Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to the Grind

Today the world moved away from my bed and the Wii and back to the real world.  Back to the doctor, back to work, back to life.  First thing this morning I got to get the bandage off my leg and I got to scratch....and it was gooooooooooood.  Got most of the yellow junk off my leg and the majority of the writing, I had "yes" written on the leg as well as my docs signature.  That was the hardest part to get off but I think after millions of teenie tiny alcohol pads I got it all off.  There is a slight purple shadow on the leg now and I cant tell if it's bruising or residue from the marker.  I also had my first physical therapy appointment this morning...and compared to last time I did therapy this was a breeze.  After today I don't have to do anymore physical therapy.  As long as I do my exercises at home I don't have to go back. Woo Hoo!!!!

I took picture of the knee for you cause it was not gross at all but every picture turned out like this....I think this is a clue that the camera on my phone is broken.

Then it was back to work.  Work was a little more difficult than I had originally expected.  It was busy, standard Monday, and I kept having to get up and down and up and down.  By about 6pm my leg was really starting to hurt, it just hasn't had that much activity in days.  But after that I was able to put it up for a bit and take some pills and it was all better.  The swelling went right down and the aching went away.

My late night workout buddy sent me an email today asking how long "we" were off since we were recovering?  My message back was that I had surgery not we and that she needed to be at the gym to workout.  It was kinda punishment for me (and her) but she still has to be in a wedding in 4 months and that strapless dress has got to look good!  So I punished her just a little bit tonight...we she did some sprints on the treadmill and then we she attempted to do some intervals on the stairmaster.  She started with the speed low and turned it up to the max.  Well it sped up and she could not keep up and not take her hands off the machine to slow it back down.  She started whining a bit for me to come over and turn it down, and I got so tickled in the process.  I turned it down for her and gave her a small break and then cranked it back up for a bit.  I had her at my mercy, she was crying to get off and I was rolling laughing.  I wish you could describe it correctly so you could see the funny in it.

My workout has been reduced to quad sets and I can ride the recumbent bike.  That was more than I expected but I find riding the recumbent bike punishment...I hate riding bikes, more than just about anything, but until I get released and the new brace its the bike for me.  I have to find the positive in it somewhere and its better than nothing.

Tomorrow its back to work again, hopefully a little more time on my tush than up and running around then off to the gym for some time on the bike!  Yipee!

Ill get back to you tomorrow and let you know how it goes, and you know Ill have a Biggest Loser review!  I have been looking forward to this all week.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Update....

I dont normally post on Sundays but I thought with this being surgery weekend I could at least give you guys an update on my leg.  I am still wrapped up like a burrito on the knee area.  I get this gauze and ace bandage off tomorrow and I am ready to see it and scratch.  Its a lot like having a cast on...I want to scratch so bad but I also don't want to mess up the bandage so I am waiting as best I can.

My knee for the most part is feeling good.  I am completely off crutches today.  I used them this morning at church and have not had to use them again since.  My knee is feeling pretty stable and I am able to walk without a limp.  I can feel a little bit of swelling so every chance I get I am keeping it up. 

Over the last few days I have decided that my pain medicine is making me crazy.  I am just lucky that I have not been in to much pain and I am able to control it with over the counter medicine.  Yesterday was the last time I took the prescription.  It makes me have crazy crazy dreams (I dreamed I was choking on a leaf) and I have really really dry mouth (the leaf dream was because of my inability to swallow.)  It just been bizarre.  I was sure last night that I couldn't breath properly and today I think that is just soreness from walking on crutches and the position of sitting in my bed because I am breathing fine.  Just crazy thoughts.

I am happy to have some of my freedom back today.  Yesterday I did get out and go watch ballgames but I just felt like all I could do was sit there.  I was constantly wanting to get up and do something.   And my bed has become my new sofa...I am ready to not sit in my bed every waking moment and then lay down to sleep.  Today I was able to get out and walk around a bit.  So much better.  I have become a master of sleeping and Super Mario Bro.  I don't mean I am good, MASTER!

I am one level away from being on the final level, in 2 days, really, that is just too much free time. 

Tomorrow, bandage off, physical therapy, hopefully a shower, oh I didn't mention that part because it is nasty but I want to take a freaking shower.  Overall, I am very pleased with my progress.  I am still so grateful that it was more of a minor surgery and that I will be back to the grind in a few weeks instead of a few months.  I think the not being able to workout thing will be harder tomorrow than it has been this weekend.  Normally my weekend workouts are shorter and not as intense but tomorrow no run, no late night workout, nothing!

Ill do my best not to complain about it but just please know this is going to be hard!

Ill check back in tomorrow, I might show you a pic of the leg if its not to gross, if its nasty I will keep that picture for myself.  Night.

Friday, January 28, 2011

On the Mend...Again!

Last night I went into complete surgery mode.  I was trying to get everything ready and I had about 4 hours worth of stuff to do and about 2 hours to do it in.  I had to find a new home for the dog until I get back on my feet, workout, go to a ballgame and a few more things.  I went to the ballgame and would not sit anywhere near my family.  I sat close enough to talk to them but they have been passing around a stomach bug that I didn't want to get.  I created a special bubble around me and put on hand sanitizer every 5 seconds, most of them got it but the 4 year old didnt understand the bubble, she could see it and she was gonna come talk to me.

