 2 nights a week and worked out with me.  Its hard to be motivated to workout that late at night but the accountability thing really comes into play when you are meeting someone.  She did some tough workouts and most of the time did them with a good attitude.

8.  Matt:  I cannot finish this without mentioning him. I have never talked about it on here before and I think it is necessary. But you have to hear the story behind it...I lost a close friend a just over a year ago. He was a young man taken too early in life.  His death inspired me to start actually working on my "Bucket List." I have had one for a while but I never really thought I needed to do the things on it because I had plenty of time to do them. That changed a little bit when I realized that tomorrow is not guaranteed and that if I really want to do something there is no need to wait. So I have started doing those things. That started with a half marathon but I always wanted the full, deep deep down, so deep that I even convinced myself that a half would be equally satisfying but it was not.  I did not run this marathon for him, I ran it for me, but I don't know that I would have ever gotten off my butt and done it if I wasn't so inclined to mark things off my list. I think a big Thank You is deserved.

9.  You guys:  The accountability thing was huge.  I flirted with the idea of doing a marathon for a few weeks before I actually committed to this.  I was scared to admit that I was going to do it because if I quit not only did I have to tell my local friends but I would have to go out and tell all my cyber followers.  I don't ever want to have to admit that I quit anything.

There are so many more Thank Yous out there but these are a few of the ones that I wanted to share!  These people were not helpful, they were necessary.


bd160 said...

How wonderful to have such a fantastic support group! I know how much that means!

And congratulations on completing such a HUGE accomplishment!!! How inspiring! :D

Brandi said...

Very proud of you. I will admit to wearing my medal home and most of the afternoon. I too hurt really, really bad if that makes you feel any better. ;-)

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