Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to the Grind

Today the world moved away from my bed and the Wii and back to the real world.  Back to the doctor, back to work, back to life.  First thing this morning I got to get the bandage off my leg and I got to scratch....and it was gooooooooooood.  Got most of the yellow junk off my leg and the majority of the writing, I had "yes" written on the leg as well as my docs signature.  That was the hardest part to get off but I think after millions of teenie tiny alcohol pads I got it all off.  There is a slight purple shadow on the leg now and I cant tell if it's bruising or residue from the marker.  I also had my first physical therapy appointment this morning...and compared to last time I did therapy this was a breeze.  After today I don't have to do anymore physical therapy.  As long as I do my exercises at home I don't have to go back. Woo Hoo!!!!

I took picture of the knee for you cause it was not gross at all but every picture turned out like this....I think this is a clue that the camera on my phone is broken.

Then it was back to work.  Work was a little more difficult than I had originally expected.  It was busy, standard Monday, and I kept having to get up and down and up and down.  By about 6pm my leg was really starting to hurt, it just hasn't had that much activity in days.  But after that I was able to put it up for a bit and take some pills and it was all better.  The swelling went right down and the aching went away.

My late night workout buddy sent me an email today asking how long "we" were off since we were recovering?  My message back was that I had surgery not we and that she needed to be at the gym to workout.  It was kinda punishment for me (and her) but she still has to be in a wedding in 4 months and that strapless dress has got to look good!  So I punished her just a little bit tonight...we she did some sprints on the treadmill and then we she attempted to do some intervals on the stairmaster.  She started with the speed low and turned it up to the max.  Well it sped up and she could not keep up and not take her hands off the machine to slow it back down.  She started whining a bit for me to come over and turn it down, and I got so tickled in the process.  I turned it down for her and gave her a small break and then cranked it back up for a bit.  I had her at my mercy, she was crying to get off and I was rolling laughing.  I wish you could describe it correctly so you could see the funny in it.

My workout has been reduced to quad sets and I can ride the recumbent bike.  That was more than I expected but I find riding the recumbent bike punishment...I hate riding bikes, more than just about anything, but until I get released and the new brace its the bike for me.  I have to find the positive in it somewhere and its better than nothing.

Tomorrow its back to work again, hopefully a little more time on my tush than up and running around then off to the gym for some time on the bike!  Yipee!

Ill get back to you tomorrow and let you know how it goes, and you know Ill have a Biggest Loser review!  I have been looking forward to this all week.


Amy Hammons said...

For all of you blog readers....the knee looks awesome! Em...take care of it and don't overdo it! :)

farmgirl19 said...

I think you had an identity crisis and confused yourself with Jillian last night. How evil!

Emily said...

no identity crisis...come on you have to admit that it was a little bit funny. By the way guys that is my workout buddy.

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