This morning I got up later than normal.  I wanted to go run this morning but I had to leave my house too early to run so I enjoyed my few extra hours.  I actually called the surgery center to make sure it was ok if I ran and they cleared me to run but I couldn't eat or drink anything if I ran or not.

Well this morning went really well.  I got to the surgery center this morning.  I got tickled when I got there because every single nurse and doctor asked if I ran this morning.  I also had a little bump on  my knee which had to be looked at by every person in the surgery center to make sure it was not in the way for surgery.  (They wont do anything if there is a cut or bump on the area)   After that I was a little shaken up but they gave me great medicine that relaxed me right up.  My dad got to come back for just a second and then they took me back.  I was supposed to go back at 11:30 and they were ahead of schedule so I got to get started early with my surgery.  I was a little bit nervous but I think that just comes with the territory. 

I was out of surgery by 11:30 and woke up pretty well.  I was hurting just a little bit but they pumped me full of meds and Diet Sundrop and I was good to go.  My pops took really good care of me, he got me food and drink and even some candy when he went in to get my medicine.  My dad took me this morning...I had to leave mom at home because she has been sick with a stomach bug that has been going around...but she was really nice about it.  I didn't want to hurt her feelings but I also didn't want a stomach virus.

The surgery turned out to be only the scope.  I was really excited about that.  It was the first question I asked when I came to.  I just needed to make sure they didn't cut me open.  They were able to get most of the arthritis and scar tissue out, the doc said there were a few spots that were still arthritic but he thought it was better.  His biggest concern was the knock knees and next we get a brace to try to correct that problem.  He said basically my knee sucks.  I still don't think I will be doing the knock knee surgery unless the pain is awful all the time.  He also said I should give up running and try another exercise.  That kinda hurt my feelings because I have tried and tried to find the workout that I just love and I found it and now it might be hurting me.  I guess we will just have to see what happens.

Yellow leg, no big brace, and I can walk.  I think good spirits is an understatement.

I am amazed that I am feeling as well as I am right now.  It mostly only hurts when I have to walk on it.  I am using crutches but they want me to keep putting more and more weight on it.  Hopefully I will be off crutches on Sunday.  That is great to say...3 days on crutches.

Now I am home, I was able to sleep off the rest of my funny juice and now I'm rocking out on the couch eating some candy.  Thank you guys for all of the well wishes!  I hear tomorrow is the worst day after a scope...Ill let you know.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quotable Quotes

I come upon these throughout the day and when I find one that needs sharing I will post.

‎"If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin." - Ivan Turgenev

You Should Be Scared

Oh I got one of my favorite things today.  I never get anything in the mail except to bills but today, oh today, I had a mail lady come inside my office and bring me a gift.

I got my punching mitts and a new book that I ordered for my new found down time.

My workout buddy and I actually did our boxing workout last night so I think it is funny that they came today.  I have already run around the office for the last 30 minutes threatening people trying to get them to punch me but nobody will play along.  Party poopers!

My total order included Everlast Everhide Punch Mitts  and the book Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance.  I have struggled with losing weight and running at the same time so I thought this might be helpful.  I'm excited to read it one way of the other.

I plan on wearing my mitts for the rest of the day, jumping out from behind doors trying to scare people and maybe just one of them will punch me.

Biggest Loser 1 Freakin Hour Review

Another episode!  I still love the show, but really, one hour.

I can already tell you that next week looks great.  This week being cut short just sucked all the way around.

I am mad at Dan and Don.  It infuriated me last week when they gained 9 pounds each and then this week we had to listen to which ever one is left tell us that they didn't do it on purpose...really....we are not threw the weigh in so you could be safe for one more week. 

It just makes me sick when they wont just admit that they threw the weigh in.

BTW...I have decided I love the green team.  I have liked them for a few weeks and I am finally backing them with all my support.  I hope the girl wins the whole thing.

I am ready for my 2 full hours next week and nothing better interrupt it this time.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 More Miles

It seems like the wonderful winter weather that we were supposed to get didn't quite make it.  It was a little bit too warm outside.  So we were able to go out and run.  Now there were a few snowflakes falling during the run and if they hit you in the eye it was like a little ice dagger but the roads were not slick and it was a mice run. 

Today we actually ran a totally new route.  In an attempt to stay off the main road where there is lots of traffic and it is colder because of the wind we winded in and out of smaller side roads.  It was a much more entertaining run because there was no set direction or route.  Basically, I just ran around town trying to find huge hills to make my partner run...hahahah!

When we started to wind down the run we were almost exactly 4 miles, but my running partner being the inspiration that she is told me that it was more impressive to tell people you ran 5 miles than 4, and somehow convinced me to run one more mile.  I was ok with the one more mile but I made sure to complain about it just a little bit so that I could be heard!  All in all it was a good run.  Hopefully we have one more run on Friday morning before surgery.  I don't know if I am allowed to run the day of surgery or not so I have to call the surgery center and find out.

