Thursday, January 27, 2011

Biggest Loser 1 Freakin Hour Review

Another episode!  I still love the show, but really, one hour.

I can already tell you that next week looks great.  This week being cut short just sucked all the way around.

I am mad at Dan and Don.  It infuriated me last week when they gained 9 pounds each and then this week we had to listen to which ever one is left tell us that they didn't do it on purpose...really....we are not threw the weigh in so you could be safe for one more week. 

It just makes me sick when they wont just admit that they threw the weigh in.

BTW...I have decided I love the green team.  I have liked them for a few weeks and I am finally backing them with all my support.  I hope the girl wins the whole thing.

I am ready for my 2 full hours next week and nothing better interrupt it this time.


Tammy said...

I love the Biggest Loser and get all upset when the show is cut to an hour. Yes Dan and Don through the weigh-in and from the looks of the preview for next week, I wonder if Dan/Don (whoever is still there)throws another weigh-in. Someone gains 6 pounds. Yikes.

Your boxing mitts look fun.

Emily said...

I think its gonna be Dan/Don too. Im glad you dont know which one is which either.

I cant wait to use the mitts, I will let you know if they are as fun as the look!

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