Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Update....

I dont normally post on Sundays but I thought with this being surgery weekend I could at least give you guys an update on my leg.  I am still wrapped up like a burrito on the knee area.  I get this gauze and ace bandage off tomorrow and I am ready to see it and scratch.  Its a lot like having a cast on...I want to scratch so bad but I also don't want to mess up the bandage so I am waiting as best I can.

My knee for the most part is feeling good.  I am completely off crutches today.  I used them this morning at church and have not had to use them again since.  My knee is feeling pretty stable and I am able to walk without a limp.  I can feel a little bit of swelling so every chance I get I am keeping it up. 

Over the last few days I have decided that my pain medicine is making me crazy.  I am just lucky that I have not been in to much pain and I am able to control it with over the counter medicine.  Yesterday was the last time I took the prescription.  It makes me have crazy crazy dreams (I dreamed I was choking on a leaf) and I have really really dry mouth (the leaf dream was because of my inability to swallow.)  It just been bizarre.  I was sure last night that I couldn't breath properly and today I think that is just soreness from walking on crutches and the position of sitting in my bed because I am breathing fine.  Just crazy thoughts.

I am happy to have some of my freedom back today.  Yesterday I did get out and go watch ballgames but I just felt like all I could do was sit there.  I was constantly wanting to get up and do something.   And my bed has become my new sofa...I am ready to not sit in my bed every waking moment and then lay down to sleep.  Today I was able to get out and walk around a bit.  So much better.  I have become a master of sleeping and Super Mario Bro.  I don't mean I am good, MASTER!

I am one level away from being on the final level, in 2 days, really, that is just too much free time. 

Tomorrow, bandage off, physical therapy, hopefully a shower, oh I didn't mention that part because it is nasty but I want to take a freaking shower.  Overall, I am very pleased with my progress.  I am still so grateful that it was more of a minor surgery and that I will be back to the grind in a few weeks instead of a few months.  I think the not being able to workout thing will be harder tomorrow than it has been this weekend.  Normally my weekend workouts are shorter and not as intense but tomorrow no run, no late night workout, nothing!

Ill do my best not to complain about it but just please know this is going to be hard!

Ill check back in tomorrow, I might show you a pic of the leg if its not to gross, if its nasty I will keep that picture for myself.  Night.

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