Tonight....we box!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trying to Get READY

I have spent the last couple of days trying to get ready for surgery.  I know that sounds crazy but I am a little bit nervous so my nerves cause me to make list and make sure everything is ready to go.  My biggest worry is that things aren't going to go as planned and I have to be ready for that as well.

I have washed all my clothes to make sure I don't have to worry about laundry.  I have moved my furniture to make sure I can navigate through my house on crutches.  I have food cooked and in the freezer so I don't have to worry about food.  If all goes well I will be plenty able to do all these things but if they get in there and have to repair more than they think,and we wont know that until they get in, then I need to be prepared.

Ok, away from the worries.  Yesterday, I had a crazy busy day.  So crazy busy that I had to cancel my late night workout.  (Don't worry, I got my run in the morning so it wasn't a total loss)  I hate being the one that has to cancel but I just could not imagine working out after the day I had.  Work was just too brain couldn't take anymore.

Today was a good workout day overall.  I made it to lunchtime Zumba and danced my little tush off.  Then off to a healthy lunch of organic chicken stew which was amazing.  So easy, chicken breast, potatoes, rotel, and carrots, big chunks of everything.   After work (I cleaned my office as well today, I was on a roll) I got in a swim.  I tried to swim harder and faster than I usually do, and I was worn out when it was over. 

We are going to attempt to run again in the morning.  Yet again we are supposed to get a snow shower overnight, but we decided to run and we will reevaluate in the morning if we need to cancel.  I really want to get in one more run.  Then another day full of work tomorrow. I just hope it goes better than Monday because I have a good boxing workout planned. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Weather?!?!? Who Knows

I was very clear that I did not enjoy my run on Friday was way to cold.  So I have been trying to have a better attitude about running in this frigid temperature.  I went and bought my white sweat pants, which by the way I was mocked for endlessly, but they seemed to do the trick.  We went and ran on Saturday and my new pants held up pretty well.

Saturdays run was a little bit different than normal.  It was the shortest run we have done in forever, probably the shortest ever but one of the best workouts we have gotten.  We ran a hill!  Just one, a one mile long hill that was endless.  I know my running buddy has been running a lot more hill for her training, because I usually stand at the bottom and cheer and then catch back up, but we both ran this one.  I think this one will help with my training for the Oak Barrel Half again.  It has a hill that is a little bit steeper than this one but about the same distance and I figure any practice to get ready for the hill is better than nothing.

I have to share the tragedy of the white sweat pants.  On Saturday afternoon I fell walking out to my car, not fell but slid through mud, so my beautiful white sweat pants now have a horrible brown stain on the left leg.  Don't worry though, I will still wear them because they were such a hit the first time. :)

I workout out on Sunday but nothing much.  I felt like I needed to do something because I ate a bit to much on Saturday night (went out with the couples for January.)  So I did manage to drag my butt to the gym and get in a short workout, nothing major.

This morning the weather was so nice.  Around 39 degrees, little bit windy, and no ice on the ground!!!!!  With all this going in the right direction I just could not get up the motivation to run.  I was about 99% against the idea, but in my world I could have been 100% against it and my running buddy still could have talked me into it.  We did a 5 miler this morning and it was one of my best in a while.  I felt good through the entire run, slight knee pain but we really don't even count that anymore.  I even had to shed some layers of clothing about half way through the run because I got hot!!! (Yippee!)  Tons of hills on the run today and I ran most of them, or power walked to the top, and we bought a stove!  Yes a Stove!  Doesn't top the Fridge but still.....a stove.  We are going to end up getting an entire kitchen set before this is over, next we will go to living room or bedroom furniture I guess.

I am actually glad I ran today even though I wasn't feeling it.  You never know what days are going to be good runs and which are going to be bad but I guess you just have to stick it out.

On another food has been pretty good for the last week.  I over indulged for my Christmas party  on Saturday night but I think know that it is so much better than it has been over the last few months.  I am still working on cutting my carbs back and loading up on protein knowing that after surgery I will not get to workout so I wont be burning as many carbs.  It a bit of an adjustment for me because I am a carb eater and generally allow them in large quantities because I spend a lot of time burning them off but this is the best way I know to keep the weight off after surgery.

I will be working out hard this week so get ready for some post on that.  Looks like Southern TN is supposed to get another wonderful winter weather storm this may be some more indoor workouts.  Lets hope not.  I am hoping to get my boxing mitts in this week so it looks like we will get to do the boxing workout again...but with better equipment.  Get ready late night workout buddy!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nothing But the Best

Tonight after work I went to the Wal-Mart to get me a pair of running sweat pants.  I headed straight for the $5 rack in hopes to find some cheap ones to run in.  The women's rack didn't have any so I tried on a pair of regular price pants.  They looked cute on the hanger but once I tried them on they were so tight I couldn't move.

So I moved over to the men's clearance section.  I found a pair of pants and hope that I am brave enough to wear them.  I came out of the store with a beautiful pair of white wind/sweat pants!  Yes white!  I don't own regular white pants much less sweat pants.  This is a fashion statement I cant wait to make.  I never match while working out but this may be pushing it even for me.

Just had to share.


Today I was determined to run...I was not going to let this stupid snow keep me from running for another week. 

