Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Biggest Loser in Review

Last night's episode was good....but I finished watching it and was so mad.  This is the second season in a row that they have had a contestant that didn't want to be there.  Really??!?!?!?  There are thousands, literally, thousands of people that would give anything for a chance to train with the best and learn from the best and you are willing to give that up for a little homesickness.  I understand missing your family, trust me I do.  I speak with my family nearly every day and if I got too many days without seeing them I go a little stir crazy, but this is the chance of a lifetime...why would you give that up.  And then to add insult to injury, the other brother that gets to stay also gained 9 pounds so next week he will have a huge weight loss and secure himself for another week.  I understand game play but if you want to go home, just go home, why do it like that. 

I thought I would just go ahead and start with that part because it was the part that made me very angry and got the most discussion today.  Aside from that I thought the episode was great.  I loved that they showed more and more of the workout.  I can use some of those moves myself in the gym.  I also liked that we finally got to see the new trainers.  No, I have not cyber stalked them yet but just give me time, I will know everything about them in a week and will be able to tell you their shoe size and weight loss philosophy.

This season is still got me hooked......go green team!


Melinda said...

I agree..the Black team was so infuriating. And there is NO WAY anyone could think in their right mind that they didn't intentionally throw their weigh in! Ugh! I wish both of them had gone home because now we have to deal with the other one defending himself, trying to make people believe that it was all an "accident."

Other than the black team, I have to say that I like the other teams under Bob and Jillian. I don't know what to think of the teams under the new trainer as we've seen so little of them so far. I like the new male trainer, but I'm not sure the female one is even actually a trainer. Oh well, we shall see!

It will be interesting to see the dynamics in the house once all the teams are on the ranch!

Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

Agreed. If you cannot be away from home for months. Don't apply. We get it. It's hard. But you'll stay away from them a lot longer if you're dead... Too harsh. Yeah maybe. But that's what I think.

Our next season starts soon in Oz. Our first family group one. Very exciting.

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