Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday...when did they get busy?

I was trying to blog during Biggest Loser tonight I just couldn't do it.  I finally stopped deleted the post and started over.  We will cover lots of stuff in the post including Biggest Loser but the real time blogging didn't workout so well.

This morning I woke up early because I had to be at work early, not typical for a Tuesday but go with the flow.  I was unaware last night that the temperature was going to drop to Arctic freeze so when I woke up my house was soooo cold.  When I realized that I could see my breath walking around my bedroom I decided that I was going to have to turn on the heat.  The temp in my house was 45 degrees....I don't know when it got that cold but that was ridiculous.  I turned the heat on to protect my pipes from freezing but I must say I am enjoying it very much.  When I got home after a very long day it was marvelous to come home and not have to bundle up just to sit down and watch tv.  I actually watched Biggest Loser in sweat pants and a tank tonight....oh yeah!

Night one of the Christmas program is in the books, just 2 more performances to go.  All went well tonight, tomorrow is the tricky one, I have to go during my lunch break and make it back.  Sometimes the tricky ones are the fun ones. 

Another day today with no workout.  I swam just a few laps in the pool but I don't think I can even count that as a workout.  Tomorrow morning will be the last workout for the week.  Its a morning run, just 2 or 3 miles to keep the legs warmed up.  And hopefully it will help me get the feeling of running in extreme cold.  I must say that I think the nerves for the race this weekend are finally gone, the public ones at  least.  I have my concerns but the negative thoughts are not good for my mind so I am letting them go.

Tonight as I sat in my beach attire watching Biggest Loser I was so happy to see the marathon episode.  I think my mind needed it to make me feel a little better about this weekend.  I decided this week that I officially like Fredo again along with Ada.  I have no feelings one way or the other about the Green guy and I want Elizabeth gone.  I know that must surprise you but I will be so disappointed if she makes the final 3. 

Tonight when Elizabeth was running her marathon I noticed that she said she had only run 8 miles in preparation for her marathon.  Are you kidding me?  8 miles...uh....she couldn't even be bothered to take it seriously.  I WANT HER GONE!  Fredo showed tonight that he was serious and committed to losing weight.  I also loved when he said that he got so focused on running that he lost his way in weight loss.  I understand that but didn't know quite how to put it.  The weight loss is still on the brain but the anticipation of the long run just takes over sometimes.

I just cant wait until next week, go Team Ada or Fredo.

I had a great convo with my late night workout buddy today and she told me that she was ready to get back to the gym.  Nothing like a friends wedding to motivate for weight loss.  I was so happy to hear from her today and hear about a new commitment.  She said 2011 was the "Year of the Skinny" and I am inclined to agree, starting Monday we are back to the Making the Cut workout...I think...we haven't completely decided yet...and ready to get these bodies slimmed down and toned up.  I know I need some serious toning with this saggy skin and she has to wear strapless, great motivation.

I must also say thanks so much for your words of encouragement over the last few days this week.  It really has helped ease my mind a little bit and let me get back to the right frame of mind.  Come back tomorrow for a update on the last run before the big day.



Elizabeth said...

um...monday i don't think your body will let you do a jillian workout! you'll feel like a stiff, old, granny!
i almost called you during the marathon part last night! it did make me feel better....and i am so ada or frado too....ada better get in!
i sooo wish i could come work out with you guys at night. i need some motivation seriously. but i just don't know if i can work out that late when i have to get back up at 6am every day. maybe i should try it anyway! what do you think?

Elle said...

Whoa just saw your progress pictures ! A-MA-ZING ! Mine are nothing compared to yours ! Great job !


Emily said...

Beth you should come give it a try...its only 2 nights a week. If it doesnt work you will know pretty soon.

You could have called but I dont answer the phone during biggest loser but I do text....but I probably would have answered your call.

And thanks Elle, you're doing great!

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