Last nights conversation between me and my running buddy was funny.  It started with, we cannot run.  It would be to cold and snow and probably ice and every other excuse you can think of.  After talking it over we figured we might as well just run, its been cold (extremely cold) for 3 weeks, what is different about today?  Answer:  Everything

We met like normal at 7am and it was a wonderful 19 degrees outside and snow on the ground...again.  The first half a mile was brutal.  It usually takes about half a mile to get the frigid cold out, but today it was awful.  At about the mile and a half point I was sure that my body has lost the ability to warm itself back up.  Mile 2 my running buddy and I separated for about half a mile.  She runs this huge hill and I run around the same huge hill and we meet on the other side.  By this time, my face was freezing off, and my legs were even worse.  I had on running tights that are supposed to be warm but once I started sweating and my tights got wet then the cold made me even colder.

We ran together for 4 miles and I finally had to call uncle. She kept running and got 8 miles total, I went inside and swam my final mile.  I think she was probably glad that I quit running because I was complaining a little bit.  I know you all are shocked by that after reading this post, I would never complain.

I will give cold weather running another go or two because it is apparently going to be cold here for a while but I am going to have to find some warmer clothes or something.  I need a ski mask and running coveralls.

To all you runners in the cold states and not in the south...I do not know how you do this for months on end.  I am so ready for warmer weather, I know, once its hot I will be looking forward to the cold again.  I miss sweating, like that sweat dripping of your nose, worked so hard that I have to change shirts, sweat without ice forming on my pants and toboggan.  Tonight, I have to make a trip to buy sweat pants then tomorrow we run again!  I will try to have a better attitude tomorrow.

Sorry, I am just a bit over this! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A New Workout, New Soreness, Hopefully New Results

Last night at my late night workout it was time to test out the new original workout.  I know I told you before but I am trying to make a few new workouts for a friend but I wont give them to her until I try them out.  Well, last night was a boxing workout!  And it was a doozie.

It was a three circuit workout and each circuit was repeated at least twice and maybe 3 times.  I have been dying to get more into boxing, I used to do Tae-Bo and loved the way my arms looked so I have just been wanting to get back into it.  It had punches, push ups, crunches, jump rope and fun little sprints.  I realized that I need a set of punching mitts but dont worry they are on the way.  I really liked this workout and cant wait to do this one again.  Success....I think so!

After working out I went to do some house work, paint and stuff.  Well today my arms are sore and I cant tell if its from punching or from holding my arms up over my head for hours on end.  Either way they are sore.

Then today I got to sleep in a bit, the first time in over 2 weeks, ahhhhhhh so nice.  Then I woke up and put on my workout clothes and went to Zumba.  I am still in my workout clothes (at work) and enjoying an extremely casual day.

I will be swimming tonight with my swimming partner tonight and then a one mile swim all by my lonesome.  I am trying to get in ever last workout I can.  Fun stuff.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Biggest Loser in Review

Last night's episode was good....but I finished watching it and was so mad.  This is the second season in a row that they have had a contestant that didn't want to be there.  Really??!?!?!?  There are thousands, literally, thousands of people that would give anything for a chance to train with the best and learn from the best and you are willing to give that up for a little homesickness.  I understand missing your family, trust me I do.  I speak with my family nearly every day and if I got too many days without seeing them I go a little stir crazy, but this is the chance of a lifetime...why would you give that up.  And then to add insult to injury, the other brother that gets to stay also gained 9 pounds so next week he will have a huge weight loss and secure himself for another week.  I understand game play but if you want to go home, just go home, why do it like that. 

I thought I would just go ahead and start with that part because it was the part that made me very angry and got the most discussion today.  Aside from that I thought the episode was great.  I loved that they showed more and more of the workout.  I can use some of those moves myself in the gym.  I also liked that we finally got to see the new trainers.  No, I have not cyber stalked them yet but just give me time, I will know everything about them in a week and will be able to tell you their shoe size and weight loss philosophy.

This season is still got me hooked......go green team!

Been Checking Things Out

Ive been checking out my blog stats and I notice I have quite a few new followers!  I love new followers.

Hi New People...

So happy you are following along.

100 Different Directions

I AM NOT AVOIDING MY BLOG BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN BAD! Usually I don’t post when I have eaten horribly or not gotten my workouts but this time I seriously just now sat down to post. I never even turned my computer on last night. I watched Biggest Loser and was in bed by 9:30pm.

I have actually been incredibly GREAT on my diet this week. I am really trying to up the protein and lower the carbs in anticipation of surgery. This has been working really well. I have been trying to consume most of my carbs in the morning and then load up on protein at night. I even bought a protein powder to put in my smoothie in the’s an impressive 25g of protein and taste like crap in a smoothie. I don’t think I will be trying that one again. YUCK!!!  I can already tell that this new diet is paying off.  My pants are a little less stressed today and zip rather easily and I just feel better.  I am going to have to find a new way to tote all my stuff.  I have a computer bag, gym bag, food bag, and swim bag...this is getting rather hard to carry.  I need one big bag but I am afraid it would be too heavy to carry.

My workouts this week have been pretty good ones as well. I still have not been to Zumba...still. It’s almost 2 weeks now. The hope is tomorrow. If everything goes to plan I will be at Zumba that I said that it will get cancelled or something. I have also been running this week. I know I told yall I was hurting on Monday but this mornings run was great. I felt like I could have gone forever. I think it might be the fact that my food is back on track but whatever it is I like it. We also got to run steps this morning, I spent more time yelling at my running buddy and less time actually running but it was still a good workout.

I have a Biggest Loser recap coming up tonight....I have a lot to say about last nights episode so I thought I should give a whole post dedication. Check Back!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Verdict Is In

Its a better report than I had hoped and I am really happy about it. 

I have not NOT torn my ACL...Whew!  The doc was fairly certain about that.  He said that the MRI didnt show a tear and that the knee seemed stable.  Because I have had a ACL surgery that the MRI was sort of hard to read but did not think it was torn.

I do however have arthritis and scar tissue in my knee which he believes in catching in the joint causing my knee to buckle and lose stability.  He will do surgery to remove the tissue and I should be back to normal in 4 weeks.  He is going to check the ACL while he is in there just to make sure.  I know youre probably thinking how is surgery a good thing, but if it had been ACL then that is a 4-6 month recovery so you can understand why I am so happy.

I also get to have another special brace after surgery to help with the fact that I am knock kneed.  Apparently this could be causing a lot of my pain so I get this new special brace to take some of the strain off the outside of my knee.

I have had a number of docs mention my knock kneedness in the past and kind of make fun of it and now I find out that it could causing this guy actually laughed at me.

All in all it was a good appointment.  4 days on crutches and 4 weeks off is way better than 3-4 weeks on crutches and 4-6 months off so I will take it with a smile on my face. 

Running Again

This morning for the first time in almost 10 days I got to go run.  Actually my whole morning started off really well.  I woke up in time to eat breakfast, that way no stopping after the run and getting a biscuit, I packed all my bags last night (including food) and put them in the car, and left in plenty of time to meet my running buddy for a run this morning.

I could tell that I haven't run in quite a while because there were a few more walk breaks than normal but overall I think it was a great run.  I thought it was....maybe a little slow for her today but I was so glad to get back out there.  My chest hurts a little bit now...this happens to me after running in the cold, I will get used to it again but it is painful for a few days, and my legs are a little bit like jello and even after all that I am still so happy that I got to run that I don't care about those things.

Today is the day that I get to find out what is up with the knee.  I am a little bit nervous but trying really hard not to play the scenarios in my is what it is, and I will deal with that.  I am just trying not to eat my feelings.

I am hoping today will be the start of a less stressful week, I can hope right?  We will see as the week progresses about that one.

I will let you know what I hear from the doc today.  I have to call my family first because they get a little upset when they have to find things out on my blog and they didn't know!  But I will post something tonight if I know anything.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Since I am struggling with my diet and exercise this week and have been a little bit overwhelmed and stressed out I thought I needed a little funny and laughter and thought maybe you would enjoy too.

These two commercials make me laugh every single time I see them and after the Subway commercial from the post before I thought this could be fun.  Hope you find them as funny as I this has nothing to do with my blog topic.


Ready for Routine

Ok, the snow has been fun and pretty and all that crap you are supposed to say about snow when you never get it, but I am over it.  I am ready for this crap to melt and go away and not come back for a long time.  I have spent the entire week not being able to run outside (ice everywhere), falling and slipping tyring to get in my car, driving everywhere, and working a really random group of hours because some days job 1 was closed but job 2 was not, and vice versa. 

I like routine and I am ready for it to get back to normal.  I spoke with my running buddy today and we decided that no matter what we are running on Monday.  Then I am doing every single workout I can possibly get in. 

I get my results back from my MRI on Monday and I am a little bit nervous that I am going to be benched for weeks and months so I will workout as hard as I can until that time.

As far as the 11 days of good eating, well, I did pretty good for 3 days and then today was awful.  And it was soooo stupid.  I ate breakfast and then didn't really get another meal until after 9pm.  I try to eat every 4 hours....really?!?!?  Instead of eating a meal I snacked all day long so I was never completely satisfied and kept eating junk that was from Gas Stations and Vending Machines...and no I didn't pick the most healthy thing from either.  Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

I'm sorry to even come post tonight because I have not been a good little eating like I should be and I know better.  I should have packed my lunch or stopped at a Subway, anything would have been better than what I did.  (BTW that commercial with the people falling out of their breaking chairs in playing right now! Hint hint

In an effort to keep this from happening....again....I have to do better.  Why is it so hard sometimes?

Yes I broke a bench one time, and I was not even at my heaviest.  Soooooo embarrassing!

I've Got Some Braggin To Do

I'm not bragging on myself!  I thought I would just get this part out of the way.  I was a horrible dieter today...but I did get the opportunity to go to a swim meet for my swimming  buddy today and I just have to brag on her a bit. 

It was a Special Olympic Event for TN.  She swam in three different races, I only got to see two of them.  But there was a 3rd and 4th place finish (note the medal.)  I am a super proud swim coach right now. 

April and I after the first race.

She also finished with a 2nd place in a Relay, that was the one I missed.

So proud of my swimmer.  I have a few more pictures but I have to crop them a little bit.  As you know I don't post other people without their permission so I have to crop some out.  So check back in a little bit to see all the pictures.

So proud!

Some photos from the day....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crazier and Crazier

If this week gets anymore crazy.....then I will just have do deal with it but MAN it is stressing me out.

I had another incredibly busy day today.  It all started with a trip to the office before my MRI and when I got there no Internet.  It is really hard to work with no Internet.  Really what did we do before it. 

Then it was off to the MRI.  That was the most relaxed part of my day.  I wish everyday someone told me to lay completely still and do not move for 30 minutes and then gave me head phones with music I love.  Some people want a siesta after lunch, I'm going to issue MRI hour.

MRI Hour sounds a lot like Nap Time...can you tell I'm sleepy?

When I got back to work it was time to fix the Internet.  Problem solved....I have to remind them every day that I am not the IT guy but today I guess I was.  I finally left the office about 6, had to stay late since I was gone right in the middle of the day.  It was home for a second to change clothes and then off to babysit.

The idea was to go over to sit while they were asleep but about 15 minutes before I was supposed to be there I got a call from my 4 year old niece asking when I was coming.  That sweet little voice was just too much to resist, so now I am baby sitting and when FatGirl is in charge we get to watch movies and eat popcorn and stay awake until I say time for bed. 

I ate better today and I am finding hard to resist this popcorn sitting in front of me.  I gave it to the kids first so hopefully they would eat the majority of it, and they did, so I get the last of what is in the bowl.  Sounds like a great almost midnight snack. 

Here's to doing even better tomorrow.

BTW:  I got the MRI done today but I don't get the results until Monday.  I asked the guy if he could see what was wrong, and he said yes.....then I asked him what was wrong, and he couldn't tell me.  I hate HIPAA or privacy or whatever keeps him from being able to tell me.  Ill let you know on Monday.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Plan!?!?!? Don't Mind if I Do!

Its not really new, just changing again.

Basically, last October I had to decide what my main focus was, losing weight or running a marathon...I made my decision.  I focused on diet that was more suitable for running than weight loss.  Well now I am looking at possibly being off my feet for a few weeks depending on the treatment for my knee, so my focus has to change again.

Rather than eat more freely and workout to burn the calories, I am going to have to get my diet part of the weight loss more under control and less focus on the workouts.  Don't worry, I am still going to workout as long as I can, but if surgery is in my near future then I have to get this diet more strict. 

I have always read that it takes 11 days to develop a habit so I am focused on the next 11 days, very seriously, to get my diet back to less calories, less junk (processed foods, sweets, etc.) quality of foods, and protein.

I have enjoyed the last few months of a more relaxed plan but my waist line is tired of it...And so am I.  You know my clothes still fit, but my weight has fluctuated back and forth and I feel more run down.  Time to get under control.

I have also decided to change my cheat day.  I have always cheated on Wednesday after I weigh.  I always weigh on Wednesday because its right in the middle of the week.  Monday I weigh heavy cause I had fun over the weekend, Friday I weigh light because I do really well in the week because of structure and routine, so I figure that is the most accurate weight.  Well I'm fixing to change my cheat day to Sunday.  I tend to eat more on Sundays anyway and there is no need for 2 cheat days in a week.  Just cause I don't call it a cheat day doesn't mean that I don't eat poorly.

So new cheat day, only cheat day is Sunday.  Better Quality Food.  More Fruits and Veggies.  Focus Changed, wish me luck.

Biggest Loser Review

Week 2 and I am hooked....major bad hooked.  I for some reason am really attached to this season and the contestants, way more than last season.  It took me forever to connect to anyone last season and I was still sort of indifferent when it got to the end...well this season I am not having that problem.  I have so many favorites already and its only 2 weeks in.

For some reason I really like the green team.  They are kinda keep your mouth shut and get the job done.  They don't have a lot to say and that may be why I like them so much.  I also like the blue team.  I don't usually like the heaviest contestant, but Arthur is so freaking funny.  I don't like him for his work ethic just his humor.  The dance after the weight in...need I say more.   And of course, there is Rulon.  I have already spoken of my love for this guy, I have liked him since he won the gold medal and that has not changed much since then.  I am not loving the Aqua team.  Everyone thinks the young girl is so motivational and so sweet, but I feel a huge breakdown coming from her.  There is happy and then there is toooooo happy.  I don't know why, but she just doesn't do it for me.  I am happy for her weight loss so far and hope she gets to her goal weight but I don't think Ill cry if she gets kicked off.

They just all seem so motivated this season and are working so hard.  I haven't found anyone that is just loafing and not putting in the work like some seasons.  Don't worry, I know they edit this show, but they are doing a good job of it this time because I am already hooked.

I also like this concept of keeping the unknowns unknown but I am ready to know who these trainers are.  I cannot obsessively google search them if I don't know their names and their philosophy on weight loss.  (Yes!  I have a problem)  But as far as them competing without being side by side is great.  I love a good competition and that is what this season has become, a game between two huge sports team rivals!!!!!  Um um um...I love a contest.

Cant wait for next week....I think this show should come on every night of the week.

I Got An Award


I'm so sorry guys that I have not been on here.  I have a thousand excuses and some of them are really good but they are all just excuses so I will spare you.  I will however tell you about my last 5 days I think it is now.

For starters I live in Tennessee.  I love the south, hot summers cold winters and an average snowfall of about 7 inches a year.  Well Monday morning I woke up to 11 inches at my house.  I am not one of those southerns that thinks that I can drive in the snow and ice....actually I am terrible at it.  I didn't particularly like to drive in the sunny 80 degree summer so ice really doesn't go over well.  Well, everything closed on Monday because of the weather so there was nothing to do.  I worked from home all day, attempted to sled but the snow was so deep that the sled just fell in the snow and didn't go anywhere, and ate. 

Then Tuesday, go figure, because its 20 degrees there is still ice and snow everywhere.  I was a brave little girl and went to the office.  Once I got to the office my blood pressure was 190/120 so I got my stuff done there and went back to the house and worked from home.  I did go back to the gym that night to swim with my swim partner and got a good half hour in myself before she got there.  Then home again...all bored...more eating and watching TV.  I know, I could have made better choices!

Well today was back to the grind full force.  I had my knee doc appointment today and was not about to cancel because of the roads so at 5 am I hit the road.  This gave me nearly 3 hours to make and hour and a half drive.  It did take me over 2 hours to get there but I was early and got to go back early and actually finished my appointment  before it was ever supposed to start.  Pretty nice!  Well, the verdict from the doc....we don't know what is wrong.  The symptoms suggest ACL tear but my knee was pretty tight (I know that may seem really weird but I have talked about knees my entire life so I may be skipping some details) and he wanted a new MRI of the knee.  So tomorrow I get to drive back to the doc and have an MRI done....and I have to miss my hair appointment to do so.  These roots on my head have got to be done soon, I'm completely two toned now. 

Once I got back in town it felt like 3pm but it was only 9:30am so it was off to work.  Work work work work work!  So I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off making up for 2 days off work and trying to get ahead because I will miss another part of the day tomorrow. 

Again, sorry for being MIA so long.  Basically on the diet and exercise front I have done awful.  I cant go out and run, its not the cold is the mounds of ice and snow on the side of the road, but I have been to the gym the only day it has been open.  I know I could have done better at home, maybe a workout DVD or something but I just didn't.  And the food, my gosh, if I saw it I ate it.  I actually had to buy a new remote because I got the old one confused with an Oreo and took a big bite out of it. 

I'm sure the ice isn't going anywhere soon but maybe my routine can get back to normal before the week is over.

I have more stuff to say tonight so check know I have a Biggest Loser review and after 5 days of talking to no one I will just talk to you guys.  Its soo good to be back.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Swim Again!

Well tonight, it was Core Power and then the pool, but wait.  Just before heading off to the gym tonight I talked with my running buddy.  I was hoping she would come to core power with me but she was not feeling it.  I told her if she flaked out on me that I would talk ugly about her on my blog.  Well there is really no reason to say ugly things about her because she doesn't deserve that and I didn't do what I said either.

When I got to the gym tonight I realized that the pool was empty, not just one or two, but completely empty.  That never happens.  Usually I have to go early to work my shift to get an empty pool.  For that reason I skipped the core workout and got straight in the pool.  One hour and one mile and two trips to the hot tub later I am totally happy with my decision. 

Another reason I will not talk ugly about her is because starting tomorrow I will be missing 2 of 3 runs.  Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment that I have to leave at 5am to get to, and then next week I have the same situation.  After saying that out loud I think I need to find doctors closer to where I live but I just like the ones that I already have.

Next week I have an appointment for my knee.  I don't know what the results from him will be yet but I have this feeling deep down that surgery is the answer.  I am trying to go ahead and be ok with this diagnosis even though I am not sure I want to have surgery again.  My hope is that there has been some magical pill invented in the last 2 years that will cure up a torn up knee....has anyone heard of that?  Ill keep you posted because I know you all have had to hear me complain a lot about it.

Today my food/hunger problem has been much better.  Just 3 meals today and one snack has kept me satisfied.  I don't know what was up yesterday but I hope that does not happen again soon.  I haven't felt that out of control of my food in a long time, and we just got past the holidays!

I have no idea if and when I will be able to work out tomorrow.  I don't usually do a late night Friday workout but that may be the only option tomorrow.  Maybe if my eating is great tomorrow I will skip it all together but I do want to workout!  We'll see?!?!?!?

Hope you all have a great night.  I have to get to bed or I will never get up in time tomorrow morning.

New Workouts

I always try to keep my workouts different and fun.  I figure that way I never get bored with the same thing over and over again.

A few days ago a friend asked me to create a few workouts for her that were not running related but would help her get faster in her running.  Basically all she was doing was running exercises.  Well I have come up with a few but I hate to give it to her without trying it out first to make sure it was a good one. 

So last night I made my late night workout buddy do it with me (even though I know she hates riding bikes) to test it out.  And I think my first FatGirl workout was a success.  It was about 30 minutes long and I was just pouring sweat when it was over.  I think my workout buddy might hate me now, but it was a good one.  I am trying to come up with 2 more for her.  If she likes them too I might share, but I am not a trainer so I hate to put up a workout.

I did good with my workouts yesterday but I did horrible on my food.  Its not that I ate bad food but I ate lots of food.  I spent the entire day hungry and I thought maybe it was bored hunger, but after the busy day I had I doubt the bored thing was an issue.  I would think I was hungry and wait 10-15 minutes and then still be hungry so I would have a little snack...well this went on all day long and I could just not get over the hungry feeling.

Today has been better, Subway for lunch, and again I hate new years because it took me 30 minutes to get 2 sandwiches because everyone and their mothers uncle was eating there.  Oh my goodness!!!!

Tonight I have my Core Power and then a dip in the pool and yes, tonight I really just want to get in the hot tub, but I will swim 1000 yards before the hot tub.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Multi-Tasking At Its Finest

I am finally home, it feels like the first time since Monday morning.  Other than 7 hours of sleep it is the only time I have been in my house in the last 2 days.  I have had 2 crazy busy days.

For starters I did get to run yesterday morning and it was really nice to get out there and run again.  Then work at job 1 and 2 yesterday and both were busy, yea!  I did try to quit my job at the gym last night about 4 times but they wouldn't let me.  You know everyone with their resolutions.....BUSY! 

Then last night after an incredibly overwhelming day I was ready for a workout but I was not sure that I could do Jillian workout.  Luckily my workout buddy was game for a fun workout last night too and we did Hip Hop Abs.  I got in touch with my inner gay man and danced my little butt off.  Lots of "Heeeey!" going on during the workout.  One question though, Sean T has a great body and during Insanity he takes his shirt off, but for some reason during Hip Hop Abs he keeps his shirt on the entire time.  Why Sean T why, take your shirt off!

Really, why would he ever wear a shirt!

So I got home last night after 11pm and it was off to the gym again at 7:30 this morning.  I had to get in my Cut workout even though I skipped it last night.  This morning my running buddy actually came and did the workout with me.  This was the tough one too, the one with the 5 minutes of sprints at 9mph.  It went way better than the last Cut workout. 

Then it was off to work again today.

I was able to do lunchtime Zumba and it was so much fun.  We have brought the 80's back in full force with some of our new songs, we actually danced to the Tootsie Roll today.  I was glad to get back in there today because I don't get to go as much as I want to anymore. 

I finished my day off with more work and then a swim in the pool.  My swimming friend and I have been off for the holiday so it was fun to get back in the water and swim....honestly I don't think I swam at all over the holiday break.

So now I am home and after 2 days of not being in my house I am doing everything I need to do, all at the same time.  I am watching my Biggest Loser, Season 11, ohhhhh yeah, doing laundry, packing bags, operation hair removal, and skin clearing extravaganza!  That may be sharing a little to much but they all have to get done at some point, might as well pluck eyebrows while watching the show I love!

I hope y'all were able to follow all of that.  Just so you'll be impressed with me I typed all that while watching the weigh in on Biggest Loser and I could tell you what any of these guys weigh.  Multi-tasking, that's my middle name!

Now onto Biggest Loser, we are only 30 minutes in and I already love this season.  I love that they have people who have been successful in weight loss and they are just continuing on.  I was not a candidate for them because I had already lost 75 pounds when I went to the casting and I guess I didn't have enough left to lose.  But I do understand what these people are talking about when they say they have lost 100 pounds and are still over weight.  Its hard sometimes to look in the mirror and be so happy at the loss of weight but to be disgusted at the fact that there is still 75 more to go.  That is one reason I love this show so much because it does keep me motivated, used to it was I wanna lose weight like them, and now it's "I BET I CAN DO THAT TOO!"

Now I have to get off here and get back to my over productive night, I just heard the washer go off.  I just might be back on here tonight if the show needs me too, other wise Ill be back tomorrow. 

Tomorrow steps and running, wish me luck cause its been too long since I ran the stadium and I am afraid it might kill me tomorrow.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

I know its the 3rd day of the new year but today seems like the new year.  I finally got to go run this morning after a week of not working out, not running, nothing.  I kept thinking I was going to gain about 30 pounds this week so I was incredibly cautious about what I was eating.  I even dreamed that I was fatter when I went to work to my surprise when I went to the gym this morning and someone told me I looked skinner I was thrilled. 

I am so happy to be back in my swing of things.  This morning was a 4 mile run and it felt a lot like work.  I could tell that I hadn't run in a week.  It started off good but my lungs didn't like the cold weather.  About ever half mile I would have to stop and walk for a few steps and cough up my lung....then start running again.  It was pretty annoying but I did it.

On Wednesday we are headed back to the steps.  I will have to gradually get back into this one.  It has been a while and I seem to cough more when I am winded and I stay winded on the steps.  My running buddy is still trying to qualify for Boston Marathon and she thought the steps were the best exercise for her, and I think it is just really hard and in my experience the harder the workout the better the results. 

So here we go, back into hard core training to qualify for Boston.  I know I am not trying to qualify for Boston but I have enjoyed training for it.  I love setting a goal and achieving it, I think that is why I want her to make this sooooooooo bad. 

All of you out there who have set your resolutions, good luck to you, and don't quit after 2 weeks....The rest of you out there continuing on with your weight loss LETS GO AND GET THIS WEIGHT OFF!
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